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Valmeinier is a commune of the Savoie département in France in the French Alps. Valmeinier, located at the foot of the Mont Thabor, 3207 meters, is a medium size resort (about 10,000 beds). The first ski lift was built in 1973, at L'Arméra, connecting to the Valloire ski area. The village at 1,500 m started to develop with the arrival of various holiday villages (Renouveau and LVT Chemins). In 1986, the resort at 1,800 m was launched and the Gros Crey ski area equipped with lifts. Ski area informationThe ski area shared by the resorts of Valmeinier and Valloire has a new name: “Galibier

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Promovacances location vacances au ski - 30%, Promovacances Séjour ski Valmeinier 8J/7N Location en Résidence 186 euros TTC, Promovacances Sli Chamrousse 279 euros TTC 8J/7N - Location en Résidence avec piscine située au pied des pistes - Promovacances Pack ski tout compris, Les Coches (La Plagne) 345 euros TTC 8J/7N - Hébergement + remontées

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Complete freedom in the sun and the snow, that is the essence of Valmeinier With snow as far as the eye can see, the Valmeinier ski area offers 150 km of runs in ...

Office de Tourisme de Valmeinier
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Office de Tourisme de Valmeinier

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