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The Local Government Act 1888 reorganised county-level local government throughout England and Wales. Accordingly, the administrative county of Surrey was formed in 1889 when the Provisional Surrey County Council first met, consisting of 19 aldermen and 57 councillors. The county council assumed the administrative responsibilities previously exercised by the county's justices in quarter sessions. The county had revised boundaries, with the north east of the historic county bordering the City of London becoming part of a new County of London. These areas now form the London Boroughs of Lambeth

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xxlisa1405xx :

If you are the Ex-Met police officer from Spain who sent me an answer about a week ago from another question like this.....please can you get in touch with me!! You have given me more answers than the Met and Surrey together in the last 6 months. The thing is I did the Freedom of Information act and had a PNC done and i am clear, I am not on the PNC at all which means that i dont have a criminal record but Met and Surrey are saying that i do. I have been writing to the Met and Surrey for 6 months now and am not getting anywhere. They are not telling me what this record is, why i have it, where from, when i got it! I am 100% positive that i have NOT ever been in trouble with the Police, The only thing i can think of is someone has given my name,This is stopping me getting the job of my dreams and i feel like i have to give in and accept something that i truely feel i dont have. I may not even be able to get my gream job now because of it. Met & Surrey have been so unhelpful wht cn i do

Magenta :
"Speak to the Criminal Records Bureau they are the ones who do the CRB checks explain to them what is going on they might be able to help."
john k :
"Only one way, that's to really rock the boat by going all out for a Judicial review, see a solicitor and issue a Court summons against the Chief Constable for malicious libel seeking compensation. That will get things moving."
mafille.mavie :
"They must have to justify their claims. What do they say you did ? When ? To what address was any paperwork/fine notice etc sent at the time ? Where did you live at that time ? Have you seen your MP ? Have you seen a police officer beyond someone on a reception desk ? If "you" didn't turn up for the hearing was an arrest warrant issued ? What happened as a result ? Sounds nightmare situation. Good luck."
Caicos Turkey :
"Obvious though this answer is, have you written to your MP about it? Sometimes a letter from an MP can get things moving where letters from private individuals or even organisations can't. There is also the Police Complaints Authority to turn to if you are not getting replies to your letters. I hope you get this nightmare sorted out, as well as your dream job!"
des c :
"Its Friday now, the News of the World/Mirror are out on Sunday get in touch with them, they love anything like this and you may make a few bob on the side."
sarah1962 :
"if it has come back clear don't worry, but if you really want to find out, go to your local citizens advice office they will help you from start to finish,hope that helps all the best"
mick t :
"Surely you know if you have a criminal record or not. Being convicted of a crime is not something you are likely to forget"
Colin M :
"Where do "Met and Surrey" come into this? If you're applying for a job the prospective employer may check with the Criminal Records people, it's nothing to do with whatever someone from the police has apparently told you."
Jess L :

does anyone know/have specific list of geopraphic landforms in surrey, chilliwack, vancouver BC?? such as fiords, cirques, kettle lakes, striations etc etc.

Flyboy :
"There is an excellent book that covers questions like yours: Roadside Geology of Southern British Columbia. This book goes into great deal about the landforms in the lower Frazer River valley from Hope, BC to the delta. Fiords & cirques are mountain features and appear north and to the east of Vancouver. Surrey, as I recall, is mostly built on alluvial and glacial deposits."
Jim :

I am a professional driver (40k+ miles a year) and it seems that Surrey women drivers think the indicator stalk is not for indicating they about to turn, but for hanging their handbag on. Is this common or just a Surrey thing?

weezyb :
"oh good god ! I've never seen that. how hilarious"
wobbly belly :
"surrey. why? i spent two months there and had enogh. as snobby as cambridge graduates with the eductation of prison graduates."
old know all :
"Most drivers appear to think that the indicator helps the car go round the corner, so they don't switch it on until they're half way round. The exception is BMW drivers who have found that their cars can corner quite successfully without using the indicators at all."
jojo5050 :
"Try Bath where the more 'mature' driver tends to pedal the car everywhere at 3mph and get mixed up between accelerate and brake!"
Mike J :
"Most Surrey women have their Porsches, Mercs and BMWs bought for them by their husbands but they like to parade around in them as if they are important. When it comes to knowing what button does what on the car, they haven't got the brain cells to understand."
Ranteater :
"No, it's not a Surrey thing, it's just a cr*p driver thing."
shelokay :
"i live in surrey, i am female, i am a professonal driver aswell... i always use indicators! just crap driver thing male or female.. both are as bad as each other!!!!"
slowlaner :
"i drive about 2500 miles a week and i find 75% of all cars only get indicators fitted as a optional extra and do not have any use for mirrors other than leaning your hand on whilst posing with the window open, i drive a maximum weight truck or 18 wheeler if you like,grosses out at 44 ton is 56 ft long 15 ft tall 9ft wide can cruise at 60mph 75 downhill, yet is invisible to most car drivers,who despite the fact buy what we carry,dont want us"
David C :
"It's not just a Surrey thing, it happens everywhere. I used to think that indicators were an expensive optional extra on BMWs as it was so rare to see a BMW driver using them."
Purple Diamond :
"You can see that from your car while you're driving? Wow! You're one of the rare male drivers with reasonable eyesight! Cool! Can I have your autograph? A thumbs down?.... no sense of humour uh?"
Super Fly :
"It's because Surrey women drivers all have large SUVs, BMWs or Mercs that are FAR to big for them and probably can't reach the indicator stick. It's not their fault!"
rowdy :
"No, they do it in Swindon, too."


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Date: 2008-02-05 21:11:09

Scientists at England’s University of East Anglia’s School of Computing Sciences and Surrey University are working on a computer that can read lips. The computer will be built in such a way that the commands could be given to the computer even in a noisy environment.

Date: 2008-02-05 21:11:09

More on the farrago of the crematorium that distressed a bereaved man by sending him marketing materials on the day of his mother's funeral.

Date: 2008-02-05 21:11:09

Not content with inappropriate marketing, the complaints process at this UK Crematorium is exceedingly slow and lengthy. Not used to Customer Service, it seems. But the dead rarely complain.

Date: 2008-02-05 21:11:09

A man in has been ordered by authorities to demolish a castle he secretly constructed on his farmland in Salfords, Surrey, United Kingdom.Robert Fidler, 59, spent two years and £50,000 constructing the stronghold--which is complete with ramparts, turrets and a cannon--keeping it safely hidden from authorities behind a colossal wall of straw.

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