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Coordinates: 43°39′N, 79°23′WToronto (IPA: /təˈrɒntoʊ/, local pronunciation ) is the largest city in Canada and is the provincial capital of Ontario, making it the seat of the provincial Crown. It is located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. With over 2.5 million residents, it is the fifth-most populous municipality in North America, and the 46th most populous in the world. Toronto is at the heart of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and is part of a densely-populated region in south-central Ontario known as the Golden Horseshoe which is home to over eight million residents.

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angeldust_599 :

What are some fun things to do in Toronto? I'm going there this weekend with my husband and I want to know what are some good things to do apart from the baseball games. We are staying in the entertainment district of downtown T.O. and our transportation is limited so we would like to stay in that area. Thanks!

iamhermansen :
"Public Transit is good in Toronto and can get you to all of these places. Cn Tower (tallest free standing structure in the world), Centre Island, The ROM (Royal Ontario Museum), The Metropolitan Toronto Zoo, Canada's Wonderland (north of Steeles Avenue), The Mac Millian Planetarium, The CNE (the Canadian National Exhibition), The Ontario Science Centre."
mrselange :
"The transit system is amazing in downtown Toronto...the subway and streetcars can take you many places that are awesome to visit, within no time at all. I would go to the Eaton Centre, and I would also check out Bloor St West and Yorkville ( for great higher end shopping. Also check out Queen St.West for funky shops ( and even some designer shops). And you have to visit China town as well on Spadina and Dundas (and Kensington Market close by). The Art Gallery of Ontario is also a great place to visit. I used to live in Toronto and you won't find a shortage of things to do and see."
beverly6343 :
"Take a ferry to the Toronto Islands. Go up the CN Tower. See Chinatown, Kensington Market, the Ontario Art Gallery and the Royal Ontario Museum. Walk over the bridge to Ontario Place. It's fun to spend a day or evening there. These places are very close to you, and the TTC (public transprtation) is readily accesssible. Cabs are good, as well. Theatres & restaurants are within walking distance from the Stadium. So is the Eaton Centre, a marvelous & modern place to shop."
euges116 :
"Try this wonderful website I found."
Jennifer B :
"Art Gallery Of Ontario Ontario Science Center Eaton Center (Shopping) ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) Hockey Hall Of Fame Bata Shoe Museum CN Tower"
the_ghost_orchid :
"If you want to find arts/culture events, check out. Unless views from tall heights *really* amaze you, don't waste your time with the CN Tower. It's too expensive for an elevator ride, and the view at the top is obscured by wire nets anyway, which make for lousy pictures. Also, you can see a mall anywhere, so don't bother with the Eaton Centre either. Focus on what makes Toronto unique. I'd suggest Kensington Market, Queen St. West, the Queen/Bathurst area, Cumberland, Chinatown, Little Italy, etc. can be helpful."
ConQuest :

Toronto has not won any major sports titles since the old Toronto BlueJays 1992-1993 Dynasty claim 2 World series in a row. What year and which team do you think Toronto will claim another Major League title out of these choices? Toronto Blue Jays Toronto Maple Leafs Toronto Raptors Toronto F.C

jacksonkelner :
"Yes... eventually they will."
jay k :
"I think it's going to have to be the Maple Leafs and in 5 years. The raptors blow and truly only have Chris Bosh to build around, don't look for them to even make the playoffs and a quick first round exit if they do."
MindRevolution :
"Leafs should be #1 on this list but unfortunatly I know better. Owners of the maple leafs do not care about winning they care about revenues more than winning so it wont happen for a long time. for leafs - 2025 Raptors they have built a great international team but they need to put a few more pieces in place to really be serious contenders for NBA title. for raptors 2016 Toronto F.C lol Toronto FC has ALOT of work to do to be even contenders to make the playoffs for god sakes they need better transfers to make it simple. for F.C 2051 Bluejays I would say have realisticly the best chances of winning another World series. They always seem to keep up(somewhat) in the race of the best division in baseball. they have been to and won the big dance before so they know what it takes and they have prooven that they can do it.for the jays I would say 2013"
salmonbellies16 :
"toronto rock NATINAL LACROSSE LEAGUE 5 title in 7 years . 16,000 plus fans . lacrosse box game canada , major sport yep . small town bc we got two guys live here from those teams . major title yeah . greatest lacrosse championship no ."
Nick Z :

Toronto has everything, there is nothing you can't find. Also, its really fun there (wonderland, Cn tower, Ontario place, Thousand island, safari, Ex, and much much much much more). Toronto to is next to L.A and New york in Filming and Entertainment business. All the tv shows channels the other provinces see such as MTV and all that are from Toronto. Everything's in Toronto, its so fun there-!!! Uhhh... and for Edmonton, you guys suck. The only thing you have is Edmonton mall and some dirty bacteria beaches like Sylvan lake which is like forever from here. IF you were to live in Toronto, you would agree with me (into saying Toronto ROCKS). Also, someone Edmonton idiots say they hate Toronto because of pollution - what idiots? What do you except for a large city with over 5 million people living there? Also, how can you hate some other city for having pollution (that's like saying I hate my friend because hes dummer than me??). In short, T.O rocks,it have everything while edmontonizLAME

Adam :
"So, what exactly is your question? Yes, Toronto is a nice place. I like it."
popseekuls :
"I think all of Canada is great, better then some other places in the world where people have to dig through garbage piles to survive and only the "rich" people have shoes."
Alan with an Eh :
"Toronto is a nice place to visit, but because of self-indulgents like this, I personally wouldn't want to live there. They do have many interesting things that shout "T.O." from the rooftops, but you don't have to be the guy with the lampshade on his head to be the life of the party. Many other cities have their communities, unique companies and industries, markets, festivals and down-home friendly-paced people to make cities like Edmonchuk just as popular. Every city is unique. Go live in the safe community of Saskatoon, SK or Moncton, NB. Beautiful tiny little communities where you don't have to worry about forgetting to lock your door, finding a decent job or an affordable home or apartment, brushing off pan-handlers every where you turn or hearing where the last drive-by shooting was - but oh...we gots Much and a fifteen minute tour of our rockin city from 1800 feet up...Stop it. If you look for the negatives to outweigh the positives to make yourself feel good Nick, you will find them. I won't defend Toronto to the extent because this guy seems bored to tears if it doesn't involve city pride. I thought this attitude sort of died off and knocked these guys down a peg after the sars scare. Every city can be a proud city. Go Jays, go Oilers, go Sens, go Bombers. If you don't like what you're watchin, change the channel man. Some people like the Food Channel, TLC, Turner and TBS. Not everyone likes that annoying old bink with the glasses every weekday morning...You can keep your MTV. I really hate Canadians like this..and I'm a proud Canadian. Nice leading question..and that's my answer! Hope this helps..."
khrystenat :
"I was living in Edmonton and moved back to toronto for family and that was the only reason. if i could get everyone to move there i would i miss it there terribly. it really depends on your frame of mind and what you want to do with your life. if unhappy move back."
Explorer :
"Hey, I'm a prairie dog from Alberta and i live in Toronto. You need to fully appreciate all aspects of Canada. Its the Greatest place in the world to live and it has something for everyone. Well, maybe not you, but everyone else"
elletera :
"I am a Torontonian. Our population is 2.5 million (not over 5 million as you state). The greatest part about Canada is its diversity. Every part of Canada rocks, if you open up your mind you will see it too."


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TorontoIAM daily blog summaries: OCAD Hosts Socially Responsible Video Gamers, Raptors Trounce the Heat, Toronto's Joni NehRita Debut CD release, Cycling Enthusiast and Beloved Bike Mechanic Sheldon Brown Dies

Date: 2008-02-05 22:13:51

Developing a portable device that will help prevent, identify and contain infectious diseases such as SARS, is the goal of a new University of Toronto research project.

Date: 2008-02-05 22:13:51

The late-blooming Brunnstrom burst onto the scene last season and won the Swedish Division 1 scoring title with 37 goals and 73 points in 41 games while playing for Boras HC. After his impressive season, the Leafs’ chief European scout, Thommie Bergman, recommended the talented prospect to Toronto’s general manager at the time, John Ferguson.

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