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Warwickshire came into being as a division of the kingdom of Mercia in the early 11th century, the first reference to Warwickshire was in 1001, as Waeinewiscscr named after Warwick . During the Middle Ages Warwickshire was dominated by Coventry, which was at the time one of the most important cities in England due to its textiles trade in the heart of EnglandWarwickshire played a key part in the English Civil War, with the Battle of Edgehill and other skirmishes taking place in the county.

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prettypinkponies71 :

Heya, Im looking for horse shows in the warwickshire area in 2008, dont mind what sort they are. Please answer i really want to go to shows.

♪ Seattle ♫ :
"Hi there...I hope the following websites will be helpful as they list the equine shows in Warwickshire, UK:"
Grumpyinthemornings :

I've been hunting for info about my late grandfather's best friend who we only know as 'Jampot'. They grew up together in a small village called 'Hill', in Warwickshire, joined the Warwickshire Yeomanry together soon after the outbreak of the Great War, served in the same company, but Jampot was killed in action during the Palestine campaign. I've scoured local war memorials, Commonwealth Graves website, contacted the Yeomanry museum, but haven't had any luck. I have quite a few photos, and would love to be able to pass copies on to any surviving relatives (if they were interested). Any expert 'diggers' out there with any suggestions? Thanks to paddysenier - can't use the advice though as I don't know his name so have no way of looking up any details - the name is what I'm after! Getting some great suggestions - thanks to those sending website links! Short expansion - the village called 'Hill' is just 'Hill' - has no extra parts to it, which has made trying to Google it pretty much impossible, as there are a lot of 'Hill' variations in Warwickshire, and the hits run into the millions! Can't find a way to limit the search results to just 'Hill'. Mum told me last night that the Jampot the family is looking for is actually Jampot the Second. There was (quite unbelievably) another Jampot in the Yeomanry - Jampot the First! I wonder if historians realise this was a common nickname. :)

paddysenier :
"I presume yo've tried the internet, so you could write and request his service record. Include as much info about him as you can eg name, service no. rank, company, regiment and dates served. Check out: Hope this may help"
itsjustme :
"Have a look at this link I have posted for you, if you scroll down the page there's a section "lives lost" or something like that, it might not be what you are looking for , but there is an email address you may find what your after through an email to them, it's worth a try any way isn't it. I really hope it helps."
wendy c :
"Use grandpa as the search focus... it appears to me in looking, that several towns have Hill as part of the name. Tracing grandpa's family is one means to narrow down the exact place. Joined together? same day? Grandpa's records might show what that date was. Then you will want as detailed as possible lists of the company... and dates of deaths, and names. Looking to "match" something if possible. Closest census available to just before they joined? Challenging... but not impossible. edit... justme had a wonderful link above that I went to, and then to this... CONTACT this person!! (unless it turns out to be you)...she has diaries of the campaign you mention where jampot died."
zaroyness :

Hello, I'm going to be an exchange student next year at the University of Warwick and am very interested and curious what the city of Warwickshire and the surrounding areas are like, also the university itself, the people, the food, and pretty much everything associated with the place. I've lived in Southern California all my life (majority of my time in Los Angeles) so I'm expecting a lot of major changes but am just excited to be going to England next year as a young student. Any insider comments, helpful tips and such? Give me a heads up. Thanks!

Fairy Rie :
"I've never been to the Uni but I know what Coventry and Warwickshire are like, because I grew up there. You might get some people with varied accents, but normally in Coventry they speak with hardly any accent at all. Coventry has a lovely Canal Basin, it has a lot of history and you might notice some plaques on walls if you're interested in learning,it also has a few cathedrals and a transport museum which is free admission, if you ever need to catch a bus then make sure you give yourself time to get where you want to go plus half an hour waiting for the bus time, there's plenty of shops, you should be able to get to Warwick, Kenilworth, Leamington and Birmingham easily, Warwick has a castle and a nice park, Kenilworth has a castle, Leamington has nice shops and a beautiful park, I don't know about night life, I can't think of anything else but I'm sure I've missed loads. Oh just remembered you said you've lived in US all your life, Warwickshire is pronounced Worriksheer Birmingham is pronounced Birmingum, or Brum Leicester is pronounced Lesta"
emmiboo :
"I live in a town just 8 miles from Coventry. Coventry has its bad and good points like most cities. It's not a very big city so does not have the facilities of London or Birmingham but is close to Birmingham so you can easily take a bus or train there. Coventry has a lot of History if you go looking for it. Most of the city centre was destroyed in the second world war when Coventry was bombed. Unfortunately this led to the city being rebuilt in the 50s and 60s so most of the buildings look really 60s and nasty! the old cathedral was destroyed during the war too and so its ruins stand next to the new cathedral and are worth a visit. Coventry sits right in the middle of England and one thing I have learned living here is that it seems the midlands has its own rules! The further to the coast you go the more friendlier people are so you have picked quite a hostile area to move to. You will be ok though. Most people are nice its just a case of learning how to react to people. You will pick it up quick enough and people will give you the benefit of the doubt because you are not from here.Warwick is a gorgeous town full of history with the best castle in the whole of England (in my opinion) you must visit that castle. The university of warwick is not actually in warwick but in coventry. If you have lived in LA all your life then I think Coventry will be a disappointment to you, you should go to a university in London. Just take coventry for what it is and enjoy it. don't expect a huge bustling city like LA and just have fun. contact me if you want more info"
lammypie :
"Man are you in for a (culture) shock! Coventry itself is not that great, it was bombed to hell in WW2 and subsequently rebuilt in the 50's and 60's in depressing concrete. Birmingham has had a major revamp in recent years and the centre (Bull Ring) is now pretty cool with bars, restaurants and clubs..you must try a 'balti' when you go, it's the local speciallity. Some of the countryside around Warwickshire is attractive and you'll find some good country pubs out there. Oh, and don't be confused when people talk about the 'Black Country', its called that because during the Industrial Revolution everything was covered in coal dust!"
Maureen :
"In addition to what has already been said, Warwickshire is also the location of Stratford Upon Avon, a lovely little village/town that was the birthplace of William Shakespeare and very quaint. The Royal Shakespeare Company produce plays in the two theatres there, so if you're looking for something to do, there's culture nearby! Warwick University is in the middle of nowhere in Coventry, not in the City Centre, so you'll have to commute in to town if you need to. The campus itself is very plush - I think it must be one of the richest universities in the country judging on the plush decorations and up-to-date facilities (plasma screens, computers, etc) there. Accommodation is nice, if small. The whole place is very modern. The good thing about being in the midlands is that it doesn't take that long to get to anywhere in the country! e.g. London is only and hour and a half away, Manchester the same. Coventry also has an airport that has really cheap flights to Europe, so whilst you're over in this neck of the woods, you should take the opportunity to explore! And take a trip to Alton Towers Theme Park in Staffordshire if you get the chance! Have a great time!"
Dorypanda :
"I've been to the University of Warwick (just on a visit) and it's HUGE! I suggest you get a map of the site before you even think of doing anything else. As for the Coventry and Warwickshire area, I think everyone else has probably covered it quite well. In Coventry there are plenty of inexpensive shops, and the night life isn't too bad, just don't go out on your own at night. Warwickshire is steeped in history, next to Coventry there is a small town called Bedworth, they have Alms houses, churches, parks, lots of pubs, but not many shops. In Stratford you could visit the theatre, visit Anne Hathaways cottage or visit Shakespears birthplace and look at the River Avon, there are also a couple of museums there, then there's Warwick, the County town, you could visit Warwick Castle or Warwick park (I think it's called St Johns), it's expensive to go into the castle but worth it. Kenilworth has castle ruins there, leamington has a good shopping area, Birmingham (which is in the West Midlands), is good for shopping, i suggest visiting the Bull Ring and the market, there is also the Imax theatre there and the science museum. I can't think of anywhere else at the moment, I hope this has been some help, feel free to contact me through this site if you want some further information from a local. :) (Lord of the jungle, obviously hasn't met any of the nice Warwickshire or Coventry people)"
_Picnic :
"I have never been to Warwickshire but I can tell you about the University of Warwick's reputation. In the early to mid 1960s, the British government decided to expand the number of universities. Unlike Victorian universities that tended to be in the middle of industrial cities, these new 'plate glass' universities tended to be built on self contained campuses, usually with quite a bit of greenery around them and with state of the art concrete architecture (including brutalist architecture) that some people love and some people hate. These universities include York, Warwick and Sussex and they are featured towards the very top of most league tables. The University of Warwick's most famous lecturer is the feminsist Germaine Greer but Warwick is probably best known for its business courses. It also apparently has a notable arts centre. Coventry itself was bombed during World War 2 and the cathedral was rebuilt in a 60s style by Sir Basil Spence. Coventry is, truthfully, not regarded as one of Britain's picturesque cities. Basically, the University of Warwick has a strong reputation and my impression is that it tends to attract students who wish to make a name for themselves in business, the media or teaching-basically it's for students who are prepared to work hard- they are probably even more serious minded than the people you would find at Oxford and Cambridge, with less eccentrics than you would find at older universities."


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At the official opening of Aston Martin’s first ever dedicated design centre in Gaydon, Warwickshire, on Tuesday 11 December, Dr Ulrich Bez, Chief Executive Officer, thrilled an audience of more than seven hundred VIP guests with a surprise unveiling of a stunning new 600bhp performance concept car; the V12 Vantage RS.

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