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Coordinates: 40.75536° N 73.967412° WTurtle Bay is a neighborhood in New York City, on the east side of Midtown Manhattan. It extends between 42nd and 53rd Streets, and eastward from Lexington Avenue to the East River, across from Roosevelt Island. It was named after an actual bay that was filled in and is now the site of the United Nations Headquarters.The origin of the name "Turtle Bay" is in some dispute. Some historians claim that it was due to the turtle-filled creek that emptied into the East River bay, while others have asserted that it was merely a corruption of the Dutch word "Deut

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oinksaysthepig :

My husband and I are going to Turtle Bay resort for a retreat next week.I never been there before?How is it there and what is there to do? oh and how exactly do you get there.We live in Waipahu. thanks!

The Sender :
"Turtle bay is out past the north shore. It has about 7 little coves with an offshore reef where the turtles mate and live. There are lots of turtles on the north shore and it is easy to see them on a regular basis. For a while Turtle bay was falling into disrepair but its just great right now. a couple of world class golf courses and food and drinks like you might expect. Not much action out on that end with most of the commercial restaurants in Haliewa or Kahuku. Turtle bay is kind of in the center of both towns and by itself. Go into Kahuku and have lunch or dinner at Giovani's Shrimp truck. Always a taste treat with really good Scampi. Lots of knockoff shrimp trucks out that way now so make sure to use Giovanis. There can be people there from all over the world. The first time I was there we counted 7 different languages being spoken and Giovanis is getting a reputation as have some of the best Garlic shrimp in the world. The surfing beachs or the North shore are another thing to watch and do and the walk to the water fall at Waimea is fun. good luck and have a wonderful time."
Maui No Ka Oi :
"Go horseback riding or ATV tour at Kualoa Ranch, close to Turtle Bay ~ Eat at the shrimp trucks. All the best pro surfers in the world are here for "Triple Crown of Surfing" contests, go watch them practice or attend an actual event ~http://www.triplecrownofsurfing.com/ ~ just remember traffic is very heavy on contest days!"
addicted2music00 :
"Turtle bay is the awsome! You get there just as if you were going to Pipe or sunset. Turtle bay is about ten to fifteen minutes past Sunset; you wont miss it!"
Smoochy :

Leaving on Tuesday for Turtle Bay and will be getting there around dinner after a very long flight. We will have a car so don't mind driving. Could someone recommend one or two mid-priced, clean and nice restaurants nearby (I'm not seeing much I like at the hotel but if you think any of those are good for a casual dinner, please let me know). I would love specifics as to why you like the place...menu, cleanliness, service, price, etc. As well as approximate directions (town is a must). Also, is their a close convenience store/grocery store/Wal-Mart to the hotel so we can pick up drinks when we leave for the day? And we're not big drinkers but I will be turning 35 while we are in Hawaii :-) and might like a nice bottle of champagne. Is their a liquer store near the resort? Appreciate any help! PS - we'll be driving pretty much everyone while we are there, including several places around Honolulu. How much do you suppose we need per day to pay for parking at restaurants and/or attractions?? It seems most of the places have parking for a fee or valet. I need to know how much cash to bring or have on hand at any given time.

Maui No Ka Oi :
"Happy Birthday! I spoke to the Concierge for you, his name is Zado (808)293-8811, ask for Concierge, Please thank him for me, he was very helpful & efficient. Yes the hotel has a sundries store, the items are limited & the prices are high. I've worked in hotels for 20 yrs. so trust me, I'm trying to not only save you time but money. Don't go into that store unless you have to! Band Aids, Chips, maybe a soda , you know what I mean. 5 miles West there is a "Foodland" that's one of the cheapest & best supermarkets in the state, I live in Waikiki & I ride my bicycle 1 mile to shop there every week.There is only 1 main road on the North Shore where you are staying so don't worry. You are going to pass Foodland on the way from the airport to the Turtle Bay, so you might even want to stop there 5 miles before you reach the hotel. At no time, I repeat, AT NO TIME should you leave your rental car with anything in your trunk or back seat! Trust Me! If you go into Foodland, leave someone with the car. Our crime rate is one of the lowest in the US. Low murder & rape rate, but property crimes are high because of methamphetamine use.- When you get to Turtle Bay there is a restaraunt called "Lele's" midrange price, If I were you , & just flew in, & drove 1 hr in traffic (4-6pm rush hour traffic M-F) to the Turtle Bay, I would eat at Lele's, good food. They are known for their Prime Rib, Coconut Shrimp & Calamari Steak. I know this because I have a security guard classmate from college that used to work there who is now in the Police Academy. All of the visiting College Football teams that come here to play The University Of Hawaii stay there. All of the Miss Hawaiian Tropic Girls stay there & have their bikini contest there. 5 miles East is Kualoa Ranch, Ask Zado at the Concierge desk about the activities offered there , Stunt Biplane rides, horseback, ATV's,hiking, ecotourism is getting big here, try & gt on & in the water, sailboat, I think you can get free SCUBA lessons in the Turtle Bay pool, the SCUBA diving by your hotel is awesome as long as there are no waves & it's calm. If you stick w/ 1 Concierge & mention that I'm the guy that called for you, ( my name's Paul) you may get better discounts, but if you deal w/ different concierges.... well just stick w/ Zado, ( no I don't know him personally, & I'm getting no commission) if the information I just gave you helps you out, & if Zado helps you out, I highly reccommend you leave him a good tip at the end of your stay. Say $20, because that's how much time, money, & stress we probably saved you. I do not mean to be rude in any way! I am not intending to insult you, but that's how we put food on the table here in the islands. Our Small paychecks go mostly to taxes because Uncle Sam counts our tips into our income whether we make them or not! There's a place 10 miles East called Haleiwa Joes that's very good! Haleiwa is a beach park & a boatharbor w/ 15 ft. waves in the winter. We're going to have a little swell next week, maybe you'll be here for it. Enjoy ur Vacation. e-mail me if you need more info. If you really need, I'll give you my cell no. I just had lunch w/ a family from Michigan yesterday that I met through Yahoo answers, they were great! Aloha! Parking in Waikiki is outrageous, I ;ive in Waikiki, $7-8/hr/ try to park on the side streets or by the Zoo at the end of Waikiki, (Waikiki is only 2 miles long) or on the Ala Wai Blvd. along the Ala Wai Canal (where i live) for free, about 2-4 blocks North of Waikiki. It's a 15 min. walk but a nice walk, there are lots of businesses & stuff to look at."
hOneY :
"since you're going out to laie.... you must eat at a little restaurant called crouching lion... eat the garlic steak... its the best steak you'll ever eat. promise... :)"
murphy :
"We love Turtle Bay. For bargain food at Turtle Bay, there was a great Asian box lunch at the concession stand on the beech. Also try the golf course cafe at the resort -- they are always a good deal. The place in the hotel loby is jusst okay for lunch and breakfast but I don't recommend it for dinner. Also there is a high end restaurant for dinner which was nice but very very pricey. There is a big town half way to Turtle Bay off the freeway with lots of stores and food places. We picked up some stuff from Wendy's (I think) that was still warm when we got there half an hour later. I don't recall any stores adjacent to Turtle Bay. But things change. Email the hotel and ask. The people there were so helpful."
jackaug06 :

My family and I were thinking of going to Hawaii. We were thinking of staying on the north shore. Is turtle bay a good resort? And also is it better staying on the north shore or should stay on Waikiki beach?

cinnery :
"A couple friends of mine stayed at Turtle Bay and they loved it. From personal experience, I would say go for North shore, Waikiki is wayyy too crowded, well North shore too, but not as bad, and it is so much prettier there."
Rare Indigo :
"Turtle Bay is a nice resort and good n close to the big waves if you're into surfing. That would be my choice if I was going to Oahu, but you should consider Maui or Kauai if you're looking for a little more relaxation."
raines :
"Just Visiting is good. Turtle Bay Resort is quite a well-knowned resort there. There are way less tourists and people on the North Shore than Waikiki. You see a lot more of the nature and beaches on the North Shore than Waikiki. Waikiki has many tourists and hotels there and you can also see many people on the beaches there. There are really way less people and traffic on the North Shore than in Waikiki. So, depends what you like more and so where to stay. But, North Shore is also quite far away from town, not like Waikiki, and so it may take a while to get to places."
nina21996 :
"I would stay at Turtle Bay. North Shore is very laid back not crowded. Waikiki is very crowded. The island is not that big, you coud stay at North Shore and get a shuttle or drive yourself to Waikiki in about an 2 hours. And I say two hours because of traffic, which is extremely bad on the island."
pmiya1 :
"Yes! Turtle Bay is better than staying in Waikiki. They just renovated & especially because you have kids, the beaches on the North Shore (where the Turtle Bay is) has magnificent beaches w/ fishing,SCUBA diving (don't worry, they'll teach you in the hotel pool 1st. some hotels even do it for free if you're staying there. Do not be embarrassed to ask for family discounts, it's like buying a car, negotiate, & tell them you might go somewhere else like Waikiki to get a better price. Remember, time of the year is crucial, Jan.-March is the most expensive for everything, airfare, room, car, & you have less leverage to haggle the activities & tours because there are sooo many people on the island at that time. (Remember it's winter & snowing almost everywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere. Summertime, 2nd wk. in Jun.- end of Aug is also high season. The day after Easter until the 2nd wk. in Jun. is the best weather & prices. Feb.-Marck, rainest months,(we had 40 days & 40 nights last year) I thought I was going to run into Noah! Close to Turtle Bay is "Kualoa Ranch" remember, no, write that name down. They have ATVs., horseback, Turtle Bay has Horseback too. Kualoa also has Rock Concerts Couple times /yr. Great hiking & I think a stunt biplane ride Ecotourism is good for the kids. Bishop Musem in Kalihi (5 miles from down town) Polynesian Cultural Center (on the North Shore in Laie) by Bringham Young University.Sailing, snorkeling & just spending all day just picnicing & snorkeling, & hunting for seashells, & cooling off in the Pacific ocean, (maybe you'll even see dolfins, or be able to hear the "whale Song" underwater from Nov. -March. If you see a Mermaid call me immediately! Aloha! e-mail me if you need any more info. I think I gave you enough for a week, but remember I' 45 & have 100 times more experiences to share than this. And people ask me if it's worth going to Hawaii. If they only knew."
Gloria :
"I stay on Waikiki Beach area at the Pacific Beach Hotel. I have known some who have stayed at Turtle Bay and they liked it."
Garrett & Cin :
"It depends. I would stay in Waikiki because it's less expensive than staying at Turtle Bay then drive out to the north shore (about a 90 minute drive). That way you can make stops and different scenic points. Turtle Bay is a nice resort and pricey."
bobbalouey :
"If you want to spend more money, Turtle Bay hotel has golfing, horseback-riding, more isolated beaches, and near a shrimp farm where you can eat all the shrimp you could stand. Waikiki is crowded, but nearer more of the standard sites, like Diamond Head crater, Honolulu Zoo, Waikiki beach, the Shell concert "arena" Ala Moana Shopping center, Atlantis Submarine rides, Haunama bay, Pali look out, Punchbowl crater, and more. sure there is more people, but it's a trade off."
Haleiwa girl :
"I live on the No. Shore...and the resort is wonderful..LOTS of things to do for the kids...two beaches, one for surfing (you can get lessons at the resort) and one for "beaching"...horseback riding, golf..hiking trails, bikes, spa.. the list goes on and on....but I have an idea for you...... there are condos right within the resort property that are ALOT cheaper per night... they are studios - three bedroom. You can use all the resort features. the beach is a 3 minute walk. The condos also have their own pools....they are all privately owned, so each one is different. You can choose one night to eat at the resort (or another restaurant in No shore, there are lots of good ones) or cook in the condo or BBQ! I think they are for the price the best deal. Rent yourself a car and drive to Waikiki for the day....plus anything else you will want to do.. as soon as you land there will be more brochures and coupon books than you know what to do with. Whatever you decide.. ENJOY!!"
Kendra :
"Turtle bay is nice but very expensive, my husband and I stayed for our honeymoon (one night but it was a nice room) we got Kamaina rate cause I was local but it was still $500 for the night. But it is gorgeous waikiki is nice but too many tourists but because of that they got a lot of cool stuff to see. Waikiki=shopping Turtle bay =nature so it's up to you."
Gary D :
"They are complete polar opposites, other than both being on Oahu I mean. Turtle Bay is away from it all and you will get a more authentic feel for Hawaii. It's a short drive to some of the most famous North Shore surfing spots. Waimea Bay is not to far. For conveniences and restaurants Kailua is not to far away. There are also some good restaurants in Haleiwa, a cute little town where Matsumoto Shave Ice is. It is not to be missed. There are beautiful white sand beaches where you will have the whole beach to yourself. In Waikiki you will be lucky to have one square yard to yourself. Waikiki would be more like being in Japan. Everything there is geared toward the Japanese tourist. Lots of high end shopping, crowded beaches, crowded restaurants, rude people. If you are weighing your options between Turtle Bay and Waikiki it is really a no brainer. Besides, even if you stay at Turtlle Bay you can still drive to Waikiki for a day or an evening. They do have some good restaurants there and it's a good place to look at the freaks and hookers."
kalei :


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Date: 2008-02-05 22:28:41

Dec 21st 2007 my family and I embarked on a vacation to Hawaii starting with a 3 day stay in Honolulu where we spent some great time on the beach and did some snorkeling in Hanauma Bay where I was able to free swim with a Green Sea Turtle and some beautiful fish including Jacks and Parrot Fish and many other native reef fish.Dec 24th, we embarked

Date: 2008-02-05 22:28:41

At the UN, it seems the well has no bottom. Turtle Bay’s gift for the new year.

Date: 2008-02-05 22:28:41

Baja sailing. A sailboat on the coast of Mexico. To sail Turtle bay, Santa Maria bay, Magdalena Bay and Cabo san lucas. Marina and Anchorage notes. Cruising story.

Date: 2008-02-05 22:28:41

A sad story for the granddaughter that was to be married the next day. Rip Tides can be dangerous.

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