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Warsaw is the capital of Poland and its largest city. It is located on the Vistula River roughly 370 kilometers from both the Baltic Sea coast and the Carpathian Mountains.

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Josh C :

On the bottom of the document, as seen on the picture given by Wikipedia--what is that? I tried looking it up but I couldn't find any information. It looks like some kind of fungal growth, perhaps from centuries of poor storage. Or maybe some kind of decorative frill that has seen better days. I don't know, help me out. >

steve_geo1 :
"The Warsaw Convention is an international agreement limiting the liabilities of arlines as to lost luggage. The Warsaw Pact was a sort-of Soviet NATO, in which the Russians and satellite nations pretended that they were an alliance of equal allies against capitalist imperialist countries, their stooges, and running dogs."
sasa :

I m going from budapest to warsaw for flight around aug. 24th, after my one-week camping at transyvalnia. And i m still balancing between train and flying to warsaw. a cheapest fare for flight might be around 65euro, but does anyone know about the price of train from budapest to warsaw??? if it could somewhat visibly cheaper, i may choose sth good to my budget.^_^ any hint??? many thx+_+ actually i v made a little modification---i booked a cheap flight to sweden from katowice, so i just need to take a train from budapest to katowice, 1/3 distance shorter i think. and i heard the train offer student under 26 some 30%-off discount. if it's real, it could be quite good, and the flying from budapest to warsaw has just rised to 85 euro...jesus..

pjallittle :
"Train travel time of 12 hours plus cost for comfortable sleeper will run you over $200, so you're better off flying. Here's more information; "
Liz :
"If you can get a flight for 65 euro and price is your number one priority, take it. The train will not be much less expensive. But of you would like a little "travel adventure" and enjoy watching scenery, better to take a different train, through Breclav (the southeastern-most tip of the Czech Republic). I cannot find an exact quote for a price, but my educated guess (I travel a lot by train and live in the Czech Republic) is no more than $75 one way, and that includes the EuroCity supplements. It also is a bit faster than the direct train. There are two trains you can take - one leaves Budapest Keleti pu (main train station) at 5:50 a.m. ... I guess you can finish sleeping on the train ... goes through Bratislava, Slovakia and arrives in Breclav, Czech Republic at 9:15 (the train continues on to Prague, Berlin and Hamburg). You'll have an hour to strech your legs, get some coffee and have a look at this sleepy border town before boarding the 10:18 train to Warsaw (it will arrive at the station ten minutes earlier if you're anxious to get out of Breclav). It arrives at Warsaw's Central Station at 4:45 pm. The ride through this part of the Czech Republic, Moravia, is very pretty ... in Poland it flattens out a bit but is still interesting. If catching a train at such an early hour is an absolute no-go, there is a 9:50 am train from Budapest that stops in Breclav at 1:15 pm, but then there's nearly three hours to kill in Breclav ... maybe go for lunch and some good Czech beer at a restaurant in town? ... before catching the 3:57 p.m. train that gets into Warsaw Central at 10:09 that night. Again, compared to flying, no, there's not much saving ... it's just a matter of preferred mode."
"http://whichbudget.com/ "
ex oh Kay :

we are taking a trip down to warsaw for a week. and we want to find a couple places to take the kids like mini golf/ arcade/ movies/ zoo. can anyone (from warsaw, indiana)send me a web site of any kid attractions? thanks

gtoacp :
"Try these links. The local Chamber of Commerce is always a good place to ask. Also try the AAA book. Also the yellow pages and look for categories. There are lakes in the area where you could boat or swim. "


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Date: 2008-02-06 01:09:24

Two weeks ago I had a presentation of my 10-step Simply Get Things Done course on one of the Barcamp meetings called Aula in Warsaw and it was received pretty well by the audience. I was explaining how the methods from David Allen's "Getting Things Done" book work for me and how I implement them in Nozbe - my GTD web application. 28 minutes.

Date: 2008-02-06 01:09:24

Every now and then, Comme des Garcons will open up a guerrilla store for a while then close it down and move onto another city. Currently there three guerrilla stores in the world including Athens, Beirut and Warsaw. Last Friday, Comme des Garcon opened their fourth guerrilla store in Singapore.

Date: 2008-02-06 01:09:24

At the decision of a question on placing in the Polish territory elements of USA anti-missile system Poland should consider the potential threat of the safety proceeding from Russia. Warsaw does not consider Russia as the hostile state representing direct threat at the moment. However, if Warsaw agrees to placing of the American rockets...

Date: 2008-02-06 01:09:24

WARSAW (Reuters) - It's official. Postal delivery is as slow as snails, at least in Poland. An IT worker, after receiving a letter on January 3 that was sent on December 20 as priority mail, calculated that a snail would have made it even faster to...

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