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Walt Disney World Resort is the most visited recreational resort in the world, containing four theme parks, two water parks, twenty-three themed hotels, and numerous shopping, dining, entertainment and recreation venues. Owned and operated by the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts segment of The Walt Disney Company, it is located in Lake Buena Vista and Bay Lake, Florida, near Orlando.

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Dimitrius L :

We're planning on going to Walt Disney World next summer. What are some cheap on-site hotels at Disney World? Also which theme park would be better to go to? Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom? P.S. Has anyone been to Hilton in the Walt Disney World Resort? If you have what's it like?? Thanks!!

sweetmelissa214 :
"When I went there for a cross country race my team needed a cheap onsite hotel to stay at we stayed at the Disney Sports Hotel. It was pretty nice, I liked it. Magic Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom are both great. My vote would have to go to Magic Kindom!"
shandee1407 :
"I've never stayed at the Hilton. But, for cheap on-site hotels you can't go wrong with any of the All Star Resorts (there's 3) or the Pop Century Resort. They're all in Disney's "value" category and will run anywhere from $80-$130 per night depending on the time of year. If you have AAA, be sure to ask for that discount, it will save you 10%-20%. As for the parks, it kind of depends on what you're looking for. The Magic Kingdom offers the quintessential Disney experience, but Animal Kingdom is also a unique experience. It's a tough call."
Librarylady :
"Magic Kingdom is best, hands down. Animal Kingdom is cool, but not unique"
doodlesfl :
"How many are in your party? how long are you staying? What are the ages of the kids? We always enjoy staying at the all star resorts on disney grounds. We can then use Disney's transportation, get into parks early or stay late and even grab some goodies in the cafeteria before we leave or when we get back. Animal Kingdom in my opinion isnt' a whole day adventure. Are you purchasing park hoppers? How many days do you have? If you have little girls, Magic Kingdom is a must, as well as the parade and fantasy land. Get there early , buy some souveniers ahead of time when you see them and take a refillable water bottle and fanny packs. It'll save you $$ . We always ask for a fridge and load up on our own food in the room. :D Have fun! Hilton?Do you mean the swan? or dolphin? Gorgeous pools. So-so rooms, awful dining options for picky kids."
Natterjack9 :
"The best bet is to stay on property. Disney has a resort to fit any budget, and they offer something with their resorts the off-site hotels (like the Hilton) can't offer. The famous Disney service and PERKS!! Disney takes great care of their resort guests. For example, they offer Extra Magic Hours, where one park opens early and one stays open late every day for resort guests only. There is also the free shuttle to and from Orlando Int'l Airport. They also offer free unlimited use of their transportation system. Now, that does not seem like a big one, except for the fact that the off site hotels have only a limited shuttle service and in most cases it costs extra. Having said that, the least expensive places to stay on property are the value resorts followed by the moderate. The value resorts are just that, value. Don't get me wrong they are great places to stay, I have stayed in the values a couple of times. They have bright colored themes and huge pools. Each has a food court, laundry stations, transportation to and from all of the Disney attractions, plus the great service only Disney can provide. The drawbacks to the values are the rooms are on the small side, there is only the food court and no sit down table service restaurant, and they tend to fill up quickly due to the lower price. They are also really geared towards families so they tend to be a little noisier than the other resorts. Don't let that deter you though, we loved staying there. My favorite value resort is the All-Star Movies. The moderate resorts are a step up from the values. The rooms are a bit bigger, they have multiple pools, the themes and decor are great at each of them. They offer a sit down restaurant as well as the food court. The moderates are a little quieter, but they are a bit more expensive. My favorite in the moderate category is the Caribbean Beach resort. Of the two parks you mentioned I prefer the Magic Kingdom to the Animal Kingdom. The AK does have Expedition Everest, which is a GREAT roller coaster. However it is the least favorite of the parks. I think MGM and Epcot both are a little better, they have much better attractions. If you want more info there are a few places you can check out. First, go to the Disney website. They have a resort comparison tool that you can use to pick the resort that is right for you. You can even get a quote on your trip, complete with passes (do add the park hopper option!) and everything. Next, check out the disboards. The disboards is a message boards website with more info than you can possibly imagine. You can get resort reviews, restaurant reviews, tips for avoiding crowds, trip reports, advice, and much more. I put both links below. Finally, go to the bookstore and pick up the Birnbaum's guide to WDW. There are a ton of guide books out there, but that is the one that has worked best for us. Hope this helps, have a great trip!!"
Edwards D :
"Hey may check out the sites listed below for great hotel rates, have fun...later or"
ILuvMyBabies2 :
"disney value resort...cheapest and it has transportation to and from the theme parks. I like both animal kingdom and magic kingdom but i would go to magic kingdom before any other park there"
Christian R :
"stay at a All Star Resort ( movie, Music, Pop Century or sport) is the cheapest disney hotel. but it donesnt meant that it is the bad one. if you only have budget to go to only two park i prefer magic kingdom and Epcot."
"Disney has 4 "Value" resorts: Pop Century, All Star Music, All Star Movies, and All Star Sports. They all cost the same price (and if you have AAA, you can get up to a 20% discount). Are you planning on going to just one park? I would highly recommend visiting all 4 theme parks, but if I had to choose just one, it would be the Magic Kingdom; there are a lot of rides and attractions to suit everyone."
disneyprincess11 :
"I would suggest planning you vacation online. disneyworld.com Go to all of the parks! Each one is very fun! But if I HAD to choose I would say Magic Kingdom. Try looking at the Allstar resorts. Those are the cheapest onsite resorts."
boogsybaby :
"I live in South Florida and know you can get deals at All Star Sports/Music. They are typically the cheapest ones. If you've never been to Disney, you have to go to the Magic Kingdom first. It's a must!"
S360 :
"The cheapest onsite would be The AllStar Resorts, which include AllStar Movies, Music, and Sports. The rooms are fairly small though it is the cheapest and the best in fun themes. Magic Kingdom is a better theme park just because it's more of a classic and has a variety of types of rides. The Hilton is very nice and probable the best Non-Disney hotel on the Resort. Goodluck and Have FUN"
*Cookie Monster* :

ok so ive never been to walt disney world before and were planning to go on spring of 2008 . im excited yet scared because 1. ive never been there . 2 ive never been on an airplane and 3. its far away from where i live can someone please help me is it like disneyland i got ther like twice a month because my sister works there please someone help me i need help!!!

Lilli :
"Disney World is way bigger than Disneyland! Get a guidebook and visit to plan ahead a little. Then you will feel more comfortable with it. It's really great!"
mac :
"Hi cookie monster-- why are you wasting your money to go to Disneyworld if you've been to Disneyland so many times? Same company, maybe a few different rides-and there's Universal- which is better than Disneyworld..if I were you, I would find somewhere else to go that you've never been before---you will be disappointed --they're like twin sisters!!! Air flight is a piece of cake- in fact, I enjoy the flight as much as the vacation itself-- make sure you get a window seat and if possible, the seats near the exit doors-- there's more leg room.....the views are spectacular and take off and landing is a ride better than anything you will ever experience at Disneyworld, Disneyland or Universal studios!!"
ann :
"I've never been to Disneyland but I would guess it's a lot the same. I think Disneyworld has more things to see, not so rides oriented. Be sure to do the character buffet in the Crystal Palace that was the best meal I had at the World. My first airplane ride was also to go there, good luck!!"
Universalist Guy :
"Disney World is just like DisneyLand, but five times better! There are three more parks: Animal Kingdom, Epcot, MGM Studios, and Magical Kingdom (Disney Land w/o Calif Adventure and Matterhorn). It also has a ton of great hotels, run by Disney, so you never really stop having the Disney experience. There are also some cool water parks. Typhoon Lagoon is the best of the two. As for being on a plane, it's really not that bad, except when it takes off and it's a bit rumbley. If you still get scared, get a movie to distract you and an inside seat, or put the shade down. If you're scared because it's a ways away from where you live, you really need to get out. I live i Seattle, and I went there with no worries at all (except for having to watch jump-roping all day, long story). I think anybody will enjoy it, they have stuff for everybody, not just kids stuff."
orlandoluvr_1990 :
"1. The park is really big, but if I remember correctly, they have maps and signs everywhere to point the way. All the attractions are fairly easy to find. The place that you're staying at should also have a bunch of information on Disney. 2 and 3. I personally love flying. Make sure you follow the carry-on procedures. Bring books, music, magazines, ect to entertain yourself on the plane. If you think that you're going to get sick, bring some motion sickness medicine and gum. Gum is also good for when your ears pop as you take off and land. If you're nervous about the size of the plane, you can look up the layout of the plane on."
melrocks! :
"well, i cannot compare because i have never been to disneyland nor even california, but what i can tell you is that disney world is amazing. and i have heard that it is much much bigger.. first of all there are 4 parks, Magic kingdom, Disney Mgm studios, Epcot, Animal kingdom. you have to decide which park u want to go to because they are all seperate admissions... unless you get a park hopper( which is the best deal).. i acutally used to work in Magic kingdom,, you have to go to that park because it is the spirit of disney. i would definatly reccomend all the parades, and get the fast passes for the rides. Also, there is a Downtown disney.. it's almost like a inclosed strip mall with all disney themed stores. the food in there is great! and it's free to roam around in. airplanes are nothing to worry about.. they are easier than driving! just make sure that IF you do carry anything on, that it's up to regulation (1qt bag for liquids) have a blast!!!!"
ead824 :
"Disney world is a completely different experience. The Disney property is enormous and SAFE. There is so much more to do than what you would have at Disneyland. I hope you get to stay at one o fthe disney hotels becuase tht is an experience in itself. You are going to have the best time. If you feel more comfortable with information make sure you pick up a map of the kissimmee area which is the actual location of Disney. Flying is safe don't stress yourself out about that. Check to see if the airline will be showing a movie or if it has the monitors on the seta backs, these amenities take your mind off the flying, it will be like riding in a big Bus. :) Bring some things you like with you a travel game, magazine, puzzle book, ipod, etc. Honey you are going to be fine. As far as it being far from where you live are you going alone, if so just keep to the Disney property for your first trip. Once you get more comfortable with the surroundings explore the area. I wish you all the best. Have Fun & Be Safe."
magenta twinkle :
"DisneyWorld is not like Disney Land. DW is a huge resort area containing several parks, and resorts, golf courses, etc. You should be very excited...... My advice is to concentrate on what you really want to do because otherwise it becomes a situation of: "I want to do everything or I dont want to miss anything"- You will miss out on a lot! ENJOY the things that you plan to do. Otherwise you will be overwhelmed with Disney Magic!!! Flying is fun - no worries again just plan ample time so you are not frusterated and rushed. I have found that when you plan extra time for everything - the whole plan falls together nicely."
anne_deezoff :
"Go to. You'll find everything you need to know there."
flhomeschoolers :
"Disney is awesome!!! I have never been to Disneyland but I have heard of people from CA coming here just to hit WDW. Go to the Disney website and order maps and stuff in advance. That will give you time to plan. It is a free service. I've flown several times and I get nervous before flights. Some people just do. Try to remember that more people get into car accidents then airline accidents. The only tip I have to give you is to chew gum or eat a snack as you take off and land. This helps to 'pop' your ears so the pressure doesn't make you uncomfortable. But if you forget just make yourself yawn. Life is short - venture out and enjoy it! Don't be nervous just because something is far away. It isn't like you are going to another country!"
maximumreferrals :
"Go for it! You're gonna have a blast. Here's what I can tell you.... Tips: Best Times To Go •Second week of January through mid-February: The holiday crowds have cleared out, and park attendance is usually at the lowest levels of the year. Hotels run some great deals during this period. •May: The weather is great, and the summer traffic hasn’t picked up yet. •Late August through September: Even during Labor Day weekend, the crowds are low and prices on hotels are very reasonable. Tips: Worst Times To Go •Mid-February through Easter: As Spring Breaks occur throughout the country, attendance at the park is at some of the highest rates all year. Hotels usually have high rates this time of year. •June through early August: In summary, it’s HOT, crowded, and pricey! If you must travel during this time, note that the parks are the most crowded from 1:00-4:00 in the afternoon. •Thanksgiving Week: Many families travel to WDW over the holiday weekend to experience the holiday decorations. •December 26 – January 1: This is the most crowded (not to mention expensive!) time of year to be at WDW. Most parks set new attendance records each New Year’s Eve. Tips: Events That Greatly Affect Park Traffic •Presidents’ Day Week: Schools in New Jersey have the whole week off, and a large percentage of these families flock to WDW. •Mardi Gras week: Most New Orleans schools have part or all of Mardi Gras week off of school, and most use the time to go to—you guessed it—Disney! •Grad Nites: These private parties for graduating seniors are usually held during the last few weekends in April. The Magic Kingdom closes early—usually 6:00-7:00—and the area surrounding the park is usually gridlocked traffic when scores of buses attempt to drop off thousands of students (there is only one road into the Magic Kingdom, after all!). Traffic at other parks dramatically increases after the Magic Kingdom closes in the evening. •Unofficial Gay Days: During the first week of June, there are several organized events around WDW. If traffic is increased, it is usually only at one park per day. For example, usually the Magic Kingdom is crowded on the first Saturday in June. It is important to note that Gay Days are NOT a Disney-sponsored event. •Jersey Week: New Jersey teachers have a convention during the first or second week of November, and schools are usually off for the whole week. •Special events may only affect one theme park. For instance, the annual Food & Wine Festival (held from the end of September through mid-November), dramatically ramps up traffic at Epcot, but the attendance at the other theme parks is relatively normal most days. The Walt Disney World Christmas parade is usually filmed closely after the Thanksgiving holiday, creating a horrible traffic jam at the Magic Kingdom for a few days."
Lisa :
"WDW is so much bigger then Disneyland. It's like a whole other world in itself...just as the name suggests. You'll love it. I was hooked the first time I went and have been there 11 times since I was 4. I hope to start taking my son soon when he gets a little older. It really is a magical place!"
Christian R :
"World Disney wORLD its biggest and coolest disney in the world. 45 square miles of fun. you will like it. and drive i orlando was very easy because. everything is in I-4. the only thing you have to know was the exit number and this things. you will be like it. can i go with you? muahhhhhh"
Rennnniii :
"disney world is like 5 times the size & bigger!!! alot of more kiddy rides with a few nice rollercoasters. but very nice i get in free too since my mom works there, so i go all the time as well. good luck hope this helped :)"
roxyjinks38 :
"if you like to ride the rides like rollercoasters and other rides you'll love to fly i've only flown once as an adult but lots of time as a baby and i loved it i went on big planes and little planes and i enjoyed it but i don't get motion sickness as for disney it's wonderful alot of rides i've never been to disneyland so i can't compare but i have family who's been to both and they say you can't beat disney world well i hope you have a good time"
doodygirl2007 :

what are the prices like for food in walt disney world is it expensive? i have been to the one in paris prices are not too bad there it is a brill park there loads to do and see we went for 5days and still didnt get around everything

dgreer58 :
"the prices are expensive."
MissR :
"I'm going to the Eurodisney one inMarch, though people tell me orlando is a lot better. We looke at this originally but I was not keen on the length of the flight and it cost over a grand more."
woodchip1960 :
"no. cheaper than eurodisney and cheaper than eating in u.k."
"normally about $7-9 for burger chips,chicken chips etc.. so its about £4 just like any theme park in england"
wondering_lefty :
"prices can be expensive but there are some places where its a little more reasonable. you can buy a book on Disney world with the different price range places to eat. along with other information you might find heplful."
leedsmikey :
"Go for an All You Can Eat breakfast before you go to the parks and stuff yourself. (Fill your pockets with buns and biscuits) and avoid eating in the parks unless you are very hungry. The character dinners are not bad value if Epcot is anything to go by and they bring you as much food as you can eat."
red lyn :
"Prices are expensive I have been to Disneyland Paris and Disneyland Florida and both are quiet expensive, I found with Paris was it was expensive and not good quality, Florida was expensive but the food was nice, bring drinks and snacks with you if you are worried about paying the dear prices."
disneynut35 :
"For Menus and pricing to every Disney World restaurant go to allears.net , just click on Dining then Menus and you'll have the complete list."
boohoo :
"At a sit down dinner at any resturant it will cost about 30.00. plus tax and tip per person. Just got back from Disney World!"
Katlyn ♥ Disney :
"You went to Disneyland Paris and didn't get to see everything in five days? Wow. Wait until you get to Walt Disney World! It's at least ten times the size of any of the other Disneyland Parks around the world. I always go for at least ten days and that's not even long enough for me to see half of everything. You really don't need to leave Walt Disney World property at all, there's so much to do! Anyway, the prices of food vary, of course. It depends on what you want to eat and where you want to eat. Do you enjoy dining out or just grabbing some fast food? Here's a link to a list of all the restaurants at Walt Disney World... Each restaurant will have either $, $$, $$$, or $$$$. Obviously $ is the least expensive and $$$$ is the most expensive. Most of the Character Dining options are $$ (Cinderella's Royal Table is $$$), any of the Dinner Show options are $$$, most of the Casual Dining options are $$ (some are $), the Fast Casual Dining options are $, the Lounge Dining options are $, the Quick Service Restaurants are $, most Signature Dining options are $$$, most of the Special and Unique Dining options are $$, and the Themed Dining options are $$. The only $$$$ option is Victoria & Albert's. The nicest restaurant on property. It's the only AAA Five Diamond restaurant in central Florida. $ - under $14 per person $$ - $15-$29 per person $$$ - $30-$50 per person $$$$ - over $90 per person On my last trip to Walt Disney World in August, our dinners often totaled to $125+ for two. The least we spent at a meal was probably about $50. But we eat at the nice restaurants. I don't like fast food from the counter service restaurants. Hope I could help! Have fun!"
sexmunki :
"it is reasonable,the Americans will tell you it's expensive but from a Brits point of view we were suprised at the prices in the Theme parks -very pleasantly surprised. All the guide books/U.S info we'd got warned about high prices but compared to attractions in the U.K it was cheap enough."
da :
"We stayed at a Disney All Star hotel last summer , the food at the parks was pricey , but good quality , you can take your own in with you , you do need plenty to drink .. try one of the roast pork sandwiches ... fab , can I recommend the Out Back Steak House on I DRIVE, stop 47 if your on the I RIDE , great food and service . good luck."
ibkidd37 :
"Prices tend to be somewhat higher for food and necessities at WDW, but not outrageously. Bring your own breakfast for those days you aren't having a Disney breakfast, especially if you will have a fridge in your room. There are some grocery store around the Downtown Disney area, if you need them. Also, refill your water bottles: they cost a lot at the Disney price."
Beach Gal :
"At quick service locations, expect to pay anywhere between $8 and $15.00. The best food can be found inside the resort hotels. Character dining and typically all buffets can csot an adult anywhere between $20 and $35, but they are well worth it. A few of my favorite all-you-can-eat buffets are: Boma - Animal Kingdom Lodge Cape May - Beach Club Resort Ohana's - Polynesian Resort 1900 Park Fare - Grand Floridian If you will be staying at a Disney Resort, you could sign up for the Disney Dining Plan. This is a great money-saver if you plan to stay 4 days or longer. It comes to about $50 a day, per person and each person gets 1 quick service meal, 1 sit down meal and 1 snack. And they provide you with dozens of options in each park, resort hotel, and downtown disney area. And the cost is included with your hotel stay. If you would like any help researching or planning your next trip, or if you would like to read up on some fun tips and ideas, visit my Disney Vacation Services Website at: Or check out our new Myspace page at: Have a great time!"
s s :
"Yes the prices are expensive but not a great deal more than in any touristy area. Similar prices for food would be found in any theme park in any country. For a character meal you'l be looking at $30 each. For a Burger, Fries and a Drink you're looking at a little under $10. Take bottled water with you to the parks, water is about $2.50 a bottle in the parks. Heres a tip: if you dont want to carry around heavy bottles of water then take empty bottles and fill them up throughout the day at the many water fountains located around the parks. The water might not taste as good as bottled water, but you'll be saving allot of money. If you are staying off site go to an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet, usually under $7. Eat as much as you can for breakfast and you'll find you wont be hungry till late afternoon, therefore saving money in the parks. If you dont feel like eating that much in the morning, take stacks to munch on while your waiting in lines and walking around. Hope this helps."
iseemen :
"well snacks run from $3.00 to $5.00 lunchs run anywhere from $5.00 to $10.00 a person and dinners can run as high as $80.00 check out disneymenus.com"


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Date: 2008-02-06 01:07:45

Walt Disney Co. is no stranger to fantasy worlds, transporting audiences — whether to a cottage in the woods with a young princess in “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” or to the Great Barrier Reef aboard the Finding Nemo Submarine ride at Disneyland.

Date: 2008-02-06 01:07:45

Disney Souvenirs for $10 or less at Disney World…no way?? But yes, you can find souvenirs at the Walt Disney World Resort for reasonable prices. Disney started at Downtown Disney Marketplace with a store called Mickey’s Mart. This store features all Disney items for $10 or less. This store is quite [...]

Date: 2008-02-06 01:07:45

With the Disney Tickets, you have the Park Hopper Option that we talked a little bit about last week. Another option you can add to your tickets is the Waterparks, Fun and More Option. This option allows you to visit all of the other attractions around the Walt Disney World Resort. Most [...]

Date: 2008-02-06 01:07:45

By Bob Tourtellotte LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Walt Disney's 3-D movie ''Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert'' topped movie box offices, raking in $29 million for the biggest opening over a normally slow Super Bowl weekend,...

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