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^ Components may not sum to totals due to rounding^ includes hunting and forestry^ includes energy and construction^ includes financial intermediation services indirectly measuredThe Britannia Building Society is based in Leek. JCB are based in Rocester near Uttoxeter. Alton Towers is nearby. Alstom has a factory in Stafford, with some (power transmission) being sold in 2003 to Areva. EducationStaffordshire has a completely comprehensive system with eight independent schools. Most secondary schools are from 11-16 or 16, but two in Staffordshire Moorlands and South Staffordshire are from 13-18

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staffybtuk :

Why do so many people say staffordshire bull terrier are not good dogs to be around kids on here i dont understand when it's a proven fact there only 2 dogs that kennel club Recromends to be good with kid one of them is staffordshire bull terrier From the UK Kennel Club website!!! The breed is the 5th most popular dog in the UK (its place of origin), and it is the only breed to have the words 'totally reliable' in its breed standard. Furthermore, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is one of only two breeds from over 190 recognized by the UK Kennel Club to have a mention of the breed's suitability with children. punkmomm <<<<==== another person dont really have a clue about staffordshire bull terriers i think punkmomm is a hater yea i love staffordshire bull terrier because they are loyel, friendly, caring the list can go on and on remmber DEED NO BREED no dog is born EVIL!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth M :
"I never seen anything about staffies and kids on here it is about the pits which are great dogs that are very kind."
Mutt ™ :
"The only people that I have known to think Staffies and other bully breeds aren't good to have around children, are those that have had no personal experience with the breeds and rely solely on the media to form their opinions for them. Thinking otherwise would involve just that and let's be honest, forming an educated opinion is really hard work!! :)"
"Just like with Rottis, the ones from good and reputable breeders that care about temperment are great. The ones that come from crap breeders that just care about selling puppies may not be. Those kind of breeders are not the type to care about temperment. I know two people that breed Am Staffs and show and do other dog events. Great dogs. I would trust any of hers. However, I have seen many bred from crap that I would NEVER trust. Kennel Clubs assume the BETTER breeder and that is what they refer to."
♥Pit Bull♥ :
"Most people don't even know what a Staffordshire Bull Terrier is, so I've never seen anything bad written about them on here. They are great dogs. I'd love to have one. Great agility dogs!"
miss misschiff :
"its just the unresponsible meida and narrow minded people. i have 2 pittys one am.staff ( had to give her up due to bsl) and another still in the family. the am.staff was the best dog i could have asked for, very loyal, loving, and careing, she was my sons best friend, my best friend. the am.staff is almost better than the american pitty. tho i love them both and now have an american bulldog. lol i love my big breeds. best of luck"
Joey G :
"A lot of people say that bulldogs aren't good with children, simply because of the fact that they don't know them. This is the same with Staffordshire bull terriers."
Karen :
"Staffy's are known in the bullybreed circle as "Nanny dogs". The only ones who think they aren't good with kids are the ones who have never encountered one. They are wonderful pets."
Boxer Mom :
"In America they have gotten pushed into the fighting type dogs, and all of those dogs have a bad rep over here, and that is sad, because all can make great pets. You get some stupid idiots that treat dogs bad, and make them mean, and then the everyone else decides to make it worse and label the breed as bad. It is an awful circle, and the dogs our the only ones suffering, because they are turning potentially good owners away from good dogs, because of some that were mistreated. Then those pups end up with bad owners, because good ones are afraid, and the cycle starts all over. It is very sad."
punkmommy :
"Yeah they are great dogs until they run up out of nowhere and attack your dad, or until your friend wakes up with his standing over him which then attacks him, or when 2 kids in a P.E. class gets attacked by one. (All true stories). They are bred to be fighting dogs and some are sweet but you never know which one might turn. Oh, and if you start carefully reading kennel club descriptions of dogs you will realize they all sound like the best dog ever. Those blurbs are written by fans of the dogs. edit: The AKC eschewed breeds called "pit bulls" until 1936, when it recognized the American Pit Bull Terrier under the alias Staffordshire Terrier, named after the miners of Staffordshire, England, who had a hand in developing the breed for the fighting pit. so there is a slight difference between American Staffordshire Terrier and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, but not enough to ever make me comfortable having one as a pet "They began with the bull dog, mixed in some terrier blood, and produced the Bull and Terrier, a dog that met all of their expectations. The Bull and Terrier was bred for aggression to other dogs,""
Captain :
"It does get annoying...but everyone is entitled to their opinion. I believe staff bull terriers are incredibly loyal and intelligent and live up to the name "nanny dog". I own 4 of them. I also think a lot of people get them confused with pit bulls, which they are clearly not. And unfortunately some people do try to give them the tough image and fight them...but once again, as always stated, this falls back on the owner. How they're bred and how they are trained is everything, as with any dog. Just a little extra info for anyone who is interested: "...It is an English breed of dog and should not be confused with the Bull Terrier, or its larger cousin the American Staffordshire Terrier, or the American Pit Bull Terrier, even though it is often placed in the category of 'pit bulls'." "Staffie is renowned for its reliability as a family dog, with special emphasis on their reliability with children. The breed thrives in the family environment, being a suitably compact size for close family living. They can be protective of their family, especially those with small children, and it is for this reason that they make an excellent family guardian and watch dog.""
Linda953 :
"Origianlly one of the reasons the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was bred in England was to watch over the children as they played outside. They are very protective of their people. I have one (that is part boxer we think) and he is the sweetest thing. We have 5 other dogs and he loves to play with them all, though his favorite pal is a Jack Russell Terrier. He is very gentle with him."
shelly :
"We have 2 staffs and 2 small kids and they are great with them. My eldest can be quite rough with them and they just let her they just sit there then walk off when they have had enough. My mum on the other hand has a lab who is terrible with kids. I love staffs i know they wud protect my children to the death brilliant dogs. I would like to say to PUNKMOMM learn you breeds. Staffs are not breed for fighting thats pitts."
keithw_1953 :
"I have had pit bull (staffordshire terriers) for about 15 years and have not had one that was mean or aggressive to people or other animals. Anyone that says they are mistaking cause it is not in them to be that way. The ones that are have been taught to do just that in fighting rings. People need to be more informed about the breed."

The dog is more like a staffordshire bull terrier only a bit like a labrador its short muscle just a bit of the face is like a labrador the ears are like a staffordshire bull terrier it has the style of a staffordshire bull terrier but i just dont no one bit about the jaw lock help me on this

petsnakes :
"Huh? Neither breed suffers from lock jaw so why would a mutt cross of the two end up with lock jaw?"
fetchdog :
Loki Wolfchild :
"NO dog can have "lock jaw". It is physically impossible for any dog's jaw to lock. Not a Pit Bull, not a Staffy, not any Bully breed. So, no."
Tony IV :
""jaw lock" :) do you mean tetanus? :) Late Entry : Hello St.Lady :) Long time no "see" :)"
st.lady37 (GitEm) :
Rachel - Pit Police Captain :
"There is no such thing as lock jaw in bully breeds....that's a myth. There is no locking mechanism in a bully's jaw that doesn't exist in every other breed. Tetanus is a different story."
Mia C :
"Nope, not gonna happen with a Staffy, Staffy Lab cross, or any breed. I can tell you that a Staffy Lab cross would be a hardy and sturdy dog, and while it may have a stronger jaw than just a Labrador, it does NOT have the ability to lock. Dog's jaws just don't have the anatomy to lock, it's impossible. Some dogs have stronger jaws than other breeds, but none of them can lock! In fact, that wouldn't be a very good survival tactic. I'm not sure if any animal's jaws have the ability to lock. The only reason a dog's jaw would lock is if it had something wrong with it. If a dog's jaw is partially open, seemingly locked into place and drooling all over, unable to close it or open it more, then I'd bring that dog to the vet."
Shanna :
"All you need to know is that the whole 'lock jaw' thing is a total and utter myth. No dog has lock jaw. The myth started because the Pitbull breeds were known to have incredible drive and once they attached they simply refused to let go but it was sheer force of will - not a locking jaw. A well socialized Bully breed is nothing to fear."
tiffseagles :
"There is no such thing as a locking jaw in any breed!"
miss misschiff :
"its called lock jaw not jaw lock. ask a vet but others on here have seemed to answer better than i ever could. best of luck."
Ilovepitbulls2008 :
"Thats just a myth!!!"
Amber L :
"I believe you are referring to the Staff. Terrier part of the dog? First off, Bully breeds- including Staffordshire terriers do not have a locking jaw. That is purely myth. As a matter of fact, Staffordshire terriers have a lesser ''biting power'' than labrador retrievers do."
xtaintedLOVE :

Has the American Staffordshire Terrier ever been in the dog shows on Animal Planet? I was just curious because I don't think I've ever seen one there. Also, for my own knowledge .. what is the difference between a American Staffordshire Terrier and American Pitbull Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier? I can see a little difference in the looks, but which one is AKC recognized? I love the breed and just wanted to know a little more about them because I plan on owning one sometime in the long future :] Any other interesting cool info would be great! Oh, what would you look for in a REPUTABLE American Staffordshire Terrier breeder? When I get one down the down (probably 5 years .. I wanna make sure I am really ready and own a house) how would I know if it was a true breeder? Thanks again!

tattooartistpam :
"i thought they were the same thing, just pit bull is a slang term? oh well but what i would do in finding a breeder is go into the internet an type in staffordshire or pitt bull breeders an look at all the parents until you see the staffy your looking for. they have all shapes an sizes an colors so you should look at alot of them, then when you find the one you like ask them when thier next litter is due ( when your ready)"
Skyhoss :
"oh yes they have. the american staff and the staff bull terrier are akc reg if you will look on the site it will help you. the pitbull terrier is considered a mixed breed by akc."
Heather M :
"The difference between Am Staffs and Pitties is Am Staffs have NO red nose anywhere in their bloodlines and Pitties do. The UKC accepts American Pit Bull Terriers and the AKC accepts American Staffordshire Terriers. Your best bet is breeders that are recognized through the AKC or UKC, they are usually the most reputable. If you message me and let me know where you live I can probably find some in your area."
O E "800" :
"Check out and do a search. There are multiple threads dealing with AmStaff vs. Pitbull topics."
Pam W :
"Yes I have seen the breed in several of the televised dog shows. Actually , its where my son first saw one and decided that was the breed he wanted. The best place to start is a good search engine, like "yahoo search" or "google..." search American Kennel Club... from there search out the answers to your questions... or call the local vets to see if they know of a good, honest, loving breeder. USE CAUTION... this breed ( like its cousins you mentioned in your question) have been known to turn deadly without warning, and are not good to have around children..( or other small pets).. check the breed out very well before you commit .Raising any dog of any breed, is a challenge, and takes alot of responsibility, but you will be repaid with true pure love. Good Luck!"
Gianna M :
"Regardless of what you have heard or read, Pitbulls are not the same nor are they related to the other breeds you have mentioned. Pitbulls originated in Spain & Sicily, their documentaion goes as far back as the 1400's. They are not a mix breed, as the AKC will try and have you believe. I have a picture on my wall with all 4 breeds present and in fact they all have very distinct differences. Throughout the years a lot of cross breeding has occurred for all these breeds, and not all ancestry records are truthful. It is true that only the Pitbull carries the Rednose traight. I trully know what I am talking about. It is sad that the APBT has been misrepresented on so many different levels."
Alli :
"I would assume that an American Staffordshire Terrier has been on Animal Planet, mostly on the animal cops shows. They look like pit bulls. I own a pit bull, and I still can't tell the difference between an American Pit Bull Terrier and an American Staffordshire Terrier because breeders of these dogs breed all different kinds of sized, build, colors. A bulky pit bull looks like an am staff to me. But the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is much smaller than the other two. Here is a website that might help you. "
Nick B :
"The AmStaff is a cross breed between the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. They are a wonderful breed, usually a little taller than the APBT or the staffordshire bull's. I love them and all bully breeds. When you get a dog, please consider rescue. There are so many dogs that there is nothing wrong with them, people just don't want them and its very sad. I'm not sure where you're located but go to my web page and see my babies!"


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Date: 2008-03-25 13:12:17

TWO dogs which saved a toddler from drowning in a Queensland farm dam have been given the nation's highest animal bravery award. Rottweiler-cross Tank and Staffordshire bull terrier Muck pulled 2yo Max Hillier out of a neighbour's dam, after he wandered away from his family home last December. The dogs dragged him out & barked until help arrived.

Date: 2008-03-25 13:12:17

Stafford has a very good teacher training course.The staff are passionate about their job and have the subject knowledge needed to make you come away from their lectures with a smile feeling you have grown as a person in that one or two hour block.

Date: 2008-03-25 13:12:17

Firstly I would like to point out that the other courses may be good but I only know this one and it isn't! Also, this is for the Stafford campus on Beaconside, I do not know about the Stoke campus.

Date: 2008-03-25 13:12:17

Review Summary: DO NOT GO TO STAFFORDSHIRE UNIVERSITYMy reasons: Lack of organisation, lack of functional timetabling and staff are unfriendly and more importantly, unhelpful. Also some staff are unsure in their own knowledge. There is a total lack of communication between staff and students.

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