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Ulaanbaatar is the capital of Mongolia.The city of Ulaanbaatar was founded in mid of the 17th century. The town lays on the southern end of the Khentii mountains in the valley of the Bogd mountain and between the rivers of Tuul and Selbe. For historical reasons the city moved its location about 20 times since the establishment, only in 1778 it settled into its present location. Also the name of the city changed several times since establishment, the actual name Ulaanbaatar was given in 1924 after the revolution that ceased foreign rule over Mongolia and re-established the independence. The name Ulaanbaatar means the Red Hero. Ulaanbaatar is located on an altitude of about 1350m above sea level.

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evaniax :

I am going to end up in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) sometime July next summer. I want to know the cheapest/most interesting way to get back home (Phx., AZ). Should I take a train to Vladivostok or Beijing? Or could I travel down Xinjiang, go through Tibet and then leave through India? I've been to Beijing before - it's kind of boring and artificial I think. I look forward to your answer!!! Sorry I didn't mention this earlier. I will have just come from the Trans-Siberian railway, Moscow, St. Petersburg etc. Wow - it's amoazing that Xiao Li did the exact trip I'm planning in reverse! Sorry I didn't mention this earlier. I will have just come from the Trans-Siberian railway, Moscow, St. Petersburg etc. Wow - it's amazing that Xiao Li did the exact trip I'm planning in reverse!

meganandoreo :
"I would go by horseback as far as you can go and then see if you can find a fishing boat for the rest of the way."
Xiao Li :
"I recommend taking the trans-Mongolian railroad from Ulaan Bator to Moscow. I did it in July '99 and loved it. Definitely spend a few days exploring the Lake Baikal region in Siberia. It is gorgeous in the summer. When you get to Moscow it is worth continuing on to Saint Petersburg. When I did it, I then took the train to Helsinki, Finland and flew back to NY from there. You could also continue your trip across Europe over land before returning to the States. If you choose this route, though, be very careful to have the appropriate visa into Russia. I have heard many stories where people had unnecessary headaches at the border. I wish I could do the trip all over again! (In regards to Xinjiang, you should definitely do that another time if you don't this time. I spent two weeks there, and it wasn't nearly long enough)."
Hotwad 980 :
"Jeez, that's amazing that you would want to make the trip at all. I just think its cool!"
worldpeace :
"the most direct and cheapest way would be to take the train from Ulaanbaatar to Beijing, then fly from Beijing to Los Angeles, and then take another flight from there to Phoenix. But you say you don't want to go through Beijing. Well, maybe you could go through Shanghai instead. As for Xinjiang, well it would be a great place to travel, but its not exactly on the way. And you can't get from Xinjiang to Tibet or India. You can get from Xinjiang to Pakistan, though, but it takes a long time on very rough mountain roads. You cannot get from Tibet to India. This is impossible. Just getting to Tibet alone is difficult enough."
Dale C :

I watched Superbowl 2007 in complete solitude in Detroit sports bar on Seoul street. This year I cannot find it ESPN-STAR SPORTS tv schedule, the only live sports channel in Ulaanbaatar,Mongolia. What should I do? I have no idea. Please help me if you know how.

William S :
"Better to be alone in Detroit on Feb 3, 2008 than surrounded by the Mongols. GO CHARGERS!"
atmadick :
"BTW, Do they have cable TV in Mongolia?"
adam k :
"Try to watch on your computer"
yahoohelper :
"If you have internet access, us Sopcast. You basically have to wait until gametime to see if something is going to be on the site, but it does work. If you don't have internet, you're kinda screwed. You might as well re-enact it with the mongols. You can kick field goals with clubs and stuff."
Art D :
"you can always watch it live online"


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Date: 2008-02-06 00:35:36

ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia (AP) — At least 11 people died and another 21 were hospitalized for drinking tainted vodka during New Year's Eve celebrations in Mongolia's capital, a government official said Tuesday.

Date: 2008-02-06 00:35:36

Mongolian Properties is proud to announce the launch of The Temple Residence in Ulaanbaatar. A brand new luxury residential development set in the heart of Ulaanbaatar.

Date: 2008-02-06 00:35:36

Winter is finally approaching in Mongolia; snow is predicted in Ulaanbaatar within the next few days.As a result there has been a rush for the Mongolians to buy and settle in new apartments before the full force of the Mongolian Winter hits the city.

Date: 2008-02-06 00:35:36

you hosers]They couldn't rewrite New Orleans so somebody at Google created a new virtual building in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.Coordinates 47.917511,106.911472 PS *My new improved design is so much better than your crappy 18th century design*

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Ulan Bator , or Ulaanbaatar ( Mongolian : Улаанбаатар , Classical Mongolian: ᠤᠯᠠᠭᠠᠨ ᠪᠠᠭᠠᠲᠤᠷ [Ula ɣ an Ba ɣ atur]), is the capital of Mongolia

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