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Surat Thani (Thai: สุราษฎร์ธานี) is a city in Amphoe Mueang Surat Thani, Surat Thani Province, southern Thailand. It is the capital of the province Surat Thani.The city has a population of 126,018 (2007), and an area of 68.97 square kilometers. The city's population density is 1,827.13 inhabitants per km². It is near the mouth of the river Tapi on the Gulf of Thailand. The city has no tourist attractions, and is thus only known to tourists as a transfer to the nearby Ko Samui island.It forms the regional commercial center, with a seaport dealing in the main products o

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zayco99 :

so we're catching a plane from bangkok to Surat Thani, and we then need to get to the ferry, to catch a boat to koh samui, how far is the ferry from surat thani airport? and how much taxi fare do u think it will be?

Khun Bob :
"It's about a 45 minute to an hour ride to the ferry. I have driven it a few times. I know they have the bus and minivans to the ferry, but I don't know about a taxi. a bus/ferry combo ticket to Samui If I remember it was in the $10 to $15 per person range."
Frank T :
"I would go to a travel agency and book the trip. So you will not have to pay a taxi for your own but you will get a seat in an aircon minibus which is much cheaper. The ferryboats are different class, different time and different speed. So the prices also differ."
nowhereman :

Today I seen a White about 8 door Limo. I think it was a Lincoln Limo today, It had plates from Surat Thani with the number 1. Who does it belong to? The governor?

dave o :
"yes it belongs to the governor or as many people It's my Vigo with a long white marquee in the back,but where did you see it? It should still be in surat"


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The 247-square-kilometre Samui Island is Surat Thani's major tourist attraction. A 51-kilometre ring and largely coastal road encircles the island, which has numerous lovely beaches and bays and is almost literally an island of coconuts and forested hills. Other island attractions include coral beds, waterfalls, the phallic rock formations called H

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The largest province of the South located 685 kilometers from Bangkok is Surat Thani the province with a name that literally means "City of the Good People". A former capital of the Srivijaya Empire, the province covers an area of approximately 12,891 square kilometers. Surat Thani Province borders the Gulf of Thailand to the north and east, Chumph

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