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The village Güímar is the site of the mysterious Pyramids of Güímar. TourismTourism is the most prominent industry in the Canaries and it is one of the major tourist destinations in the World.In 2005, 9,276,963 tourists (excluding those from mainland Spain) came to the Canary Islands. Tenerife had 3,442,787 arrivals that year, excluding the numbers for Spanish tourists which make up an additional 30% of total arrivals. According to last year's Canarian Statistics Centre's (ISTAC) Report on Tourism the greatest number of tourists from any one country come from the United Kingdom, with more

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massimosweetblue :

I'm going on holiday to tenerife with my friends for 2 weeks at the end of June. I was wonderng if anyone thats been there could tell me where are the best places (clubs) to go while I'm there and the best things to do, also how much spending money do you think I should take and any other tips or info regarding tenerife would be useful, I'm going to playa las americas. Thanks

allen555 :
"Brace yourself, it will be wild. Check out Google Earth for LA. The Veronica's is where the action is. will give you loads of info. We reckon €70 per day for the two of us and we don't go clubbing. The best beach is at Costa Adeje, just along the coast. If you are self catering there are loads of supermarkets, large and small in the area. If you are up towards the Water Park, the hill is quite steep but there is a brilliant restaurant called Pinocchio's up there. The penne is best on the Island. You will have a ball. Recommend you don't hire a scooter, far too dangerous. Taxis are dirt cheap, €15 from the airport. If you pre-book that'll cost you €70."
anthony9223 :
"All the youngsters go to the Veronica's or the Strip or the Patch Try the places owned by the Spaniards.The meals are great value for money so are the drinks. My wife & I go there at least 3 times a year never get fed up with the place. hope you have a great holiday take plenty of money you dont want to run out & spoil your holiday."
guflink :
"Hi mate, I have lived in tenerife for ten yrs. The best clubs in las americas are tramps, bobby's and busby's. ( in fact , they r probably the only clubs!!!! ) s far as how much money u need...... a decent night out will cost u 80-100 euros, its much more expensive here since we stopped using pesetas. Good luck, enjoy urseld and dont getted mugged!!!!!! If u wanna ask me more, just email me."
ivana :
"Ante Gotovina, a Croatian general, was arrested there. Thats all I know about Tenerife :)"
gilbert v :
"Playas Las Americas is the most popular place on Tenerife. So you will find more club ´s and disco´s than sand on the beach. So don´t worry yong lad, you will have a blast! Tkink on drink with caution not with gallons...."
Snowman1234 :
"You've got some great tips here, so all i can add is some excellent research links to back them up : and this site for excellent discounts on accom : You might want to compare Playa las Americas accom as well : "
jescikka :
"From what I have studied that area is one of the livelyist on the island and you will be spoilt for choice. I am going there later in the year adn have been reading loads. Will check out your other replys as well myself for extra tips,. Have a nice time"
xxangelxx :

which is better for giong out at night tenerife north or tenerife south??

snetterton :
"South has better weather but the chav count is really really high. The north has older Brits on the whole and the weather can be a bit iffy."
"it has to be south."
Sarah Mo :
"the south is very tourist so go there if you want a very typical "english" holiday..the north is much more traditional spanish so go there if you want to experience a proper spanish night out!"
lefty :
"South.......fish and chips guinness, bingo. Fat people topless North.......fish and chips, lager, clouds. German fat people topless. the whole island smells of sweat. dont go stay home"
Jason A :
"I'm no expert but from what i can recall Tenerife south is where the major nightlife is (or was anyway)"
Vicsta :
"Not sure if it's north or south, but avoid Playa De Las Americas at all costs! It's a total dump with pissed-up young school leavers on their first holiday abroad."
country boy :
"tenerife south,, playa de los americas,,, veroinicas strip,,, tramps,,, thats all i'm saying."
203 :
"The south and Playa de las Americas inparticular. Everything from top quality five star hotels at Fanabe and Playa Duque to budget self catering apartments in one resort over three miles along the coast. "
daniel h :
"SOUTH!!!!!!!! south rocks north is boring ...go to torviscas... torviscas is part of plays de las americas. ignore other people its nice and clean! Hotel: torviscas playa go 2 the beach for nightlife best places are moonlight, the first and last and ye olde ocean! go!!!!!"
Katie W :

Im thinking about buying an apartment of one or two bedrooms in the south of Tenerife in the next few months.. I will need a mortgage from a Spainsh Bank to help finance this purchase.. My question is: what is the maximum amount of money in euros i can loan from a bank and over how many years will they give me to pay this loan off.. I am at present a non spanish resident planning on living in Tenerife shortly.. Thanks in advance.. Katie S Ward..

VisaVerde CS SL :
"Hi Katie, I know a few people who have gone down this road, myself included. Usually Spanish banks will lend 65 to 70% of the valuation to non residents up to 25 years. I have heard that some will even lend for 30 years. Hope this helps."


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Hotel review in Tenerife.

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Captain Jason catches dinner 1500 miles into the Atlantic Ocean en-route between Tenerife and St. Lucia Caribbean aboard Ocean Voyager Catamaran.

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The crew of Ocean Voyager Sailing Catamaran taking a shower at 10 knots under sail mid Atlantic. Bound for St. Lucia Caribbean from Tenerife Spain.

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Ocean Voyager mid Atlantic with the trade winds aft. Speed 15 knots. Maximum we achieved 25 knots downwind en-route to St. Lucia Caribbean from Tenerife Spain.more dolphin videos www.costapartycats.comTourist information : www.costatouristguide.com

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