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emily_jane2379 :

My friend is moving there, it's a long way from home for her, but it's necessary for her job. I just wondered what it's like down there, what there is to do, good places to go etc, so I can tell her some cool stuff about it and help her get excited- help me please!?

paul :
"Truro itself is not very interesting, but get a car and get out to the beaches. Without a car, Perranporth is only a short bus ride away and it has a great surf beach. Falmouth, on the south coast, is also interesting and easy to get to. Newquay takes a little longer, but everyone's heard of Newquay, haven't they? I went to school in Truro and still visit relatives down there once or twice a year."
haventabrainbetweenus :
"Truro is just an ordinary "nice" town, quite quiet. However, from Truro you can get to plenty of lovely places without the major hassle of driving down to Cornwall and spending ages in road jams."
Wibble :
"Truro... ah... Truro! I come from Cornwall and grew up near Truro. As I now live in Wolverhampton I know where I would rather be! It's a small city, but there are lots of very interesting little shops and nooks and crannies to explore - it really depends on your friend's taste whether she will like it or not. It's changed a lot since I was a kid, but I think some of the developments have improved it and it's certainly not a "faceless" city like some I've been to. It's certainly better than Wolverhampton! There are some good bars, however the clubs I've been to recently aren't quite so good - again, a question of taste. From Truro you have got access to some fantastic places to visit; Falmouth (went to Art College there!) - nice town - good beaches - sailing, beaches such as Porthtowan (nearly drowned there!), Portreath, Perranporth & St Agnes. You've got the thriving art community at Newlyn and St Ives. There really is loads to do and because of it's location Truro makes most of Cornwall quite easily accessible. The only problem is it does get packed in the summer. In short - your friend will have access to some of the most beautiful scenery in the UK, culture, media and that most glorious of foodstuffs - the CORNISH PASTY!!! Real ones, made with chuck steak or beef skirt, not that processed Ginsters cr*p. (Sorry, I have a thing about Ginsters!) I'm sure that whatever your friend's taste, she will like it there and I'm dead jealous because I would love to move back there, but I can't find the job I want just yet. Good luck to her! Kernow Onen hag Oll"
thalesgirl :

Does anyone know the name/cost of the small beach cottages that are available for weekly rental in Truro, MA? There are a bunch of cottages that are small and low-cost. I just can't remember the name of the village/company.

lee S :
"good question"
LaBella :
"Try going on this website - there are so many cottages in that area but perhaps if you look a some of the pictures, you may remember - go on line to Good luck!!"
someoneelse04 :
"Just Google "cottage rentals in Truro MA" a whole bunch of sites come up...I found this one,...but there are others..How much it costs will depend on what time of year, now, it's cheap...but during high tourist season (June-Sept) price goes way up...but it's worth it, Truro and PTown are great in the summer!!"
me :

Our family is spending a week in Truro. Everyone is 21+ years old. We usually spend time in P-town, go to Truro and Wellfleet beaches. Just wondering if there are things only locals know about that would be fun?

bubba j :


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Date: 2008-02-05 22:25:30

Singles Night on St Valentine's Evening at 7.30 Zafiros, Truro, Cornwall 14th Feb 2008

Date: 2008-02-05 22:25:30

Neat history of Cape Cod's Highland Light, built over 200 years ago to protect ships from the deadly sandbars surrounding the Dangerfield setttlement. Learn the story of the place Thoreau dubbed "a neat building, in apple pie order".

Date: 2008-02-05 22:25:30

This pottery shop in Truro, Nova Scotia makes and sells all their own pottery and they feature the art of over twenty local artists. Talk about local content! Nothing imported from China here!

Date: 2008-02-05 22:25:30

A blog post dissecting the murder of Christa Worthington in Truro, MA back in 2002 based on new evidence of juror prejudice.

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