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Tromsø  (Romsa in Northern Sami, nominative case, Tromssa in Finnish) is a city and municipality in the county of Troms, Norway.The first church on the island of Tromsøya was erected in the 13th century, after the area had been inhabited since the end of the ice age. A redoubt, Skansen, was probably built during the 17th century. Tromsø was issued its city charter in 1794 by King Christian VII. The city was established as a municipality January 1, 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt). The rural municipalities of Tromsøysund and Ullsfjord, and most of Hillesøy, were merged with Tromsø Ja

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ristinw :

How can i travel from Tromso to Rovaniemi by air? or train? 1. Is there a train route between Tromso and Rovaniemi? 2. Is there any direct flight from Tromso to Rovaniemi? 3. Which is the safest airline in North of Europe?

Goddess of Laundry :
"Here is a link to provide some answers to your questions."
cantilena91 :
"For train connections see or some Norwegian railway company For flight connections see (that should be a safe airline to use!)"
Rodolfo P :

I will go to Tromso (North Norway) next June.. and i wonder if there are Young Hostels.

ageha :
" Ever heard of Google ;-) ?"
Laila :
"Tromso is *amazing,* esp in summer. I find cheap accommodation through . Check this out: If that link works, it should take you to a list of accommodations in Tromso. Here is a list of 4 gjestehus/pensjonat (bed & breakfasts & hostels) Fjellheim Sommerhotell has very reasonable rates, starting at 500kr a night. I've heard it's very nice, and it's 15min from the city center. You'll probably want a hostel in the town center, as that's where most of the museums/bars are. The local tourism company, destinasjon tromso, has easy to navigate listings in English: Have a good trip! "
moudy007 :

how can i travel from Umea to Tromso , is there any direct flights , train line or bus line ? and how much it is? shall i have to pass Stockholm and Oslo ? and how much it wil be if so ?

Bernadette :
"Your best bet is the train between the closer cities.... there is also bus service available in all these cities between Norway/Sweden as well. It is not cheap to travel over there at all...but I suggest bus between Umeå and Tromso as well as Stockholm and Öslo. Depends on how much time you have to spare to travel. But if you are going from south to the north, I would fly as it would only take an hour, and it is approximately $300 US round trip to go from south of Norway/Sweden to the north or either country."


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Date: 2008-02-05 22:22:12

Despite warmer temperatures than usual, the snow screen was back in the main square this year at Norway's 18th Tromsø Film Festival (Jan. 15-20), while a novelty reindeer helped usher in the world's largest festival in the Arctic..International News, news from the entertainment source: Variety.Tromsø festival wraps up.

Date: 2008-02-05 22:22:12

TROMSO, Norway This small country, which has a vast treasure of undersea oil and an intense civic concern about global warming, is struggling with a dilemma -- but it is one that most nations would envy.

Date: 2008-02-05 22:22:12

“Around the Earth, white is being replaced by dark,” said Gunnar Sander of the Norwegian Polar Institute in Tromso, Norway.Glaciers, ice sheets, sea and river ice are all melting. The areas in the northern hemisphere covered by snow and ice have declined 1.3 percent per decade.

Date: 2008-02-05 22:22:12

In 2007, the Northern Lights Festival in Tromso (Norway) celebrates its 20 years anniversary. There will be countless concerts with music ranging from jazz and rock to classic celebrating the remaining season of the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).When: January 22 - 28, 2007 Where: Tromso, Norway Program: Nordlysfestivalen Program Tickets

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