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Zakopane is a town in southern Poland with approximately 28,000 inhabitants, situated in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship since 1999. The town, informally known as the Winter capital of Poland, lies in the southern part of the Podhale region at the feet of the Tatra Mountains, which is the only alpine mountain range in the Carpathian Mountains.

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sirdamian02 :

What buses and trains(cheap) go to Zakopane. I'm in Vorek Falecki

witeczek2002 :
"All buses and trains in Poland are inexpensive. Let's see: Trains travel three to four hours (depending on the stations they stop on). Ticket price is about twenty zlotys (eight dollars) for a passenger train, but don't try to choose a "faster" express train because on this route they travel even longer and are more expensive. These twenty-zloty trains travel between Kraków Główny and Zakopane every two or three hours. As for buses, the travel time is much shorter - two hours, and some of them stop at Borek Fałęcki on their way, which reduces the time even more. For example: 12.39, 13.31, 14.16, 17.46. The price may be slightly more than twenty zlotys , but not much."
mals2008 :

me and my boyfriend are planning a holiday in zakopane,i know places to stay are really cheap there like other things,but how much will it cost altogether?any ideas?

JJ :
"Zakopane is a tourist attraction, so in certain places the prices will be higher, but not by much. How long are you too staying? Will you have a car? The prices are reasonable, but last time I was there the dollar value was higher. Now it is at like 2.8, meaning every dollar you sell you get 2.8(around there) in zloty.(polish currency) When I was there, i remember dinner for 1 at most places was like 10-20 zloty, depending on what you get. And the drinks were not too bad at the bars. The prices were reasonable, and not bad. But don't worry, the trip there will be great that you will forget about it. The fun times, and romantic times:) will be worth it. Make sure you go to all the best attractions, you don't want to miss anything. Hope you have fun!"
Pheasant Plucker :
Jock :
"We were there in May. We stayed in this place called Orla Perc & it only cost about 80zl per night. Considering you get 5zl's to a GBP at the moment (approx) you can tell how cheap it was. I recommend the place. Nice views of the mountains. I recommend Stek Chalupwa to eat. It's in the centre & the guys that serve you are in traditional Goral dress, and there is traditional music too."
Marysia :
"whena re you going? winter wil be much more expensive due to the skiing. it's WONDERFUL and take hiking boots if going off season. take cash for a number of hte places in the heart of the town do NOT take credit cards. you can spend as much or a little as your budget will allow. forgive me for not knowing HOW to do this but when we were there there were these homes that people rented out a portion of to travelers - that was really neat. i would recommend one splurge - bakowo zohylina - it was a gorale type restuarant with amazing food and out for two things.... it's NOT butter on the table and the highlanders tea!!"
yvannek :
"If you take cash and exchange it in Poland in private Cash exchange places, you may get 5.5 to 5.8 to 1. An average Polish income is about 2000 zloty per month (less then £400), but if you want to rent a car, it will be almost as expensive as here. I would take about £500 per person for 2 weeks and have a card (Electron Visa or Master Card) for emergencies or whims. Go to for further information"
elaine d :
"It is a few years since I was there, but everything is cheap apart from things that are imported of course. Stick to local food and drink and you'll not go far wrong. I'm sure you're the adventurous sort but if you get really stuck there's a Macdonalds in the high street - prices about half what they are here. One word of note, if you are vegetarian you may have to be careful, vegetarianism is not big in Poland. For shopping there are a variety of wonderful shops in the high street but the real bargains are to be found in the market. Zakopane market is located at the bottom of the high street, just carry straight on over the road. It's open early to dusk, everyday except Christmas Day. Take day trips to Auschwitz (not exactly enjoyable but certainly memorable) and don't miss the Wieliczka Salt Mines (it's fantastic, unbelievable all the things that are underground)."
Emi :

How far is Aushwitz from Kracow? How far is Wieliczka from Kracow? What ethnic tourism is? How people can be attracted by mountain-Tatry and zakopane? What do you think is the target market for Krakow region is?what it can offer for: -young people -old people -families -business people -adventure people-mountain -people interested in history -people interested in culture of Poland etc. have u read any articles about Krakow and its area?where? do you have any articles about it?;-);-);-) Do you know any specific web site where i can find out more information about it? Please help;-)

Pheasant Plucker :
"Zakopane is lovely in summer, and winter skiing. Krakow is an interesting old town. Auschwitz is 60-90 minutes from Krakov; buses can take you there from the train station. Info is on the web-link below."
Alexandra :
"here is the site about Krakow the site is about Wieliczka this about Zakopane and this about Auschwitz"
elsicast :
"Auschwitz & Wieliczka are not too far, I did both as day trips. You should be able to take a bus to Auschwitz , or if you're on your own, prep directions before you head out there. It's in the town of Oswieczim (sp?) - both the smaller Auschwitz and awing Birkenau should be visited, they are very different and not far from each other. I'd recommend Auschwitz first - there's museum/historical info there. Birkenau was pretty much left as was and is (horrifyingly) large. Wieliczka you can pay a little and take your camera in. Make sure you get a guide that speaks English, and even then they might not speak *much* English. If you can go there though, go there! It's one of the most amazing places I've seen. Krakow has a tourist agency office right in the stary miasto (old city), they can help give you info on how to get to these places if you get there and find you need more help with what you want to do. All these places you mention including Zakopane see lots of Polish tourists. Zakopane has skiing as I understand it, however I went there in Spring and there were hiking trails. It was very nice. There are vendors that sell delicious smoked cheeses on the streets and will let you sample before you buy. I did that as a day trip also, however I understand there's more to do there. It's a standard getaway destination for many Poles. Krakow is probably the best place to see Poland's history. It was mostly untouched by WW2 (no destruction but the castle grounds have some WW2 additions), and architecture is a real interesting mix between the developing large cultures of their day. The castle at Wawel housed the Polish kings, and the church there was where Pope John Paul was a bishop, it's got wonderful crypts and if you're lucky you can go up to the bell tower. You can walk the city and streets very easily, and it's packed with restaurants and bakeries, pubs built in the catacombs underground, and there's enough to see and check out there to spend a few days, or use as a home base for going to areas around. Public transportation in the city is also very easy to use. When I was there the American influence was just breaking in, compared to Warsaw where familiar chains can be seen everywhere. Krakow is remote enough to detract the average non-european but is full of tourists. You can get a real taste of the culture without feeling like a tourist, and yet there are *lots* of people there. History, folklore (Wieliczka, Krak, and the city pigeons all have stories of origin), architecture, art, food, street music, all there. It's a beautiful city and people are generally very friendly to foreigners because they're not innundated with them. I would recommend getting the Fodor travel book for Poland. My husband and I rely on Fodor anywhere we go - -they do really great write-ups of cities, prices, what to see, and how to get there, with contact information as well. Dobrego szczescie!"


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Date: 2008-02-06 01:29:08

The Power of addiction Ski joering in ZakopaneStrange competition with skier, horse and...sledge or ski

Date: 2008-02-06 01:29:08

Zakopane - noclegi, wczasy, kwatery, pokoje. Bardzo dyży wybór ofert w Zakopanem. Zakopane to idealne miejsce wypoczynku dla Ciebie. Znajdź i zarezerwuj nocleg dla siebie.

Date: 2008-02-06 01:29:08

If you are planning a short visit to Poland this would help you to get the most of your stay! Krakow, Zakopane, Wieliczka are on the list, plus many many more amazing sites.

Date: 2008-02-06 01:29:08

JAN MAZOCH CRASHES AT WORLD CUPCzech ski jumper Jan Mazoch was hospitalised after a horrific accident on the slopes of Zakopane on Saturday.Mazoch appeared to lose control during his second jump in windy conditions at the World Cup event in Poland and he crash landed, his head impacting on the slope as he went down."The...

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Welcome to Zakopane, beautiful mountains, great hotels - perfect ...

Welcome to Zakopane, beautiful mountains, great hotels - perfect ...
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Welcome to Zakopane, beautiful mountains, great hotels - perfect ...

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