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Emma R :

I am friends with a boy named troy. e always talk and play during class. Today we were aughing so much and now all the other kids think I like him like him. It is not true. we are just good friends. How do i get it to stop???

misty m :
"just tell them to go fuck off shit let them know you are not wit him n you dont like him like that good luck"
almeda_94 :
"maybe you do like him"
gromit801 :

Most know the Homeric legend of Troy. There is also no actual proof that what Schliemann found is Troy, just his pronouncement that the ancient city he found was Troy. What do you think of Wilkens contention that the fabled Troy and Trojian War was fought in England over tin mines. He makes a pretty convincing argument. Homer's descriptions of geography and personal descriptions better fit northern Europe then the Mediterranean. Homer not once, used the term Greeks in the Illiad or the Odessy. Schliemann assumes such, and bases all his research from there. Poison fruit of the tree.

redgriffin728 :
"Let's look at the facts Schliemann found a set of cities on the place that Homer said the city of Troy was located, He found that the cities had been rich and well established. True there is no proof that the cities were Troy or that the Trojan Wars actually happened I would go with Schliemann over a theory that Troy was in England. It strikes me as an attempt to take the glories of Minoa away from the Med."
Carl :
"Humorous and yet another attempt by the brits to claim they are the center of the universe. In November 2001, geologists John C. Kraft from the University of Delaware and John V. Luce from Trinity College, Dublin presented the results of investigations into the geology of the region that had started in 1977. The geologists compared the present geology with the landscapes and coastal features described in the Iliad and other classical sources, notably Strabo's Geographia. Their conclusion was that there is regularly a consistency between the location of Troy as identified by Schliemann (and other locations such as the Greek camp), the geological evidence, and descriptions of the topology and accounts of the battle in the Iliad. Second point: by reading the Iliad, we note that the Greeks leave Greece and stop in Tenedos & Lesbos (among others) before arriving at Troy. Therefore, the Greeks were eastward bound not westward. Third, although tin was a key component of bronze manufacturing, most of the shipping was handled either by celts (as an example the Veneti of Aremorica) or Phoenician traders. There is no known recording of an event of this magnitude in the Phoenician records. There are however Hittite and Babylonian records that do indicate the destruction of a major city that correspond to Homer's Troy int the same (general) area. Sorry Wilkens but Schliemann beat you to Troy."
kurrupt :

i have a friend who down talks troy polamula because of the leg tackles troy is known for making. personally, i think troy is the best safety in the game, as well as the best player on the steelers. my friend often compares troy to john lynch or roy williams. there is no comparsion i have a friend who down talks troy polamulu because of the leg tackles troy is known for making. personally, i think troy is the best safety in the game, as well as the best player on the steelers. my friend often compares troy to john lynch or roy williams. there is no comparsion

Xax Haus :
"Your friend must enjoy Sportscenter more than he does just watching the games in general. Troy might not be the most sound tackler you've ever seen, but you'll VERY rarely see him miss a tackle by trying to make a huge hit like you see often with guys like Roy Williams and Sean Taylor. Troy will do what it takes to bring a guy down. He can lay a hit or two, but he focuses more on the important thing, making the tackle. Polamalu's stregnth is that he can pretty much line up anywhere on the field and is great, not good, but great at each facet of the defensive side of the ball. He can stop the run, defend the pass, tackle, pressure the QB, etc. I agree that theres no comparison between Troy and Williams and Lynch, because Williams and Lynch both have weak spots whereas Troy is so well rounded and solid at every aspect on defense. Hope this helps you win your argument!"
Hags 77 :
"First of all , Brian Dawkins and Ed Reed are better than Polamalu. Second of all John Lynch is a hall of famer, so you're right.... there is no comparison. You love of the Steelers is blinding your judgement , Polamalu is a very good player.... but you shouldn't but him in the hall of fame..... i do think he'd be a great outside linebacker."
sgoldperson :
"He is probably the best Defensive player on the team. I don't know if he is the best player on the team or not, but if he isn't then that is because they have a best on Offense and best on Defense and no real best. Anyway he is one of the best Safeties in the league. Not sure if he is the best or not. I am a Steelers fan and I admit to my bias so maybe some of the others are up there with him, but can't put him down. He is at the top and there is no doubt about that."
Kash31 :
"What happened to him after last season i an't heard nothing about him"
Robert B :
"He has been playing hurt all year.. a knee injury missed a few games , his normal speed is not there, it must not be too serious , havent heard that he needs surgery yet. Awesome when healthy, Awesome player."
Brian J :
"Troy is no doubt one of the premire safties in the league. I think he has to battle hard to be named top saftey as I think Ed Reed just keeps getting better. Troy had a tough year this year with injuries and such and didnt play as well comming off the injury twards the last leg of the season. I can deffinatly say he is what a deffense needs, electricity. He can get anyone fired up and he gives the Steelers character."


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Date: 2008-03-22 07:57:32

A professional drag racer, whose car killed six people when it plowed into a parade crowd last summer, surrendered to authorities Thursday on multiple felony charges. Troy Critchley, 38, is charged with six counts of vehicular homicide due to recklessness and 22 counts of reckless aggravated assault, according to the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

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The Georgia Supreme Court refuses to grant a new trial to a death row prisoner who is almost certainly innocent.

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