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The Kingdom of Swaziland is a small, landlocked country in Africa (one of the smallest on the continent), embedded between South Africa in the west, north and south and Mozambique in the east. The country is named after the Swazi, a Bantu-speaking people. It is divided into four regional administrative districts: Hhohho, Manzini, Lubombo and Shiselweni. Regions are further subdivided into tinkhundla administered by tindvuna (royal aides or governors); each inkhundla in turn comprises several chiefdoms governed by chiefs as well as urban municipal areas and private lands.

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hard 4 :

I have a friend who is working in an AIDS mission in Swaziland and i'm just wondering if anyone knows if there are any international forces in Swaziland to protect both the citizens of Swaziland and the foreigners who are there to do aid work, especially since there are elections coming up in Swaziland. I'm hearing that there is a group training in South Africa who will be returning to Swaziland for the elections to cause trouble as political parties are banned.

pugsley :
"wouldn't be surprised"
<3 :

swaziland is the small country mainly surrounded by south africa, but partly surrounded by mozambique.. can anyone find out who swaziland is allies with.. and maybe who swaziland trades with. thanks so much.

Porgie :
"I'm not really sure how to answer this question, but let me try. I hope you mean diplomatic allies, because that's what I got. Swaziland has one major diplomatic ally and that's the African Union. The country does however have ties to a number of countries, like Europe (Belgium and UK), North America (USA), Africa (Ethiopia, Mozambique and South Africa) and Asia (Malaysia and Republic of China). Swaziland trades mostly with South Africa, the European Union and the USA. The country exports soft drink concentrates, sugar, wood pulp, cotton yarn, refrigerators, citrus and canned fruit. Major export partners are South Africa 59.7%, EU 8.8%, US 8.8% and Mozambique 6.2%. Then the country imports motor vehicles, machinery, transport equipment, foodstuffs, petroleum products and chemicals from these countries and others. Major import partners are South Africa 95.6%, EU 0.9%, Japan 0.9% and Singapore 0.3%."

I am a lady working for a bank in Swaziland as branch Manager. im looking for a job in any bank outside Swaziland with good benefits and which will allow me to work as even though i am a Swazi. Have worked in a bank for 16 years now, 14 of which was with my previous employer ( a bank) also in Swaziland. Please contact me by e-mail to know more about my capabilities.

Johnny B :
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Date: 2008-02-05 21:13:07

Minister of Foreign Affairs James Huang has been forced to skip Malawi to fly directly to Swaziland.He left Taipei for Lilongwe on Thursday to make sure diplomatic relations between Taiwan and Mala

Date: 2008-02-05 21:13:07

"...places like Lesotho and Swaziland, as just one example, share similar rates of HIV and economic pain while one is largely circumcised and the other is not. ... The target here bears the appearance of being not just Africa, but America's own slipping rates of neonatal circumcision."

Date: 2008-02-05 21:13:07

I choose hope for Swaziland's future. These beautiful, royal people know that their only hope for a future comes through faith in Jesus. When you talk to them about their future, they get excited. They're excited because of a prophecy that says they will become the pulpit of all of Africa.

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Date: 2008-02-05 21:13:07

I've been to a place that reminds me of hell. A place so devastated by HIV/AIDS, that every other man, woman, and child you meet carries an invisible death sentence. That’s what happens to a country with a 46 percent HIV-infection rate. The sadness is overwhelming, and the hopelessness is suffocating.

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