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Zakynthos, the third largest of the Ionian Islands, covers an area of 410 km and its coastline is roughly 123 km (76 mi) in length. The island is named after Zakynthos, the son of a legendary Arcadian chief Dardanus. The name, like all similar names ending in -nthos, is pre-Mycenaean or Pelasgian in origin. Zakynthos has a thriving tourism industry and is one of the top tourist destinations in Greece.

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hello_u :

anyone going to zakynthos this summer??? or if anyone has been,, whats it like

yuliegal :
"Exotic beaches,friendly people...and very expensive!"
felicity_xxx :
"One of the best greek islands, sweety! I am a travel agent!!!"
may o :
"Hi, Zakynthos is a lovely island, have been 3 times and stayed in Kalamaki,its a popular resort, not far from Zante town and close to other resorts. Kalamaki is great lots of lovely restaurants and great entertainment too.As AL over the islands the people cannot do enough for you have a great holiday and go look at this site and down on the left hand side you will see Kalamaki forums have a look, ask questions there is so much news on here from people who go yearly and will tell you all the news about hotels,resorts etc. Enjoy"
Adriana :

Hi, have you been to the water park in Zakynthos island in Greece? Is it good / worth going there? We are planning to go to Laganas.. Do you know which are the best places to go out there in the evening? Can you recommend a really good restaurant there maybe? Which places do you think are the most worth visiting besides the Blue Cave and the Navagio beach? Can we drink the tapwater? And how are the prices usually there? Thanks a lot for the answers..

Louis :
"It's been a long time since I visited Zakynthos but I still remember some things.... Laganas is a very popular place there thousands of restaurants/bars/clubs I guess u would like it depending what u like... They should be more places to visit but I don't remember! The local people drink tapwater but it's not the best. I would advice u to drink it only in necessity!!! The prices are very low comparing to other Greek Islands especially if u plan to visit the island except 01/8 -> 20/08 Have a nice stay!!!!"
katerina c :
"You can also visit the site of the hellenic organisation for the turism or This link is giving you all what has been answered here in Y!Answers for the same subject, till now. May I know yeginosman, what kind of publicity is that you are using? Your posting, is NOT RELATIVE to the question. Katerina"
cazz :

My family have booked to travel to Laganas, Zante - Greece and I am looking on the net for a holiday in the same resort hopefully close by. Can someone clarify whether Zante and Zakynthos are the same place. Also search results for Laganas bring back Lagana (without the s!!) are these the same places???? I would be grateful if someone could get back to me-Thanks Thanks everyone for the great links..!! Id give you all best answer if i could:)

H J :
"Yes they are both the same places"
phil_the_sane :
"Zante and Zakynthos are the same island. Greek uses a different alphabet then English and so Greek place names often are spelt differently in English (Lagana/s)."
Peter R :
"It's all Greek to me, but in answer, to your question yes!"
carson_mccullough :
"No I believe that Zante is the English spelling of Xanthi in Greek which is a town in Northern Greece. Zakynthos is an island on the west coast of Greece. it is very beautiful but last summer prone to sever mild earthquakes off the shore."
babydoll72 :
"hi there yeh zante is the same place, i am going to laganas with my partner this year in june.when you going. if you want to email me"
ragzeus :
"Yes "Zante" and "Zakynthos" is the same island. (actually "Zante" is the Italian name of the island.) As for Laganas bay it is properly called "Laganas". You might also find it as Lagana ("Lagana" is the accusative case of "laganas") Check the sites I'm providing to you. Hope I've help."
pottsk101 :
"Cazz, A good source of info for Zante is on here you will also get information on langanas Have a good trip and enjoy"
annabelle :
"Yes, they are the same. Try for flights and for your accommodation."
emiliosailez :
"Indeed Zante and Zakynthos are one and the same. Laganas is one of the villages and a fairly nice beach. Do not worry about the "s" at the end as it has to do with which case it appears (Grammatically)"
ngiapapa :
"As the islands of the Ionian Sea had been long under Italian occupation, they are known worldwide under the two names: Zante in Italian and Zakynthos in Greek, (the same applies to Corfu = Kerkyra) so you see it is absolutely the same thing. Laganas is a beautiful beach on Zakynthos island and as long as you can locate it on Zante, don't worry about the "s" at the end. It's the same thing! I wish you all the best for your holidays in Zakynthos; you will love it! ."


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Date: 2008-02-06 01:29:46

Ζάκυνθος blog Zakynthos

Date: 2008-02-06 01:29:46

Ζάκυνθος (zakynthos) News from zante

Date: 2008-02-06 01:29:46

Zanzibar East Coast voted/included in Top 30 Island Beaches in the world by the prestigious Conde' Nast Traveler in their article "20 years...30 beaches"Zanzibar East Coast standing shoulder to shoulder with Petit St Vincent in the St Vincent and the Grenadines, Plaza de las Salinas in Ibiza, Shipwreck Beach in Zakynthos to name a few.

Date: 2008-02-06 01:29:46

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