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Public transportThimphu is served by a 'City Bus' service which operates throughout the day. Plans have also been made to construct a light tram along the banks of the Wang Chhu that is both environment-friendly and efficient. Landmarks in ThimphuTashichoedzong hosts a colourful masked-dance festival (tsechhu) at the end of summer, which is popular with tourists. A new Tsechhu ground is said to be constructed that can take in the capacity of both tourists and the locals as well.Thimphu is the only national capital in Asia that does not have traffic lights. When local authorities installed a

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suzieeee_21 :

This my first vist here. Any peoples vist Thimpu? Know where is?

linlyons :
"no, i'm not coming for a visit. i did generally know where it was. i know better now. i found this site. he travels quite a lot. and writes well."
papars :
"Thimpu is in Bhutan, a small kingdom bordering India. You can reach Thimpu from Paro, the nearest airport. Paro is connected by Royal Nepal Airlines from Kathmandu and Druk Air from Kolkatta in India. You can also reach Thimpu by road from Kolkatta, India."
flightmedicine :
"I have visited many asian countries; but I have not visited yours. I hope you find a friend that will make you happy. Cheers."
Arun k :
"Thimpu, Bhutan is a nice place! but I haven't got a chance to go there yet. May be some time in future... cheers"
Ny :
"not yet.. thanks for asking!"


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Date: 2008-02-05 21:28:36

Ugyen does it again, gving the foreigner unfamiliar with Bhutan a glimpse into the ways of city folk in Thimpu! Keep i=up th egood work. You'll have to take me to buy osme Bhutanese fabric when I'm next in Thimphu!

Date: 2008-02-05 21:28:36

Great local story. This guy is always there to chronicle local events in and around the capital city of Thimpu. Great pictures as usual despite the fact that he's got a problematic ISP connection! Other journalists can hardly believe he's not getting paid for his excellent coverage of the news! Bhutan rising!

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