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princess :

i want to decorate my house with a tuscan theme, does anyone know of a great, not good, website with beautiful pictures of inside houses in tuscany? i have not found any that i like and i love tuscany

runestone4299 :
"Try this... . It has great pictures and gives you techniques of how to decorate your house so it looks Tuscan."
alireza j :
"I know but I am in Iran"
araya1124 :

does anyone know an inexpensive way to visit tuscany? i watch that movie under the Tuscan Sun so many times i want the village i want the lover.. :) but most of all i want to stand in tuscany on a hill side and smell feel the Tuscan air/sunset... help and i am not gay... of course neither was the actress in the movie...

chucky5050 :
"yep see the movie...and see that whore get her come up....lol"
ajean09 :
"Try yahoo travel, or Travelocity.com. Or just book a GAY and AWAY flight:)"
FridayNighter :

What can you tell me about Tuscany? I, as a tourist, would like to know everything about Tuscany? All help appreciated.

emma882 :
"Tuscany is a charmed land, equally blessed by the genius of man and nature, ... Looking In Tuscany villas, apartments and hotels - the perfect vacation in tuscany since 1997. Swimming pools, excellent views and great value for money help make ... for a Tuscany / Toscana flag"
Mario :
"Tuscany - Toscana - lies in central Italy measuring 22,992 square kilometers of which 1330 make up Tuscan archipelago, it has a population of over 3.5 million.The region contains all types of scenery providing the tourist with an infinite choice of wandering: a region of gentle hills, mountains, sandy beaches and rugged Mediterranean coastlines. read more:"
Totsakan :
"This is a very big question! There are a lot of information on this on the Internet, books, etc. From personal experience, it is a very beautiful area in Italy. Please see our pictures from last year trip below. We drove around the area and were able to visit a few different places for various flavors of the region. So rental car is a good idea. It is not that hard to drive there especially if you are going to smaller towns. You may want to just walk mostly in Florence and Pisa Leaning Tower area. Plan to stay at different places such as Florence, Lucca, San Gemignano, Pisa and Siena for example. Below also a good site with more information. The main thing is to just relax and enjoy. Spend time to learn about the region slowly, so you can appreciate it."
Vittorio :
"Too wide question. There are a lot of places to visit in Toscana, more than you can find in a tourist guide. You can't visit it in only one holiday. Which kind of holiday do you prefer? To visit monument? Little towns? The nature? Do you like the sea?"
flozza_x :
"I lived in Siena for two years and it is such an absolutely amazing place! But make sure that when you are looking around Tuscany that you experience it yourself, and not with a tour, because you will enjoy it much more without some tour guide nagging you to stop looking at the scenery and hurry up! have fun"


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Date: 2008-02-05 22:29:44

Tuscany is one of the regions in Italy that will offer any visitor a truly remarkable experience. There is a rich and diverse amount of tasting tours available that will surely whet the appetite of the most ardent and weary traveler.

Date: 2008-02-05 22:29:44

Sensory Spa Packages in Tuscany: The Thermal Resort of Chianciano Terme in Tuscany (Italy) launches the new Terme Sensoriali spa resort combining innovative technology and treatments advocating naturopathy principles.

Date: 2008-02-05 22:29:44

The word carnival, said carnovale in Tuscany, comes from the Latin carnem levare, an expression used in the middle ages which marked the beginning of the Lenten fast.Origins of CarnivalA time of the year during which one was not allowed to eat meat (carne in Latin). But like many other festivals of our calendar...

Date: 2008-02-05 22:29:44

Here is a recent album from one of our favorite vineyards, Testarossa Vineyards in Los Gatos. Testarossa is a beautiful place to get married at and has a very Italian feel to it. The beautiful stonework of the buildings make you forget you are in the Bay Area and take you away to Tuscany. Here are some album pages from a Testarossa wedding:

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Tuscany ( Italian : Toscana ) is one of the twenty Regions of Italy . The capital is Florence , and it has an area of 22,990 kmĀ² and about 3.6 million inhabitants.

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