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Volos is one of the most industrialized provincial cities of Greece, due to its strategic location between the largest population centers of the country and its port. Industry is intensely specialized in steel production and manufacturing, and METKA has two large factories in the industrial area of Volos.

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Ameli :

i want to vistit volos in greece,which are the best places there?any infos???anyone from there??

I know I know not :
"Haha...Nice,but too bad you ll find others from here too... And then it won't be the 2 of us for tsipoura,but you and a whole bunch of your admirers!!! As for the question,you know,when you ll come here I ll take you to the best places around."
gina :
"Volos the town and port is busy,yet it has lovely fish & ouzo restaurants by the sea.Above the town lies mount Pelion, birthplace of the Centaurs of our mythology.Traditional architecture well preserved ,rich nature ,local sweets and gourmet meals.In winter you go skiiing.In summer you go swimming by the village Aghios Ioannis.In Volos you can visit the very interesting arch. museum,or can drive to Sesklo and Dimini, the 2 most ancient settlements of Greece dating from Neolothic times.Have fun !"
amskalabakas :
"I go there every summer. During the day I love to go shopping in the stores. They also have a couple of Museums you could go to. At night I love to walk by the docks. They have many restaurants and occasional performers in the street. And let me tell you, I've had the best KARBONARA at those restaurants. You'll love Volos."
travelbug :

can anyone advise the best/easiest way to get from Volos to Meteroa, on public transport? what is best bus or train?

Kimon :
"You have to go to Kalampaka. There are both trains and buses going there. I am not sure that there is a train from Volos though. Anyway, buses are better in Greece. Once in Kalampaka take a taxi, it is very close. Try the link below: Have fun"
slik :

did any one else get these

fasb123r :
"I bet you $100 that it is a con. They are just trying to get your bank info to steal your money. Do not respond to the e-mail/call."
Lucky7tjw :
"Absolute con. There is a website somewhere also that explains Prof Volos and his scam. He's from Africa."
Pobept :
"No he just like you and wants to put a large sum of money in your account! Duh, Its A SCAM!!!!!!!"
Twigless :
"I don't know who Prof Volos is but...if it sounds too good to be true, it is. I would delete the email...quickly."
karenmaryrfds :
"it's a con for sure! it's as bad as the fake lottery, they'll want you to pay up to get the money which has never existed, so unless you want to lose thousands, just ignore it"
kelvin g :
"It's a Conn, Don't do it infact don't ever give anyone your account details. Spoof emails are growing so be on your gaurd and remember that your bank and others never ask for your personal details via email. Spam that mail mate."
salsagirl_145 :
"i dont know who prof volos is, but it sure sounds like a con. I got an e-mail similar to that saying how they wanted to put money into my account to avoid whatever extra fees they would have to pay and of course I would be compensated. Then they ask for your account number and the next thing you know your account has been wiped out. Don't trust anything you get by e-mail, especially from people you don't know."
nebkidomaha :
"There is no way this anything but a con. Most likely they are in Nigeria or in many cases in South Africa. Do not give them your information."
fraser :
"YES ................ Wake up and smell the roses......"
pub_bore :
"419 scam, very ordinary con, google it. If you bite, it gets quite elaborate - documents, real people, travel, etc. Not a lot of fun, not just expensive but also dangerous."
super_star :
"no.. give him all your details and grab the cash quick! NOT REALLY. Just kidding ! :)"
battlebabe1983 :
"its a con just get rid off message"
"big con don't fall for it!!!!"
jackie :
"hmmmmmm u really have to ask if its a con lol wise up who would give you a few million for nothing"
rachel_noblenesbitt :
"I get them all the time about 6 a day it's a con. If it was real i'd be a billionaire by now!!!!"
Wax Crayon :
""419 scam, very ordinary con, google it. If you bite, it gets quite elaborate - documents, real people, travel, etc. Not a lot of fun, not just expensive but also dangerous." Hah, that actually sounds like it is a lot of fun. Maybe I'll play along with one for a laugh. And end up sleeping with the fishes. Reminds me of an ex actually..."
ps2754 :
"Of course this is a scam. There have been many like this"
Curious77 :
"Get them a lot...don't respond....there is no such thing as free money"
Frank Castle :
"Why would he do that? Use you head."
mole :
"hopefully it isn't 4 yor sake but is a con"
stephenbakerpi :
"Yes it is defo a scam. I bet he says it's from someone who has deceased and he needs a next of kin( which is you). He will say that you don't need to send any money to him as he's accounted for that and all admin costs etc. Then when you are getting really keen he will say he needs money from you to cover your registration fees as you are a foreigner. Then he will say your cheque is waiting and he needs you to send him some money to cover insurance of the money etc. If you pass this up, you will probably hear from him in a month or two, saying he is doing really well and to thank you for you effort he has given an accountant some money for you. Then they will ask for you to send him money to release your money etc. Bla Bla Bla. Look at his email he sent you then look at the time it was sent, go to this site and look at roughly what country he is in. Sometime they will say they are in Spain and the time on the Email says it's from Johannesburg. Either way no-one gives someone they don't know free money. If you get any other emails promising this sort of thing Delete them immediately and don't open them. If you need any further help please visit my site. "


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Date: 2008-02-06 01:02:22

consiglio di viaggio sull'acquisto di un volo a gennaio-febbraio per la vacanza estiva.

Date: 2008-02-06 01:02:22

Sembra proprio che finirà nei guai la bella hostes che su un volo diretto a Londra ha improvvisato uno strep tease per i suoi comandanti che le rivolgono tutta l’attenzione, tralasciando il volo.

Date: 2008-02-06 01:02:22

Una hostess francese,molto spigliata,che era di servizio su un volo che faceva rotta in Gran Bretagna,si è esibita in un inconsueto strip tease nella cabina di pilotaggio(menomale che c'è il pilota automatico).Il filmatino,ripreso dal secondo pilota,è stato caricato su internet, dove è stato,neanche a dirlo,letteralmente preso d'assalto.

Date: 2008-02-06 01:02:22

La CTV riferisce che un volo Air Canada da Toronto diretto a Londra è stato dirottato ed è atterrato in Irlanda lunedi, dopo che un malore ha colto il copilota nella cabina di pilotaggio...............

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Volos ( Greek : Βόλος) is a city situated at the center of the Greek mainland, about 326 km north from Athens and 215 km south from Thessaloniki

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