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Vi˝ales is a small town and municipality in the north-central Pinar del Rio Province of Cuba. The town consists mostly of one story wooden houses with porches. The municipality is dominated by low mountain ranges of Cordillera de Guaniguanico such as Sierra de los Ërganos. Typical outcrops known as mogotes complete the karstic character of the landscape.

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sherlock_baker_st :

I've left it to late but didnt realise they would be unavailable. Looking for one from somewhere around Havana or Vinales from 13/12/2007 until 24/12/2007. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Glenn

Richard K :
"here are are four to try."
Bert from Brandon :
"Glenn I was there a couple years ago and we got a car and driver cheaper than we could rent a car. We went to a local bar and asked around, they lined us up with an English speaking guy, Ki Ki, that took us around Havana and showed us the sights. The taxi's will also do this, but you must negotiate the price first. In old Havana you can get around on a horse drawn carriage for about $40 per hour. Quite romantic. Hope you like it there."
Havanalover :
"Many hotels in Havana have car rental services. I have used the services at hotel Inglaterra and Hotel Deauville in Havana. Watch out with some agencies they try to rip you off. Check everything..... good to know , in case of an accident or are the responsible. Therefore I prefer to hire a private car with a driver. Make clear agreements about price, distance etc.before you use the service. For short distances a taxi is a better option, negotiate , normal price 0.7-1 cuc/km read more at"
soy de cuba :
"of course my friend im cuban and i live in germani you can rent a car in the same airport if you want the prises go since 40 a day until 100 or more but you always can make a dial with them"
Dee :
"It's best to talk in person to a travel agent (if you've only been looking online). But you can definitely rent directly from the hotel/resort you're staying at once you get there for sure (especially in Havana)...or from the airport. (If you want to try these sites at least to get some information about car rentals) :"
Beardo :
"The car rental agencies usually use the period leading up to the start of high season to repair and replace their cars, and then the period over Christmas/New Year is the highest season for car rental (as many Cubans living overseas return to visit families). lists five companies - if you have checked with all of them, the a private rental (with driver) may be your only option - try You may find that agencies do have cars available when you get here."
rob :

any information welcome. thanks

Cubalishus :
"All the reps in the hotels in Cuba have lots of organised trips for you to go on, I am sure they will be able to accommodate you or put you onto a rep that can, good luck and have a great time."


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Date: 2008-02-06 01:00:08

David Pogue reviews the Teac's GF-350, a turntable that records vinal records to CD or tape recorder.

Date: 2008-02-06 01:00:08

well if your a vinal fan and want to record some of your own records then this is the thing for you! its a DIY record cutter.

Date: 2008-02-06 01:00:08

Finally, a company has released an alternative to those damned silicone socks offered by Apple. Over 150 custom designs, all under $12.00

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