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Ypres, Ypern (German) or Ieper is a Belgian municipality located in the Flemish province of West Flanders. The municipality comprises the city of Ypres and the villages of Boezinge, Brielen, Dikkebus, Elverdinge, Hollebeke, Sint-Jan, Vlamertinge, Voormezele, Zillebeke, and Zuidschote.During World War I, Ypres was the centre of intense and sustained battles between the German and the Allied forces.

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swadhi_rt_248 :

See, I have a history exam in two days, and I've just started studying, and I'm going over the Second Battle of Ypres and in my textbook, it says "The British line bulged into the German line in what is called a "salient." But I'm having trouble imagining this...I just get this piction of a straight line with a bulge in the middle. So, basically, I want to know WHERE Ypres is (what country?) and a diagram would be so very helpful, if you could somehow find one online. Thanks in advance to any who answer! <3

westtexasboy :
"a google image search yielded a map and a summary of the 2nd battle. good luck!"
Molly :
"You are the one that is supposed to be studying. Why do you not look up your own information and then you will remember it better... Google has LOTS of info and you would not be wasting your time sitting around waiting for someone to give you info that may not even be correct..."
saehli :
"Ypres municipality and district in the province West Flanders, in Belgium. The municipality comprises the city of Ypres and the villages of Boezinge, Brielen, Dikkebus, Elverdinge, Hollebeke, Sint-Jan, Vlamertinge, Voormezele, Zillebeke, and Zuidschote. You are welcome"
dmdb1 :
"My eighth grade class knows-WWI battle - one of those toward the end of WWI .....You'll easily find it in a quick search"
DarkAngel :
"look it up in your text book, cuz that is what you are suppose to study."
rockandroll58-79 :
"Belgium!! Yahoo Search Ypres or Belgium."
petersburg.crater :

I want to tell my wife about the nightmare I had when I was 16, and want to show her some of the places that were in the nightmare. Should we go, and should I tell her about some of the evil events that took place at the 2nd Battle of Ypres? Please research the battle before you even answer my question.

Nancy Kay :
"oooh, nightmares and evil battles...just what I'd want for my honeymoon...what is wrong with you? save that stuff for another time and give your bride a decent romantic honeymoon that celebrates your new love, not your personal dark past..."
damekilroy :
"that depends on your personalities, i guess. if your wife is the type that loves to reflect on the horrors of history, go for it, it will be a memorable time for both of you where you may well get life-changing insights. visiting sites of the ruins and discovering artefacts and having someone who's familiar with the history explain what happened back then can bring really rewarding things. (disclaimer: in the event that she's the type that can't watch action movies, don't even think about it) while you're in belgium, be sure to also check out other beautiful cities like brugge, ghent, leuven (ancient university town rich in history--i lived there for one year and all i can say is that it was awesome), and then unwind over a Belgian waffle and cherry beer at the Grand Place by Brussels Central Station."
septic tank :
"Well, I suppose it all depends on what you and your future wife to do. I have been to Ypres a number of times and find it to be a very interesting place. You can learn a lot about the first world war there. You'll also be able to go to some of the other places nearby like Bruges. However standing in enormous war graveyards that are almost enough to bring you to tears isn't the kind of thing I'd like to do on my honeymoon. Why not go somewhere else in Belgium and just visit Ypres for a few hours as a side trip."
general De Witte :
"when you're going to Ypres ( Ieper ) make sure you're don't miss the playing of the last post at the Mennenpoort (mennin gate ) . It's don in honer of the fallen soldiers . This tradion takes place every evening and was only interrupted in the years of the WW II"
desert_kats :
"if I were your bride to be Ypres would be last on my honeymoon destinations and if you insisted you would have a one person wedding."
It's Raining Men, Hallelujah :

Hi! i need help with the following questions about the Battle of Ypres that occured in April of 1915 (i think there was one before that?) ::: What were the Instigator's goals (I think these were the Germans) :::What were each country's battle plans? :::What special or heavy weapons were used? (other than small arms)? THANKS SOO MUCH!!!

Oliver H :
"The battle of Ypres you refer to, the one in 1915, actually from late April all through May, was indeed the second, the first having occured a year before. They were both part of WWI, so there was no real "instigation" for this specific battle, it was part of an ongoing conflict. Here: is the Wikipedia article on that battle. The battle is most infamous for the use of chlorine gas."
simon_sainteclaire :
"Forgot to do your homework hey? Ypres was another attempt by the Britsh and Commonwealth troops to break the attrition on the western front in WW1. The generals had no real plans , both sides were bogged down in a bloodbath slugfest that no-one was winning and they had to "breakout". Frankly the Generals of the time were 19th cebtury trained using 18th century tactics to fight a 20th century war, casualties didnt matter and men would consistently be sent "over the top" to be machined gunned down with absolutely zero gain. Like all battles of ww1 the casualties of ypres were spectaculaly high and no-one gained a single yard. Main weapons Brits, lewis machine gun , 105mm artillery peices, 303 rifle and bayonet, trench mortar, field telephone.Aeroplane Main weapons Germans, maxim machine gun,muaser rifle, trench mortarfield telephone and carrier pidgeon, automatic pistol, aeroplane"
Roderick F :
"Ypes is also considered to be the first use of Gas Warfare in the modern sense. Although the Germans will claim that the French were using chemical weapons first (Tear Gases), the Germans opened several thosand cylinders of chlorine gas. This gas drifted across the field into the French/Algerian trenches where the allied soldiers had no defense against these poisonous gases. Although nonpersistent 'industrial' gases were first used, a year later, the Germans introduced "blister agent" requiring soldiers to wear full body protection."


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Date: 2008-02-06 01:26:45

Juan de Ypres y Alvarez was born in 1542, in Spain. There is some suggestion that his father's ancestry was Jewish, and when his father died, Juan was brought up in an orphanage. He joined the Carmelite Friars, and ordained in 1567. He later on became involved with Teresa of Avila, a Carmelite Nun and mystic.

Date: 2008-02-06 01:26:45

During 1914-18 an estimated one million soldiers died in the Ypres Salient, a bulge roughly 20km square east and south of the medieval Flanders city of Ypres.

Date: 2008-02-06 01:26:45

Before and after the Third Battle of Ypres, 1917. No more words are needed.

Date: 2008-02-06 01:26:45

In 1915, clouds of German chlorine gas killed thousands of allied troops near Ypres, Belgium, in the world's first chemical attack.

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