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Tipperary (Irish: Tiobraid Árann) is a town in the south-west of County Tipperary, Republic of Ireland with a population of c.5,000 within the urban environs.It is often mistaken as the county capital, which has never been the case. North Tipperary and South Tipperary, have their administrative centres of Nenagh and Clonmel respectively. However, it has a large agricultural catchment area in West County Tipperary and East County Limerick and was historically a market town of some significance. It still boasts an extensive butter-making and milk processing industry today.// HistoryThe town is

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muenchner25031981 :

My Grandmother is going to the southern part of the Republic of Ireland and might go to County Tipperary.

Noel O :
"Yep There is plenty to do and see in Tipp. You could go visit The "rock of Cashel". It a very large castle bulit upon a huge stone mound, you could also visit the swiss cottage in Cahir as well as the castle there. Throughout the county there are many secnic drives over mountains which offer great views. Plus the pints are fairly down here."
alpha :
"Visit the Michelstown Caves to see 350 million year old fossils as well as stalactites, stalagmites and calcite columns. The famous Rock Of Cashel, the 5th century seat of the Kings of Munster, "where St Patrick is supposed to have picked a shamrock in order to explain the doctrine of the Trinity." The Cashel Heritage Centre which has a scale model of Cashel in the 1640's and the Cashel folk village, a reconstructions of traditional thatched village shops, a forge, other businesses, and a penal Chapel. The Bru Boru Centre beside the Rock of Cashel, "it has a folk theatre, restaurant, craft and information centre and a genealogy suite. Traditional Irish music, song and dance are provided for visitors by the world famous resident Bru Boru group of Irish musicians and artists during the Summer season." "The Dundrum Plantarum It has eight acres of trees, shrubs and a two mile walk. There are sixty thousand plants and over two thousand varieties. A Celtic theme runs through the Plantarum with crannogs, dolmens and fairy forts all on view. There are also many interesting water features including lakes and waterfalls." Blarney Castle is only about an hours drive from Tipperary, you could round it off by kissing the Blarney Stone!"
Apppppppppppppp :

What to people who LIVE in Tipperary sing?

wheeliemad :
"Road to nowhere."
Feathery :
"Yes... To the sweetest girl I know! Goodbye Piccadilly, Farewell Leicester Square! It's a long long way to Tipperary, But my heart's right there."
Horse Help 911! :

I'm gonna sell my new Tipperary vest on ebay--as it is not needed right now. the model is 2005a Air-Esprit youth. It was originally purchased around $120 or so. How much should I set the "buy it now" price and where should I begin the bidding so that it will sell for a decent price? perfect condition--never used

shwjmprchmp :
"How long was it used, what is it's condition?? Assuming it is in great condition and barely used, I would sell it for around $80-85 on the high-end... i would put it up at $85-90 in perfect condition then! go ahead and see what people will bid for it. sometimes its surprising. good luck!"
paintgirl_h :
"I've done quite a bit of buying and selling on eBay. It's a funny thing - but items often don't sell if they are started at a high price, or if the reserve bid is too high. (I personally dislike a reserve bid, I wish people would just use their reserve as their starting bid) Sometimes an item will start on a low price and enough people will get into a bidding war over your item, and you'll end up getting a decent price in the end. At other times you can set the price low, hoping to get interest in the item, and someone will buy it for next to nothing. So it is a gamble at the best of times. I've done the best selling my used horse books and DVDs on eBay, sometimes even coming out ahead, and quite awful at times for decent items that weren't name brands. So it can vary alot. When I buy an item on eBay I try to pay less than 1/2 of the new. Often with clothing items you can expect to pay considerably less than 1/2, sometimes I've bought items at about 1/10th the price of new. It all depends on the time of year they're sold - right now is good since everyone is busy riding and buying stuff for their horses - how many other similiar items are for sale, and the demand for your item. I would really suggest that you go onto eBay and look as a buyer for Tipperary vests similiar to yours, and see how much they are going for. That will give you a pretty good idea what you can expect for yours. I honestly doubt that you will get $85 for yours, but if there are a number of people searching for one you might be lucky! It's just that the shipping costs are often high, and people need to take that into account when buying. It's no use trying to save money on an item, paying 2/3 the cost and then paying the difference in shipping! In my experience certain brand names help, so you have that going for you. And certain sizes will sell better than others, too, an average size is going to be a better bet than an extra long, or an extra small. A youth item might be good, there are alot of young people out there who's mother wants them to be safe! Consider the very lowest you would be willing to let it go for and use that as your starting price. You can put a "buy it now" price on it, too, that can be tempting for people at times. Consider your other options. Horse consignment stores will take up to 50% of the sale price, so if you were lucky and got $100 for your vest (which I doubt would happen, but you never know!) then you would still only earn $50. So a slightly lower price on eBay can still be to your advantage. Good luck and happy eBaying!"
Sarah C- Equine Help 101 :
"Since it's never been used I'd say you should start the bidding at $20 and set the reserve price at $80. Buy it now for $90 :]"


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Date: 2008-02-05 22:08:49

Cashel located in Southwest of Ireland and a visit to Chez Hans,a very special restaurant....

Date: 2008-02-05 22:08:49

Irleand roundtrip to Kilkenny, Blarney Castle and Cashel (Tipperary)

Date: 2008-02-05 22:08:49

Kilkenny are the red hot 11/10 favourites for the All Ireland hurling, followed by Cork at 9/2. Waterford are third favourites at 11/2, with Galway on offer at 7/1. Tipperary are on offer at 14/1 and Limerick at 16/1 and every other contender is at 33/1 or bigger.

Date: 2008-02-05 22:08:49

While driving around North Tipperary this morning I saw these two signs within a few mies of each other.Personally I think they say more about the current state of the Irish property market than any statistics or analysis.

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