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Zermatt is a municipality in the district of Visp in the canton of Valais in Switzerland.It is located at the northern base of the Matterhorn in the German-speaking and predominantly Roman Catholic section of the canton. It is 62 km southeast of Gstaad, and only about 10 km from the border with Italy.Zermatt has a permanent population of around 5,500 people, although the actual population varies considerably through the seasons as tourists come and go.

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eagertolearn :

I'm planning to go to Switzerland next week and have drawn up a itinerary myself. It's hard to gauge how long I should stay at each point and how much time I should leave for connections. Is anyone familiar with the route and could give some advice? My plan is: (Wed at 13.10) arrives at Zurich, stay in Zurich overnight. (Thurs) leaves Zurich for Chur, catches Glacier Express at Chur (11.15 only one train per day) for Zermatt. Arrives Zermatt at 16:42. (Fri) Zermatt -> Interlaken, stay at Interlaken. (Sat) Interlaken -> Luzern, stay at Luzern (Sun) Luzern -> Zurich, catches flight at 20:25 back. My question is whether this looks like a hurried plan and not leaving enough time for connection/stop etc. Any sensible suggesions would be greatly appreciated!

Goddess of Grammar :
"You don't have to worry about the connections--they're always perfect. (The website won't even mention any connection that's too tight.) Staying in Zurich overnight the first night is okay, especially if you've had a long flight. (Normally I don't recommend Zurich for a 5-day trip. Another option would be to stay in Chur, or somewhere between the two, so you don't have as long a train ride the next day. Zurich is pretty at night though, and the train ride is obviously prettier by day.) Thursday is perfect, assuming you like trains! If you like trains, you'll love the Glacier Express. Leave Zurich HB at 9:37. I would give Interlaken a miss, and either stay another night at Zermatt (if you can afford it!) or stop between Zermatt and Interlaken, maybe Brig or Spiez. You'll still have plenty of time to get from there to Luzern on Saturday. Or you can head straight to Luzern and on the Saturday do Pilatus or Titlus. Sunday's fine. Spend ALL your time in Luzern (or Pilatus/Titlus/boat ride on the lake) and catch the direct train (18:10-19:13 if you're allowed to be that late) back to the airport. Or the one to HB and transfer if you must. Have a great trip!"
Talisker :

Pl suggest if a 3 night stay at zermatt or around that place is ok?? I've been to Interlaken-Jungfrau & Luzern-Titlis before please tell if zermatt will be better-worse?? should I actually try zermatt or any other place where I could visit a snow covered mountain??

Paintings :
"Zermatt is a great ski resort, I've not been there but my friends have. Go to Austria, the resort of Arlberg (St. Anton) - it's nearby and excellent for skiing and apres ski :)"
nikki :
"i can send you a brochure"
hahu077 :
"to see (yet) snow covered mountains you have to go to high-altitude places because the winter in Switzerland was pretty warm, so i can recommend Zermatt. reaching Zermatt depends on where you're coming from - Geneva or Zürich. from Geneva to Zermatt it's nearer than from Zürich. if you're travelling by train you can use the following website to determine when you want to travel (just fill in "From", "To", "Date" and "Departure time"). there are a lot of hotels in Zermatt of all categories and prices. here's a list of the most hotels. my recommendation is the hotel Bellerive (#25 on the list, i was there for 1 week). i wish you a pleasant stay"
sheryn t :

I planned to go to Zermatt from Zurich..not much time there..so i would like to knw which of these 2 offer the best view of Matterhorn.

ejc11_2001 :
"I have been to Zermatt and took the Gonergrat to see the Matterhorn. I have never visited Klein Matterhorn but I can tell you about Gonergrat. It was hands down my favorite spot I visited in all of Europe. I was there in June and while it was very warm in the city of Zermatt, it was much cooler high in the mountains. There was still snow on the ground, in fact my friend and I got in a snowball fight. The skies were super clear that day and the Matterhorn seemed so close. There is an observation place and there is also a good picture taking spot where there are risers for group photos. Hope this is helpful. Enjoy your trip!"
SuzR :
"If you are going soon I believe it is under construction. The swiss have approved a measure to expand the facilities. Klein Matterhorn is a beatiful viw and also the center for skiing during the summer. It features a glacier palace which ou can walk through. Gornergrat has a old style train(rather than gondola) that takes you to a lodge where you can hang out and wait for the matterhorn to emerge from the clouds. It is also a place that is the stepping off point to hiking trails. To me Gornergrat offers the most traditional view of the matterhorn. You get to see the most popular Zermatt view followed by the flat face rather than the side/back from Klein Matterhorn"


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Date: 2008-02-06 01:31:57

The first in a series of photos to be featured from the new book "Switzerland In View" on the books Blog.

Date: 2008-02-06 01:31:57

Several hotels in Zermatt, Switzerland, will have been reconstructed by the next skiing season. New hotels will also be opened.First, Matterhorn Focus four-star hotel will open its doors to visitors in February 2008.....

Date: 2008-02-06 01:31:57

FIVE mountain climbers have frozen to death in the Italian Alps.Four died on Mont Blanc and one on Monte Rosa, Guido Bertolaso, head of civil protection in Aosta, northwest Italy, said late yesterday. A sixth climber, a German woman, was recovering in hospital in Zermatt, Switzerland, he said.

Date: 2008-02-06 01:31:57

"ZERMATT, Switzerland - A Japanese quadriplegic on Monday partly realized his dream of ascending one of Switzerland's highest mountains, thanks to a friend who carried him up with the help of a high-tech robot suit."

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Zermatt - the village without cars. This idyllic mountain village at the foot of the Matterhorn has developed into one of the biggest summer and winter resorts.
Welcome to Zermatt

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