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Utah (IPA: /ˈjutɑː/) is a U.S. state located in the western United States. It was the 45th state admitted to the union, on January 4, 1896. Approximately 88 percent of Utah's 2,500,000 people, known as "Utahns," live in an urban concentration with Salt Lake City as the center, known as the Wasatch Front. In contrast, vast expanses of the state are nearly uninhabited, making the population the sixth most urbanized in the U.S. The name "Utah" is derived from the Ute Indian language, meaning "people of the mountains". Utah is known for its geological diversity ranging from snowcapped mountain

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slcmm13 :

How come people are acting like Utah is a whole other country???? I have answered some pretty weird questions about Utah lately, and I am just wondering if other people feel the same way. And if you say then it is a state full of Mormons, then I guess you could say the same thing about Alabama, because they have the most Christians than any other state in the US.

Steve M :
"Because...Christians live in Alabama..they don't control the state. The LDS church owns newspapers, TV stations, radio stations..they control the government. This is not said to be critical..it is in answer to the question.. The population recognizes Utah as a state where LDS doctrine is the controlling lifestyle for nearly everything...both legally and socially. This is not as true as it was even 20 years ago..but it is still demonstrably true..and people recognize it as such. Are they right, are their fears and concerns justified, how much control does The Church still hold?...don't know..but perception IS reality to many people."
Dane lover © :
"Steve M, is completely right. Comparing the Christians in AL to the Mormons in UT, is like comparing apples and oranges. Utah is ran by the Mormons. It is like a cult. I lived most of my life in UT and was married there, and I'm not Mormon. A non-Mormon in UT is made to feel like there is something wrong with them and EVERYONE thinks it's their mission in life to convert them. My husband and I got out of there as soon as we could. On both sides our whole families are Mormon, probably why we don't talk to them or see them very often. The state is still being run by the Mormons."
Winter Glory :
"i'm a non-mormon living in utah, the lds church rules this state, there are public swimming pools that are closed on monday nights so that families can have their "family home evening" restaurants can't serve alcohol without going through mountains of red tape, the list goes on and on, but utah IS like a completely different country.."
Blair W ♥ :

I live in utah... what would that make me?

Iviebelle :
"A Utahn! I'm from Utah, it is like its own country. You have to be 19 to buy cigarettes, anywhere else is 18. Even if you are from another state and are just passing through, they'd ticket you for underage smoking at 18! Sorry to rant, Utah is great most of the time."
jesus_theonlywaytolife :
"I was born in Utah! I live in Wisconsin now. Utahian? lol"
jenna-jellybean :
"That would make you awesome!"
babygirl21ntx :
"someone for me to envy... I want to move back to utah... I love it....."
Sunflower Gypsy :
"sober (lol) i live in Utah, too, we're Utahns."
Emily!!!! :
"Oh my heck! You're a Utahn?! That is mad crazy because i do too! I live in Ogden the heaven town of the state. My best friend slept with my brother! I am so hurt."
Madison K :

what do you think of utah? and have you been to cache vally? how many restraunts do you think they have?!

tenicpearl :
pockets :
"Utah is i nice place we have a ton of restaurants but i have no idea about cache valley i know they grow cheese ;-)"
TINKERTOY ..... the 1 & only :
"I like Utah and the secret that most people do not know about is its a really beautiful place. I have been to Salt Lake city a few times and also to the major National Parks there like Bryce, Zion, Canyonland, Arches, and driving across the salt flats a few times on I-80. Its also beautiful on I-70, the western parts. And of course the mountains in and round Salt Lake City and Heber City are beautiful too. However, I have never been to the "cache valley" , at least not that I know of."
Jack M :
"Yes, I love Utah! I have been to Cache Valley. Based off infoUsa.com they have 107 RESTAURANTS. I hope this helps!"
roxygurl :
"I LUV UTAH!! I used to live in Utah. In fact I just came home from visiting Utah. All 2gether Utah has good restraunts!! (the Mayan yum!!!)"
BogotaCol :
"OMG!! dont go to the mayan. The show is good but the food is TERRIBLE. If you want Good mexican go to the Red Iguana in Down Town Salt lake. Utah is a great place, Cache Valley is really, really cold in the winter. If you love the out of doors, its a great place."
Brittany J :
"I live in spanish fork utah but i have never been to chache valley"
richard :
"I love Utah! I've been to Cache Valley before, and I liked the restaurants they have. Check out the restaurants page of their Tourism Bureau, I'll add it below. My favorite part about Utah though has got to be the outdoors. There's so much to see and do in the mountains, canyons, and beyond. If you're ever bored, check out the OutdoorUtah website...it's one of my favorites."


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Date: 2008-02-06 00:39:33

The Lakota have declared a sovereign nation! “After 150 years of colonial enforcement, when you back people into a corner there is only one alternative,” emphasized Duane Martin Sr. Looks like you people in the Dakotas, Montana & Utah will have to leave, or re-negotiate rent???

Date: 2008-02-06 00:39:33

Best Friends is an extraordinary animal sanctuary in Utah (www.bestfriends.org) which any animal lover should visit if they get a chance. Part of the sanctuary is a lovely pet cemetery, and I spotted this inscription there. Losing a pet is so hard; I like the sentiment this expresses.

Date: 2008-02-06 00:39:33

Unlike some states, real estate property taxes in Utah are not based on actual sales prices. This may come as a surprise to you if you own property in other states, and you are accustomed to being able to predict your property taxes each year with precision. In Utah, the process is not quite as transparent or predictable.

Date: 2008-02-06 00:39:33

A civil suit against Romney’s Utah finance co-chair, alleges that teens in residential treatment programs were locked in outdoor dog cages, exercised to exhaustion, deprived of food and sleep, exposed to extreme temperatures without adequate clothing or water, severely beaten, emotionally brutalized, and sexually abused and humiliated.

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