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Well-known companies in Suffolk are Greene King and Branston Pickle in Bury St Edmunds. Birds Eye have their largest UK factory in Lowestoft, where all their meat products and frozen vegetables come from. Huntley & Palmers biscuit company are now in Sudbury. The UK horse racing industry is based in Newmarket. There are two USAF bases in the west of the county close to the A11. Sizewell B nuclear power station is at Sizewell on the coast near Leiston. Bernard Matthews have some processing units in the county, specifically Holton. Felixstowe is an important port. Geology, landscape and ecol

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cherryambermoon :

Are there any accomodations/flat available on Suffolk Strret or Suffolk Place behind the Theatre Royal Haymarket? If not, what is the closest hotel?

Pontac :
"Nearby hotels - see and there is a list of nearby apartments to rent at"

please see the link below .......I need to know if anyone KNOWS about The shelter system here in Suffolk LI.........My family is very scared but wants to stay together......please read the link below.....Thank You Y/A folks for everything!!!-;_ylv=3?qid=20071227140309AAuRsK5

Gordie C :
"Your question has been truncated and I can't seem to access the rest of it. However, from what I gather from this question and your previous question in another area of Yahoo Answers is that something terrible has happened and you have been issued a 72 hour notice to quit by the landlord. I don't need to know the terrible thing that's happened to know that you've seen this coming for quite a while. 72 hour notices to quit are only issued AFTER the landlord goes to court and shows that s/he has cause for eviction and that s/he has attempted all other remedies. This means that you have not adequately responded to the landlord’s attempts to remedy the situation, even after receiving notice of the court date. This is a great question and an exceptionally poignant one because sometimes bad and unexpected things do happen and people lose their housing. However, it needed to have been asked weeks ago when those who could assist you would have had time to do so. It sounds like you now either have to enter the Suffolk County Family Shelter system, (about which I know little) or temporarily separate from your children (perhaps their father could take them for a bit?) while you find another place. I’m sorry, but I don’t see any other options."
Paul G :

I think the 'Suffolk Strangler' is a crap name for this killer .... what do you think about 'The Suffolkater'? Much better eh? Answers on a postcard please ..... He can't be a 'Ripper' coz he hasn't mutilated the bodies .... apparently he just leaves a necklace and a ring on them.

C.J :
"i thought they had tagged him ripper"
Crispy :
"the super suffolk sex strangler"
bungle bonce :
"not bad lad, not bad. you should work for the Sun!"
Xx Angel Cine Xx :
"I could think of a lot worse names for him the toss pot...... I think its strange that you have spent time thinking up a name"
guylian_chocolate_seashell :
"I don't think he (or she) should be given a name. It is merely publicising this horrific sequence of events."
"That's a bit sick really, he's a serial killer not one of the x-men!"
minimoto :
"The suffolk scrubber strangler."
Sue B :
"I think all the attention we present by discussion of these atrocities is exactly why these acts are repeated and copied. These perpetrators are people who have never received attention for anything positive in their lives, they would rather be beaten then ignored as children because they have been so neglected and isolated from anything that would resemble acceptance or love. So they thrive on negative attention, the more the better, the worse the crime the more intense the attention. I think it better to play down the attention and let the police play detective."
Sam1 :
"I think it's sad that any light can be made of this, by anyone! My cousin was the fourth girl to be found. He DOESN'T leave certain jewellery on the bodies, just leaves them naked. MINIMOTO, Annette was in no way a "Scrubber" she was a Drug Addict. She was also a mother, daughter, cousin, and friend. YES she sold her body, and though I love her to pieces I did not agree with that. Had it not been for the drugs, which started off as a "smoke" with friends, she would not be, where she sadly is now. Whatever any of them did, right or wrong, they did not deserve to meet such a cruel death. Ipswich is a very sad, scary place at the moment, jesting about it really saddens me."


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Date: 2008-02-05 21:07:49

There were 42 sightings of big cats roaming the Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire countryside over the last year, according to figures released this week.

Dean Jakson
Date: 2008-02-05 21:07:49

The 4-day HighTide Festival premiered last year in Halesworth, Suffolk, welcoming an audience of nearly 3,000 and winning excellent national press coverage. Planned as a forum to showcase and promote emerging new theatre writers and directors...

Date: 2008-02-05 21:07:49

Slide Show of Shaun Scott’s Wedding Photography Images, Photographs in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Norfolk & Essex.

Date: 2008-02-05 21:07:49

One of five women killed in Suffolk went into a quot;downward spiral quot; of hard drug addiction and prostitution after her father died, a jury heard.

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