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Woodstock is a small town in Oxfordshire, England which is home to Blenheim Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where Winston Churchill was born in 1874. It is located 13 km / 8 miles northwest of Oxford, 18.5 km / 11.5 miles southeast of Chipping Norton and 73 miles W.N.W. of London.

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Ben :

When was the last woodstock? nd when s the next woodstock? nd how many years after the woodstock will come?

dizynman :
"Nothing will EVER replace the original."
Kyleen G :
"There was only one real Woodstock and that was back in 1969. If you're talking about the anniversary concerts they had the last one in 1999. There is supposed to be another one this year on August 12 and 13 but no artists have been announced. I'm surpised they're putting on another one after what happened at the last one with the price gauging and all the rapes."
mad4tunes :
"The last Woodstock was in 1999, to be intended as a celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the original. Sadly, while both Woodstocks were major cultural events, neither of them made much money for the organizers, so you're not likely to see another one, unless it's someone organizing it just for the love of music."
thedarkemperess :
"If you're talking about the copywritten Woodstock festivle that MTV took over a couple of years ago, where tickets are 60 bucks and diet cokes are 5.50 a bottle, i don't know anything about that. But, if by chance you're talking about the woodstock that has never ended, at the origional farm it started on in 1969, then yes, i know alittle about that. every year since 1969 there has been a 3 day outdoor concert and camping experience at the origional site. the one on mtv was somewhere close by, but they just stole the name "Woodstock" If you want to go this year, just google "yasgar's road" or "yasgar's farm" (the name of the farm where the origional concert happened. i think you pay a small fee for camping on the property (it is someone's farm, and they do have to clean up after thousands of hippies, so the money is worth it). bring bbq grills, camping equipment, food, all that stuff they also have a free food tent for the real hippies out there, if you would like to donate to it or eat some of the food they prepair, everythings free they also have some great vendors for cool t-shirts, instruments, and lots of handmade stuff hope i could be of some assistance"
guitar4peace :
"There was only one Woodstock - 1969. The rest are imitations that are not in the same spirit of peace, love, and music. The one they attempted in 1999 was a disaster- times and people have changed."
judy n :
"green day owned Woodstock94 with the mud fight"
alfredhitchcock :

anyone ever seen the movie, i love it. i just like that whole time period and the music and stuff. if your interested in that stuff tell me stuff you like about it.

Sir Thulgor :
"love it! all the music from that era is cool, another fantastic movie is the isle of wight concert it's got them all too it was another big festival round the time joni mitchell plays there too she never made it to woodstock but wrote the song about it, check it out. the songs called woodstock.....obviously"
Dutch-Irish :
"Yea, its great. My crazy hippie aunt (who met mick Jagger in 72 and dated one of the shondells from Tommy James and shondells) went to it....my dad says she said it was awful when she got back....but she Denies that to this day. She is supposedly in the movie somewhere. I love it all the music, psychedelic substances, hippie bushes. The Beatles were offered to play there but they were on the verge of break up, John Lennon agreed to play with his plastic ono band tho...but they didnt want that"
Amadeus :
"This is an awesome movie,and an awesome concert, too bad there are lots of good artists that got cut out because of extensive lenght, this was one of the first DVDs that i bought, and still is one of my favorites.... i couldn't believe that was Joe cocker!!....... those were the days when rock n roll meant something"
blueseven22578 :
"Awesome movie, but ONLY in widescreen. Trying to watch that movie in full screen format as extremely frustrating. It's like a totally different movie."
chris c :

I was 20 years old in August of 1969, and I drove my motorcycle up to The Woodstock Festival in Bethel, NY. I am intending to ride my current VStar 1100 Custom back for the fortieth anniversary. I am still married to the girl who jumped out of the backseat of a car and onto my motorcycle in the traffic jam off the exit that weekend. Woodstock literally changed my life. We have two children and two grandchildren now ,and live in Pennsylvania. Ther is no way I would miss this date. Are you coming? I'd love to met you and relate the entire event as I remember it. Christopher Cole author of "The Closer's Song" a Woodstock novel

lovelyreda :
"no but have a groovy time man....Peace & Love!"
Melisabeth :
"No...but that's too cute!!!"
Mel :
"Nope was 29 at the time and had been in the navy eleven years. Don't drink, Don't smoke don't do drugs so have no reason to go."
geekstreat :
"Maybe. If theres not a bunch a stink bomb hippies goin'"
barry m :
"Don't eat the blue acid!"
Squanto :
"Of course...Wouldn't miss it for the world! And I'll be bringing my 3 best friends...I'm sure it will be the experience of a lifetime!"


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Date: 2008-02-06 01:19:13

Just for the record: Barack Obama is just 14 years younger than Hillary Clinton. That is not a "generation" (except maybe in some southern states), and not enough time to have created a brand new way of thinking. This constant talk about passing the torch from the boomers as they head to that great Woodstock in the sky is mighty damned premature.

Date: 2008-02-06 01:19:13

Pictures and a long description of the event. What IS the Rainbow Gathering? To me, it is Woodstock with amateur musicians and I'm in the band! Ram Dass was there. Wonderful music, scenery and sagebrush meadows. Chanting OM with thousands of people to promote world peace is a blessed experience. Every year July 1-7 welcome home brother!

Date: 2008-02-06 01:19:13

The Bonnaroo Music Festival is the Woodstock of our time. The Iraq war is the Vietnam of our time. Not only does this film capture legendary musical performances from Radiohead and Tom Petty (plus more). Tandemcreations.org’s new film delivers explosive interviews from American Patriots living in

Date: 2008-02-06 01:19:13

Good information that I have not seen anywhere else. Great pictures, news articles and insight to Woodstock that can only be given by someone who was actually there.

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