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The neat, unpretentious little resort of VILLARS is linked to Bex, down in the valley, by a quaint Edwardian train, and to Aigle by a rather less romantic postbus. It wins no awards for grace or stylishness, but where it does score (and where it has won awards) is for its family-oriented service.

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kilikina :

we're there for 7 nights. thinking of doing one day at zermatt and one night at interlaken. Pls do let us know what's the best thing to see cause this would be a once in a lifetime thing. How;s the snow at this time? Is it cheaper to take a swiss pass or travel each day on its own? for eg, how much would a train ticket in second class cost from aigle to say zermatt?

japou :
"Gosh, soo many thing so little time..... Since you are going to Interlaken, take the train to the Jungfau. To the top Amazing ride and sight. Restaurant at the top. Snow all year long. Since you are going at bVillars, french speaking side, take a tour in Lac Leman (Lake Geneva), Montreux, Vevey, etc.."
forestpirate :
"I spent almost two days in Switzerland during my whirlwind European tour in 2000. It was a nice break between Paris and Frankfurt. We spend the day in Geneva, which is on Lake Geneva. A beautiful city, with a lot of great sites. It's also easy to walk around the town, and seems to be pretty safe. I didn't check out any of the museums or any of the touristy things (I did go to the United Nations building to check it out). The next morning we rushed over to Chillon castle (on the other side of Lake Geneva). The castle was really interesting, cut out of the rock right on the edge of the lake. Sadly I didn't have more time to explore the rest of the country. I'm sure you can do a lot of the country in 7 days, since it isn't very big and the train system is amazing."
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