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Tierra del Fuego (Spanish for "Land of Fire", in English pronounced /tiˈɛərə dɛl ˈfweɪgoʊ]/; Spanish IPA: ) is an archipelago, 28,476 sq mi (73,753 km²), separated from the southernmost tip of the South American mainland by the Strait of Magellan. The southern point of the archipelago forms Cape Horn.// GeographyThe archipelago consists of a main island (Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, often simply called Tierra del Fuego or Isla Grande) with an area of 48,100 km², and a group of smaller islands.Half of this island, and the islands west and south of it, are part of the Magallanes y

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Smith Redyk :

I'm spending 3 weeks in Argentina from Sept 21-Oct 12. I'd like to use about 2 of those weeks to explore Patagonia and maybe Tierra Del Fuego. I'm sure the weather will be colder and early spring-like (which is fine) but I'm concerned that tourist related services (tours, hotels, guides, boat trips etc.) may not be open or available during this period. Are these areas still worth exploring or should I focus on staying further north in areas like Bariloche and the Lake District or Peninsula Valdes? From what I can see Patagonia is still a must see but Tierra del Fuego may only be worth visiting during their summer. Cheers!

ﷲProudﷲMuslimahﷲAgainstﷲTerrorﷲ :
"Of course. Argentina is a tourist destination year round. There should be no problem."
Rezheen H :

these 2 are completely opposite of each other with gobi extreme and tierra del fuego cold rainy and harsh. i take tdf.

30269 :
"tierra del fuego"
Maak90 :
"Tierra del fuego definitely. In gobi there is only sand and that stuff. The patagonia is full of animals and has a gorgeus landscape."
Hurricane Tracker :
"Tierra del Fuego"
thatdude :

I was just wondering what species of animal there are in the south of Chile and in the Tierra Del Fuego.

groverraj :
"Among the most notable animals in the archipelago that are found: parrots, seagulls, guanacos, kingfishers, condors, owls, and firecrown hummingbirds."
Corinna :
Aliz-USA :
"Penguins are one and some other birds that I don't know any thing about."
umoanev :
"Lots of sheep to begin with! Then you have penguins, guanacos, rodents, huemuls (deers). I don't think there are parrots, these are more tropical animals but I may be wrong."
klaudiasd :
"Twenty species of terrestrial mammals include guanacos, foxes and beavers, which were introduced to the area and have caused serious damage, as have rabbits and muskrats. 90 species of bird include carancas, Torrent Ducks, Austral Parakeets, condors and oystercatchers."
chokito :
"southern chile, cows, sheep, condors. tierra del fuego, condors, hummingbirds, penguins, sheep, guanacos and an overpopulation of beavers -there are so many beavers that locals get paid $17 for each dead beaver they can bring to the authorities, as these animals, first introduced in the area in the 1940s from argentina, are the main lenga forests threat over there. btw, red foxes too, but i onluy saw one in tierra del fuego in more than a week. an no condor, although they are known to be flying up in the mountains!"


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Missing Person - Ronan Lawlor : Tierra del Fuego - Patagonia : Chile/ArgentinaIf anyone can help. please do. You might know someone who lives there or who is traveling in the region. Please digg.

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U.S. Secretary of Transportation, June 3, 1999. "Yet at the end of the day, the vision we seek to realize is not limited to this border region. Our shared vision for the transportation future of this hemisphere is of a seamless web of highways, rail lines, shipping routes and aviation corridors, stretching from the Yukon to Tierra del Fuego."

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Terra del Fuoco (Tierra del Fuego, Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sud) è il nome ufficiale di una provincia della Patagonia argentina. Con una estensione territoriale di 21.263 km² (*) e una popolazione di 101.079 abitanti (censimento del 1991) ha come propria capitale Ushuaia.

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