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Valencia Club de Fútbol (also known as Valencia or Los Che) are a Spanish professional football club based in Valencia. They play in La Liga and are one of the most successful clubs in Spanish football. Valencia have won six La Liga titles, six Copa del Rey trophies, three UEFA Cups, one UEFA Cup Winners' Cup and two UEFA Super Cups. They have also been UEFA Champions League final runners-up on two different occasions in 2000 and 2001, losing to La Liga rivals Real Madrid in 2000 and German club Bayern Munich in 2001. Valencia are also members of the G-14 group of leading European football c

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dorkeexmunkay :

so where is the TRUTH SQUAD FROM DISNEY CHANNEL's concert in valencia california on july 24th 2007? when they say valencia towne center does that mean valencia six flags or valencia the shopping center?

I'm a Boo Boo luver! :
"it's at the Valencia shopping center........which is Valencia town center........that concert is gonna be awesome i can't wait....o yea and there going 2 have a meet and greet"
Caroline B :

I would like to do a language study in Spain. I went to Barcelona last year and I am looking for a place to go again this year. I am most likely going with Enforex and I really cannot decide if I want to go to Valencia and Marbella. I am worried that Marbella is too small to be in for 2 weeks but then again I am worried about the fact that Valencia has two official languages. I plan on doing either one of these programs: Please help!!

Mag R :
"Valencia is an old heritage city with a lot of old cultural places, very romantic and lots of spots to explore, old tree shaded open squares, romantic caffees and old inns ,just historical and beautiful. Marbella is a boutique style beautiful resort town, came up around 30years ago with the international jetset, no cultural heritage, but the richest people from the world love to party here, it's awful expensive, just beach, highest end shopping and nightlife."
Maria F :
"Don't worry about the two official languages in Valencia. Everybody can speak spanish and everything there is biligual so you just need to speak some spanish to go there."
bcn_mimosa :
"I would stick to Valencia. I mean you can learn Spanish in Marbella too, but Valencia has much more culture .. I studied two semesters at la Universidad de Valencia.. and Enjoyed it alot.. Take care and Happy Holidays.. An American Living in Barcelona :) Bcn_mimosa"
Zizo Zidan Arabian Knight :

Primera Table Pos. Team ..........P /W/ D/ L/ F/ A/ Dif/ Pts 1 Real Madrid ...35/21/ 6/ 8/58/36/+22/69 2 FC Barcelona 35/20/ 9/ 6/70/30/+40/69 3 Sevilla FC...... 35/20/7/ 8/61/33/+28/67 4 Valencia CF ..36/20/5/11/52/35/+17/65 so Valencia never be the Champ of La Liga this season: any comments ? especially from Valencia fans ?

Valencianista :
"yes, there are comments...INJURIES! we dont have Morientes, Vicente, Silva, Edu and Reguerio...that's 1 thing another thing is that Valencia lost la liga a long time ago this season, we had ALOT of injuries throughout the season and it has affected us alot. and for those who underestimate/ed Valencia before: Valencia is definitely one of the best in the WORLD, with so many injuries this season we were able to win alot of big clubs, and with the small variety of players Valencia has, they had to play with team B players MOST of the time, even now for the last 4-5 matches, we had about 4 missing key players but were able to win them all. i can be 100% sure that Valencia can beat any and i mean ANY team in the world if they dont have injuries. lilForgotten: Valencia will still qualify for the UEFA champions league (top 4 make it and Valencia is 4th place)"
Frihah :
☺lilForgotten :
"its so sad valencia wont qualify for the UEFA champions league... they put up a great fight."
Rafael :
"The dream is over"
Bela Queen of Portugal :
"Ugh, definitely injuries. Tough tough season.. Morientes and Silva being gone and all.. and then the other injuries... We were on top a long time ago though, but it just left... I'm so sad :( Grrrr......... whatever, VAI VALENCIAA!!! Next year, I hope!!"
foongwk140804 :
"Valencia CF are always one of the favourites to win the Spanish Primera Liga but they slip up at the very late moments of the season."
Ronnie :
"Yes now they cannot win the La Liga but they played nice. In La Liga I support Real Madrid. I hope they win the La Liga for the 18th time(not sure)."
J3$$& :
"Hello! I am Spanish and of the Valencia. Right now himself that the Valencia does not go to earn the Liga, because it is going to earn the Champion. Because they have got a great foremost, Villa. And that game the lost for bad luck, because the team gave all that was able to . UP VALENCIA! UP VILLA!"


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Con este fenomenal monumento se completa la Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencas de Valencia

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Valencia informazioni, lavoro, turismo, alberghi, vendita e affitto case e tutto ciò che c'è da sapere su questa splendida città della Spagna.

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Krummenacher of Switzerland said he was satisfied with the work and the tests. “We went harder on the second day and put in some good lap times. On day three we made some good steps with the chassis and I was easily able to put in a 40.6 lap time, which was faster than in the GP in Valencia last year.”

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