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Windermere is the largest natural lake in England. It has been one of the country’s most popular places for holidays and summer homes since 1847, when the Kendal and Windermere Railway built a branch line to it. It is in the county of Cumbria and entirely within the Lake District National Park.

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Princess Yum-Yum :

Yesterday the BBC filmed a piece by "Lake Windermere" in Cumbria. Which begs the question, just how many lakes are there in the Lake District? BA goes to anyone who can name ALL the bodies of water in the Lake District National Park. BBC researchers take note! What a pity the BBC broadcaster failed to check out his facts before calling Windermere a lake! It is absolutely true that Bassenthwaite is the ONLY lake in Cumbria and the other bodies of water are called either Water or Mere. However, we're still missing a few!

richard_beckham2001 :
"Lake Windermere, at ten miles long, is England's longest lake. It is only one of many lakes and tarns in the National Park. Many are simply termed "Water" as in Derwent Water"
sarch_uk :
"Bassenthwaite Lake is the only official lake in the Lake District...all the others are meres or waters... The names of the thirteen bodies of water are here, along with explanations of how they got their names...."
PhilipL :
"Here are the names of the FIFTEEN bodies of water (otherwise known as lakes!) * Bassenthwaite Lake * Buttermere * Crummock Water * Derwent Water * Devoke Water * Ennerdale Water * Grasmere * Haweswater * Hayeswater * Loweswater * Rydal Water * Thirlmere * Ullswater * Wast Water * Windermere hope that helps Philip"
"Bassenthwaite is the only lake, the rest are meres"
gandyg :
"Bassenthwaite (as we all know the only true lake) Buttermere Coniston Water Crummock Water Derwent Water Windermere Wastwater Ennerdale Water Loweswater Haweswater Thirlmere Brothers Water Overwater Grasmere Rydal water Ullswater Hayeswater Devoke Water Kentmere Esthwaite Water Levers Water Thats all I can think of, I think there are one or two other small one on top of these. Note that some of these are technically tarns, but are named like lakes. I am not going to start naming tarns though, that would take a while"
Woody :

When did lake Windermere last freeze to such a degree that the locals could go skating on it? I have seen a photo taken in 1895, but has it frozen since?

mintycakeyfroggy :
"1982 was the last time it froze over but not to a degree it could be skated on. In 1929 it was to a degree it could be skated on. It also froze over in 1963."
lmccay420 :
"from THE WAY WE WERE: We don't have to be more than middle-aged to remember that the last winter when Windermere was frozen and safe enough to skate on was 1963... Xmas Day 1962. This was when we lived in the Lake District and was the winter when Lake Windermere froze over and it was bitterly cold all over the country... Interesting history: pics: "

1) Can you get a direct bus from carlisle to windermere? 2) Can you find a patch of grass and pitch a tent there? 3) Any good old fashioned pubs?

"Im from carlisle,hi there.your best bet is to go to the bus station and they will tell you the times and then go to the tourist info centre and they will tell you all you need to know."
grae :
"you would need a campsite to pitch your tent but theres a few around the area. you cant just pitch your tent anywhere, all of the fields are private land, even the ones with footpaths through them. lots of old fashioned pubs in cumbria and the lake district but its a while since i lived there so i cant name any specifically near windemere. look up carlisle busses or penrith busses on the internet for routes. penrith is a town with a train station and is closer to the lake district so better chance of a bus"
golfjunkie :
"try this link hope it helps"
david f :
"1. Not a direct bus - but route 554 from Carlisle (only 3 a day) connects with a 555 at Keswick to get you to Windermere. Otherwise go by train, changing at Oxenholme. Go to to plan journey. 2. Don't know! 3.Greys Inn, Ellery Road (in last years Good Beer Guide) Nothing in this years guide. However nearby Bowness has the Royal Oak, Brantfell Road. The Golden Rule, Smithy Brow, Ambleside, is the possibly the best bet in the area."
Pit Bull :
"1] try here..... long time to sit on a bus. 2] better going to an official site.....very little in the way of public green space but you might be lucky if you really want to be alone. 3] lots of good pubs all around the area."
enjoyingengland :
"Try looking here... "
Snowbunny :
"You will have to change at Keswick, you may find it a good idea to stay around keswick, you can get a bus down borrowdale valley (other side of the Derwent water lake) where there are plenty of campsites near to old fashioned pubs - The Langstrath pub (down the Langstrath Valley) has great food and local Jennings Bitter, which is top class...Loads of pubs everywhere... It's probably a bit too coild and wet for camping but you should be abnle to get a B and B for a reasonable price, see for more info and have a fab time."


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Date: 2008-02-06 01:17:17

Just a short walk from the shores of Lake Windermere, this charming 19th century house provides a friendly, comfortable spacious home for bed & breakfast accommodation including ample free guest only parking. At Ellerthwaite Lodge you can enjoy a short break or stay a little longer if you please.

Date: 2008-02-06 01:17:17

A four-man science team led by British Antarctic Survey's (BAS) Dr Andy Smith has begun exploring an ancient lake hidden deep beneath Antarctica's ice sheet. The lake -- the size of Lake Windermere (UK) -- could yield vital clues to life on Earth, climate change and future sea-level rise.

Date: 2008-02-06 01:17:17

The PURAVANKARA GROUP was established in 1975, in response to the growing need for quality housing and commercial space in the metropolitan cities of India. Since then, the Group has grown to be one of the leading Real Estate Developers of the country, serving the needs of a discerning clientele.

Date: 2008-02-06 01:17:17

Stock Park Cottage is a detached, single storey Lakeland cottage located on the shores of Lake Windermere, on a private country estate.

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