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Waterford is a city in Ireland. It is the primary city of the South East region, and the fifth largest in the country. Founded in 914 AD, by the Vikings, it is Ireland's oldest city. Waterford is the largest city in Ireland to retain its Viking-derived name, Vedrarfjord. Reginald's Tower is the oldest urban civic building in Ireland, and the oldest monument to retain its Viking name. It is to this day Waterford's most recognisable landmark.

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laina o :

i was doing a project on waterford ny and there seems to be a town and village of Waterford NY. is there a difference?? thanks!

Renata :
"On their website, its described as "The Village and Town of Waterford", so it seems that it is both. It is the oldest continuously incorporated village in the United States."
Drew C :
"I live in the TOWN part of waterford, and I have for my whole life. The TOWN section of waterford is a rural/developmental neighborhoods section of waterford, having many houses, both apartments and nice houses in developments, which accounts for most of Waterford's population. The VILLAGE section is still waterford, but it is mostly businesses and apartment houses and many streets in a small area (many blocks). Also, the town hall is located in the village section. So, waterford is not really a town OR village, but an AREA that is divided up into a town section and a village section."
love nascar :

Are these 2 brand names one and the same or two different manufacturers? Does Waterford Crystal own Galway Crystal? I have a crystal biscuit barrel that has "Galway" marked on the bottom and a clear label (on the upper rim) with what appears to be a shamrock and some lettering so small that I cannot possibly read. Is this piece Waterford?

dnjo303 :
"I think you'll find that they are two different companies but both are great pieces to own."
Emily :
"They are two diff companies. But both quality pieces."
alpha :
"Waterford Crystal and Galway Crystal are two different companies. Waterford Crystal is also known as 'Waterford Wedgwood' since the Wedgwood company took it over in 1986 and their trademark is a Seahorse design. Galway Crystal is cheaper than Waterford crystal. It is a good quality and their designs tend to be more traditional with engravings of Irish symbols."

does anybody know anything about waterford england or know a website i can visited. im doing a project on that place that's dew friday and i dont know anything about waterford . please help.

Edward S :
"For starters it's not in England - it's in Ireland Try these sites for moreinformation. "
chat_have :
"I do not understand why you put your question in the "IRELAND" section whilst refering to "WATERFORD ENGLAND" you must know that it is in the republic of ireland"
David H :
"Its wet. Its got a hotel called the Granville. Tedcastle`s shed is on the quay. The bakers sell blahs in the morning. A nice place to go and shop is the apple market. Tramore is very good. Val Doonican came from there. Oh, and its in Ireland."
stitcherkf :
"I think you must mean Watford, England. If you mean Waterford its in Ireland! It is in the south and borders the coast. It is where the famous Waterford glass is made. You can visit. If you are doing a project you would want to get your act together and understand where you are talking about and by the way its due not dew!"


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Date: 2008-02-06 01:11:25

The 30-year-old Waterford woman says she’s been “sign bombing” and rallying and doing all she can to get out the vote for Republican candidate Ron Paul. But, alas, she says, most journalists only seem interested in hearing from voters supporting higher profile candidates — like John McCain or Mitt Romney or Barack Obama or Hillary..

Date: 2008-02-06 01:11:25

MISTAKE - Emailing New Englanders an offer first thing Monday morning to buy a Waterford-crystal football celebrating the New Jersey Giants' win in the Super Bowl the night before.

Date: 2008-02-06 01:11:25

Kilkenny are the red hot 11/10 favourites for the All Ireland hurling, followed by Cork at 9/2. Waterford are third favourites at 11/2, with Galway on offer at 7/1. Tipperary are on offer at 14/1 and Limerick at 16/1 and every other contender is at 33/1 or bigger.

Date: 2008-02-06 01:11:25

At first he appears to be ranting about below par firm called concept.ie from waterford and work not being done correctly and thought just an unsatisfied customer until I read through the site and seen the disgusting tactics that concept.ie had done to him

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