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Coordinates: 32°54′8″N, 13°11′9″ETripoli (Arabic: طرابلس Ṭarābulus - also طرابلس الغرب Ṭarā-bu-lus al-Gharb Libyan vernacular: Ṭrābləs derived from the Greek: Τρίπολη, Turkish: Trablus) is the capital city of Libya.Tripoli has a population of 1.68 million. The city is located in the northwest of the country on the edge of the desert, on a point of rocky land projecting into the Mediterranean Sea and forming a bay. Tripoli was founded in the 7th century BC by the Phoenicians, who named it Oea.Tripoli is the largest city, the principal sea port, and t

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EuCitizen :

Well its not quite Tripoli Lebanon more like Tripoli Libya all the way in Africa. But im just wondering for those of you who've been to Arabic schools what there curriculum is like? It will be an English school though. but the curriculum is libyan of course. I'm moving in a couple months there. and i assume you guys are well traveled here in the Lebanon section.

Smutty :
"Well the educational system is very different in Libya and Lebanon. According to the Lebanese curriculum, scientific material are taught in a foreign language i.e. either French or English. This holds for all schools following the official Lebanese curriculum including public schools. This is an advantage to students who want to study in universities abroad or even those who will choose university majors taught in French or English. Another type of schools exist in Lebanon which follow a foreign, non-Lebanese curriculum. For example American schools. Students who attend this system are usually those who studied abroad and came back to Lebanon. These schools follow foreign systems. When you said "English" school in Libya, it depends what exactly is an "English" school there. Does it follow like a foreign system? Is it really a British school for example? That's where the question lies. Hope this helps."
*...Exchanging Words...* :
"yeah furry smutty is right and i've never been to libya..."
Angel M :

Why is the road Tripoli Road in NH pronounced: "Trip o Lie"

sir_hector :
"don,t kno"
Pinky :

Now that Tripoli has Mcdonalds,its like the next Beirut yea yea.................LMAO Chiguy23,Tripoli is the 2nd country of Lebanon!!! Dont fool my intillegents lol (whateva that spelt is) I mean 2nd city of Lebanon lol

lehighbri :
ChiGuy2377 :
"Tripoli is a city on the mainland of Greece, few hours from Athens."
LS :
"if you say so i'm just happy that falwell is dead"
Victoria Love-Williams :
"Tripoli is the next Wayne Brady. (and whoever said it's in Greece is wrong. It's Libya's capital)"
Bélier :
"Let's hope Pinky! U live in Tripoli? (And...wanted to ask you and I know I may sound ignorant but ... what is LMAO???? PLZ don't laugh, I'm serious I don't know...)"
Angelo :
"this is an answer to LMAO not to Tripoli bcz we all know that Tripoli is the 2nd biggest city although ive been there only once ... Tripoli is a very complicated place if u ask me .. so LMAO = laughing my a ss off ... there's also ROFL = rolling on the floor laughing hope i helped"
Kate :
"I think so yes, it is Belier LMAO is Laughing My @$$ Off and PMSL is Pissing MySelf Laughing ROFLOL is Rolling On the Floor Laughing Out Loud"
Toushka :
"I think you are full of intelligence sweetie.. who care's if you cant spell it :P But you see, Beirut will never have what Tripoli Has, and thats the most precious thing in Lebanon.. can you guess what it is? Of course.. Hallab headquarters.. no other Hallab can match them. {drool} Toushka"
Chloe :
"yey... i'm happy you're happy :) Now if I go to Tripoli, you have to take me everywhere... ok!! itafa2na!!! yes, you're paying for both of us..... :D"
G Bone :
"What are you kidding me???? Tripoli needs another 10 years to be like Beirut. BEIRUT ROCKS FAST!!!"
ChRiStInE g :
"That's true....Mcdonald's makes it official...hahaha"
Aussie :
"Noooooooooo ....please tell me it isn't true ! Not those $%&#@*&$! golden arches ! Is nothing sacred ?"
webby :
"I'm with Aussie on that one, those Arches have no place polluting our landscape. they are not part of our culture: give me a man2oucheh or lahm b3ajin from the corner bakery anytime: that's our fast food and it should stay so."
fatma :
"hey beautiful lol to become the next beirut it has to have a oporto and kfc .. does it have that??? weellll when it does then itll be official !!!"
kent c :
"i thought you live in beirut. sorry about just now, regards to someone asked you to stick in the . well, i know now."
LiLi :
"yes it might be!"
Hasan (former 'h n') :
"the NEXT beirut? wheres beirut going? beirut will prevail as THE beirut. maybe second to beirut?"


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Tripoli resets and the rebuild browser standards, thereby forming a stable, cross browser rendering foundation for your web projects.

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"Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will host Libya's foreign minister on Thursday -- the first visit by the top Tripoli diplomat since 1972 -- in a sign of warmer ties between the former foes."

Date: 2008-02-05 22:20:37

This is an essay showing that contrary to popular belief America's founding fathers did not want it to be a Christian nation, nor was it founded on Christian principles. This essay briefly analyzes the secular nature of the United States constitution, other documents such as the Treaty of Tripoli, and then some of the founding fathers.

Date: 2008-02-05 22:20:37

Libya's leader Colonel Muammar Qaddafi met with the Russian foreign minister in Tripoli on Monday to discuss bilateral relations and international issues.

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