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The Western Cape is a province in the south west of South Africa. The capital is Cape Town. Prior to 1994, the region that now forms the Western Cape was part of the huge (and now defunct) Cape Province. Prior to the formation of the Union of South Africa in 1910, it was called the Cape Colony.

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Otto B :

Okay, here we go: My mother is coming to visit from overseas and she would love to see giraffes outside of a zoo. I know there are tons of them at Kruger and I believe also at Addo. But since I live in cape Town: Do you know where to find some in the Western Cape? At a game reserve maybe?

saruninjamk :
"http://www.sa-venues.com/wildlife/wildlife_giraffe.htm towards the bottom, there are some locations."
Darth Vader :
"Buffalo Hills Game Reserve seems to be your only bet. It is 15km from Plettenberg Bay and 35 km from Knysna. It is expensive though, about R1000 per person sharing. You can observe Elephant,giraffes,buffalo, cheetah and even whales in this park."
Doll :
"bufallo ?"
Alf Garnett 12 :
"Here you go:"
Chris G :

My mum is soon to be moving from england to the Western Cape. She is 53 and is moving with her partner and he is around 30 and is south african, he has persuaded her to move. She is looking at a small holding or a farm. But i've heard about these farm murders. Is this a good move for her, and how likely do you think it is, that he is going to try and get the money once over there?

working gal :
"Lots of British and European people buy farms and smallholdings in the Western Cape. I've been living in Stellenbosch (a wine farming town) this year, and half the farmers and B&B operators seem to be from Europe. It is probably the safest area of SA (apart from certain urban areas where there are problems with gangs) and I really don't think you need to worry about farm murders. As in any city, it is a bad idea to walk around alone at night or in deserted areas. But W Cape is beautiful, relaxed and a lovely place to retire to. As to whether her partner will try and run off with her money, I have no idea. All countries have scam artists, and SA is no exception. But if they have been together for a long time, it's unlikely. They can still maintain separate bank accounts, and there is no reason for him to know her ATM PIN or internet banking passwords. She should also be sure to buy through a registered estate agent (eg Aida, Seeff, Fine&Country, Rawson, etc). In the end, it's her decision whether to trust him or not. But if you're worried, you could do a background check: find out his ID number, call the SA police (my local one is +27 21 809 5003)and find out whether he has a criminal record."
chickyboo222 :
"No where is 100% safe, however, if her partner is South African then he knows about the crime in SA and wouldnt mover her to a hot spot area so Im sure she will be safe. Is your mom particularly rich? If she is then she should already have some sort of security in place any way for her money, where as if she is just average, them Im sure she is also fine. This SA guy had to have some money to get over to the UK, so its not like he is broke. Only you would know because you know your moms financial background as well as (hopefully) his. Take the above answers advice and call the police. 10111 is also a standard number (dont forget dialing codes etc) but just be patient with them because the SA police are not famous for fast, efficient service."
Alf Garnett 13 :
"Your Mum must be out of her mind to move to South Africa as nowhere is safe. Farmers in particular are targetted in the ongoing genocide against White folks. Sounds like this South African is a complete chancer or totally deluded or maybe both. Tell your Mum not to give him any money and get her to have a daily read of this site: You also need to tell here that she is in reverse of the trend where people are fleeing South Africa and that Farming in South Africa is statistically the most dangerous occupation in the WORLD.More than 2300 White Farmers have been murdered since 1991 but it is the torture and brutality that accompanies it that tells you that this is ANC orchestrated genocide. Have a look at this site and the link to the right detailing the gruesome details: I shouldnt be speculating but it looks like your Mum has become infatuated with a complete fool and you should do everything to protect her and her assets. Working Gal - You are talking complete shite so comment on this article in the Paarl Post of the last few days: This week in the local Paarl newspaper called “Paarl Post” we see a horrific story of a 64 year old women brutally beaten, raped and strangled by these criminal sub humans. In a foot note to the above, we see another story mentioned in two simple sentences about an 18 year old hearing impaired girl who was raped in an orchard."
lizard :

It seems centrally placed for Cape town and Port Elizabeth, and the training grounds of Worcester, and George, where there is also an airport. Will they have facilities like big screens etc. for those who have no tickets but enjoy the party

watzzzup :
"Yes. That should be great fun and money to be made for the tourists and weekenders."
Moloi :
"It is central between George and Cape Twon (George is about 400km to Cape Town and 370 to PE). The only concern I'd have about it is that it lacks facilities - including hotels. Maybe that coould be used as a reason to improve on the facilities and be used for the western cape. I think your suggestion is good as that could give these small towns a chance to grow economically!"
Vango :
"Training ground for what? What are you talking about?"


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Date: 2008-02-06 01:14:04

Tulbagh lies in a beautiful ‘hidden valley’, surrounded by the Winterhoek, Witzenberg and Obiqua Mountains. The Tulbagh Valley is at the western end of the famous Route 62, which meanders through all the Wineland areas of the Western Cape and Karoo. South Africa.http://www.schalkenbosch.co.za/http://www.edenhof.co.za/

Date: 2008-02-06 01:14:04

Coakley says there were 177 total violations at stores in malls from Cape Cod to western Massachusetts.

Date: 2008-02-06 01:14:04

The discovery of a second rare and endangered orchid in the Western Cape in the space of a week is proof that the Cape's floral kingdom is "beginning to claw back from immense environmental pressures"

Date: 2008-02-06 01:14:04

We traveled in a Luxury 30 Seater Coach with a toilet and air-conditioning we had a professional tour guide and stayed in 3 star hotels.

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