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Vigo is the biggest city in Galicia, Spain, located in the province of Pontevedra.According to the 2007 census, the population of the city of Vigo proper was 294,772; and the population of the entire metropolitan area was estimated to be 420,672. This makes Vigo the 14th-largest metropolitan area of Spain. The city is well known for its fishing industry, shipyards, food, cultural and night life, and football (soccer) team, Celta de Vigo. Demography Distinguished people from VigoAntonio Fernández: PainterAntonio M. Perez: CEO of the Eastman Kodak CompanyÁngel Lemos: ArtistCesáreo González:

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0 Hefty Racing :

Gozer was the ghost from Ghostbusters. Vigo was the Ghost from Ghostbusters 2

Scotty :
"Gozer was actually a god (or demigod) and Vigo was just an evil man who came back to my vote is for Gozer!"
Avatar :
"Gozer, definitately. Because Vigo is a pansy."
Glenn N :
"Gozer for sure."
"Gozer the Gozerian no doubt."
whalelvr72 :
"Gozer the Gozarian...Gozer the Distructor!"
beerbohms :
"Gozer, hands down!"
Nancy B :

I want to be able to import Toyota Vigo, Nissan Navara and Mitsubishi Triton into Trinidad. If you have positive experience with any of the top Thai vendors, please let me know.

Journey146 :
"Don't buy a foreign car at all. Buy American!"
Narend :
"Hey, If planning on getting a car from abroad, Check Brazilian automotives. They have something called as Felxcars. These cars run on gasoline and also on bio-fuels. Worth an investment if you want to keep the car for lots of years, cause US will mainly have these flexcars by 2010. You sell then and get a local car then. You still have value. But if you buy a new gasoline car now, plan to junk it after 2010. --------- Just my 2 cents of suggestion. Also ensure all the legal aspects to get these cars to where you are. I am not a legal expert or a guide. Just stating my opinions."
johnfam :
"Just like US is a two party state; Thai automotive scene is a two company affair. Soni Motors Thailand ( has 70% of the market and Mark Motors Thailand ( has 15% of the market, the rest is shared among a crop of ever-changing companies. For two years I tried a number of companies but I was flying to Bangkok and had a brochure of a pickup in my lap and the guy sitting next to me was none else but the legendary Mr. Soni. That was some 6 years ago and I have never looked at another vendor again. They have been in business for 96 years so they have the stability and they have the network, low prices, quick delivery and customer service to not look elsewhere. Good luck Nancy. I don't think you can go wrong with Soni Motors. Don't forget to mention that John sent you. Their email is."
JonnyKnowItAll :

I'm trying to find the image of Vigo from Ghostbusters 2. Can anybody help me find it?

wch711 :
"Link to several pictures of Vigo:"


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Date: 2008-02-06 00:56:58

It's 1991. It's the United States of America. It's Thanksgiving. The events of the Ghostbusters II movie - oil-painted villain Vigo the Carpathian vanquished by Dr Peter Venkman and team - took place two years ago.

Date: 2008-02-06 00:56:58


Date: 2008-02-06 00:56:58

CONVENIO DE COLABORACIÓN ENTRE A UNIVERSIDADE DE VIGO E O CLUB DE CORREDORES VIG-BAY Corredores Vig-Bay en Galicia, sendo do seu interese a investigación e o ...

Date: 2008-02-06 00:56:58

Mark motors Thailand -Thailand' s Second Largest Auto Exporter . selling Toyota Vigo,Mitsubhishi Triton,All kind of Double and single Cab

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