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Vermont (IPA: /vɜrˈmɒnt/) is a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States of America. The state ranks 45th by total area, and 43rd by land area at 9,250 square miles (24,000 km²), and has a population of 608,827, making it the second least populous state (second only to Wyoming). The only New England state with no coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, Vermont is notable for the Green Mountains in the west and Lake Champlain in the northwest. It is bordered by Massachusetts to the south, New Hampshire to the east, New York to the west, and the Canadian provin

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UVM Ice Hockey :

I live in vermont and i do not like how people are saying good riddance to us. i just wish everyone could get along and vermonters are usually nice people. yes there may be a few hillbillies but there are some in every state. if you dislike vermont then go to and search 802. it may not represent vermont in the best way but it is a cool video and creative. i think people should get to know stuff about vermont before judging it. so my question is do you like vermont and did you watch the video? yes there may be many gays in vermont but that does not make our whole state gay!!!!

Michaela Erin :
"Hi, I was born in Burlington and have lived here my whole life. I know, it's frusterating when everyone stereotypes us as being rednecks and hillbillies when we just live in a BEAUTIFUL and mountainous area. And we are definitely not all gay. Be proud of our great state and represent it well! -Michaela Erin P.S. I love watching the UVM Hockey team, too! Tough game against Dartmouth."
T J :
"I don't know how many people are saying "good riddance". I'm not totally sure, but I think from your post you're anti-gay and think they are giving you a bad rep. When I drive through eastern VT, there's lots of "Take Back Vermont" signs (referring to repealing the civil union law). People don't generally think of Vermont as gay, and frankly, if they did, they have a problem, and if you are offended, then you have a problem too. The "Take Back Vermont" is probably the ugliest aspect of Vermont I've ever seen. I grew up in Vermont and still live nearby. I'm appalled, embarrassed, and offended by the movement."
moss :
"Most hillbillies are nice people."
Maple :
"When I tell people I grew up in Vermont, I usually get a gushing, "Oh I looooooove Vermont!" And I've been all over the country and abroad...I got the same response in Arkansas that I did i NYC. Don't worry about it--state pride is all well and good, but what really matters is what YOU think of where you live."
Kate :

ok . . .alot of people dont know about vermont!!! so watch this . . . hehe . . . ben and jerry was made in vermont!!!

♣♣••pomeranianlver••♣♣ :
"i know about aunt and uncle used to live there like 3 years ago! I would visit them a every 2 months."
Troy D :
"Brilliant! I must visit, what is your question?"
Tinkerbell :
"lol that guy at the beginning isnt very good : )"
SavvySue :
"Uh did they say your area code is 802? lol"
wooleybooley :
"Why doesn't it say Vermont is a suburb of Boston?"
Boot's :
"I live in New England I know a lot about VT"
judy :
Eric M :
"I knew that. I was up in Vermont two months ago."
joes guitar :
"Medical marijuana Ben &Jerry's Pure Vermont maple syrup Civil union laws Vermont cheddar Long Trail Brewing Company Phish Champ- the Lake Champlain monster (the US version of the Loch Ness monster) i moved away for 16 years ,missed it the whole time"
Kristine H :
"I want to go to Vermont..."
Troy K :
"It's beautful,I've been there."
Rumboy :
"I was already curious about Vermont ;>) and because of those guys, I want to make a side-trip (on my way to some sweet lovin') and add asskicking to my list of things to do while I am there."
Jessica M :
"Haha ya i live in vermont in burlington. its awesome so is ben and jerrys!"
kmax27 :
"I live in Vermont!!!!! Oh no, not those two. What an embarrassment to the state!"
bkybdy :
"Ben and Jerry made each other in Vermont.."
the shadow :
"vermont is great.wonderful skiing.i understand kmax is also a state treasure."
upferretmadferret :
"Dang! I thought this was going to be a Varmint question"
sportswriter47 :
(no subject) :

Interested in possibly taking a family trip to Vermont. What are some of the most popular attractions there? Isn't there a Christmas Village of some kind there as well? Thanks!

goofy_goober_2007 :
"I lived in vermont for 12 years. i highly recommend it. there are a few things you could do like go to santas village or whales tail those are both fun."
imavter :
"The Christmas village is Santa's Land in Putney, VT and is on US Rt. 5. I live in Vernon, about 20 miles from there. Brattleboro has some interesting things. If you want to see the old, agricultural Vermont, pay a visit to Guilford. There are some nice farmstands and sugarhouses and such. Bellows Falls, Rockingham, Springfield, Pittsford, Rutland City, Charlotte, South Burlington, Burlington, Milton, Colchester, Chester, St. Albans, Essex Junction, White River Junction, and St. Johnsbury are some nice places to visit, too. The Connecticut River Valley is probably the most historic. The Champlain Valley (Burlington Metro Area) is probably the most urban, the Northeast Kingdom is probably the most scenic, and central Vermont is probably the most agricultural."


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Date: 2008-02-06 00:53:55

Each year there is a brief period of indeterminate length when Vermont is very special- and its weather is very unpredictable! I don't mean the few weeks in autumn when the entire state is ablaze in brilliant red and orange and russet. The special time to which I am referring is what old Vermonters describe as "Somewhere between wintah and mud sea

Date: 2008-02-06 00:53:55

For three years, a Bush-hating Vermont pipe carver has built a million-dollar business around the digits "01.20.09."

Date: 2008-02-06 00:53:55

"White Nose Syndrome," a mysterious, new and deadly disease, is killing thousands of bats in New York, Vermont and possibly elsewhere. The endangered Indiana bat is at risk of extinction, as its numbers plummet in some of its last strongholds in the Northeast.

Date: 2008-02-06 00:53:55

For three years, a Bush-hating Vermont pipe carver has built a million-dollar business around the digits "01.20.09."On Jan. 20, 2009 -- one year from today -- Elliot Nachwalter and his company, "Bush's Last Day," will have to find new inspiration.That's the day President George W. Bush leaves the White House.

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