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B :

My family is planning to go to St. Thomas for spring break. Can anyone tell me anything about the islands? Restaurants, places to see, places to stay? We are staying 8 days and 7 nights.....

stella39 :
"St Thomas is the largest of the USVirgin Islands. It's a popular tourist destination arriving by air and cruise ships. Beautiful beaches, great duty free shopping, plenty of restaurants and bars. Activities galore. Diving, snorkeling, sight seeing. Magen's Bay and Coki Beach are my favorite beaches on St Thomas but there are many others. You are a ferry ride away from the Island of St John. Another wonderful island to explore. 39 beautiful beaches. St John is not as busy as St Thomas but it's as interesting. You are also close to the British Virgin Islands. But you need a passport to go the BVI the last I heard they are requiring passports. But it would be something to check out. Many hotels to stay at. Don't Know what your family's budget is but check out rental homes/villas on St Thomas. Will give you more room and some meals can be had at home, like breakfast and pack a lunch for the beach for villa rentals for hotels/resorts. Have a great time. Enjoy. I hope this will help)"
Jill B :
"I spent my honeymoon in the Virgin Islands last September, and had a blast! We stayed at Pavilions and Pools and loved it. I'm not sure if it would be right for a family vacation, though. There are lots of resorts on the island. Check on Travelocity or Orbitz for deals. A few of my favorite things that we did while we were there: 1. Visit the different beaches, not just the one you're staying close to. Magen's Bay is very famous (one of National Geographic's top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.) There is a $4.00 charge to get in to Magen's Bay, which is unusual in the USVI. All other beaches are free on St. Thomas. Coki Point is stunning and has awesome snorkling. Sapphire Beach is very pretty, too. The beaches on St. Thomas get pretty crowded, so plan accordingly. Going first thing in the morning is a good way to beat the crowds. 2. We went to Coral World Ocean Park. It's really cool and I definitely reccomend going. It's located right next to Coki Point, so you can do both in the same day. 3. You definitely don't want to miss a day trip over to St. John. You can catch the ferry in Red Hook for $5.00 per person (one-way) and it's only about a 20 minute ride to get there. We rented a Jeep for the day (there are car and Jeep rental stands all over) and beach-hopped all day long. The beaches on St. John are INCREDIBLE! Most of the Island is a National Park so the beaches are completely unspoiled. St. John is very laid back and the beaches are uncrowded. My favorites were Hawksnest Bay and Maho Bay. Trunk Bay is also very famous, but like Magen's Bay on St. Thomas, there's a samll charge to get in. (The rest are free.) 4. St. Thomas has the best shopping in the Caribbean. It's a duty free port and there's no sales tax, so things are a lot cheaper there, except for food and gas, which are considerably more expensive. Walk around Downtown Charlotte Amalie. All the stores are there. 5. We rode the sky lift to Paradise Point, above the harbor. The view is amazing from up there, and there's a little restaurant/bar and a few shops at the top. It's a good place to have lunch or a drink. Have fun, and don't forget to pack the sunscreen!"
MomSezNo :
"You could check out Frommer's and Fodor's websites for info about St. Thomas. Also and You might want to check out how many cruise ships are going to be in port each day while you are there, so you can plan accordingly for any daytrips you want to do. [Try] Definitely go to St. John. If you would be up for a hike to a secluded beach [no facilities at all - take water/snacks/etc], look into the Linde Point trail in the National Park [do a search or go to the NP website] to Salomon Bay beach or Honeymoon Bay beach. It's about a mile [easy] hike to the beach from the NPS center just to the left of the ferry landing at Cruz Bay. You can either hike back to CB or continue your hike over to Caneel Bay and get a cab back to the ferry."
Ronnie B T :
"Oh, you want NY city with palm trees. I guess it is a very good party island, but too busy for relaxing. St Croix is cheaper, less busy and prettier, but fewer places to party."
tmmz1107 :
"I went there two years ago and one of my favorite things was going to this restaurant in Charlotte Amalie called The Greenhouse. The food was great, the atmosphere was great, and every night they have games like bingo and trivia night where they gave away prizes and things. We went there 3 times during our week vacation."
spamfish60 :
"Great spot. We had alot of fun. Great snorkel trip with Castaway Girl tours."
Adam :

In St. Thomas Aquinas he refures to all living things having souls, such as the animal soul the vegetable soul, the human soul and the divine soul. However a virus has not yet been determined as a living thing, although it behaves in that manner, does it have a soul?

Soul Catcher :
"Just as viruses fall through the holes of a milipore filter, so too do they fall through the cracks in this discussion."
-.- :
debo :
"Clearly St. Thomas was not aware of the existence of viruses. In Thomistic philosophy the technical definition of a soul would be the form of a living body; since there is debate about whether a virus is alive, there would be debate about whether it has a soul. But insofar as viruses are like living things, they would have something like a vegetative soul. This would be the "form" that organizes the material that makes up the virus."
Oleg B :
"We have no idea what Soul is at first place, just many guessing in "objective" forms intellect may provide. It is well known that we can find whole universes under the finger nail. Does Universe have a Soul? Answering this question you'll answer yours."
Said :
"To me, anything that behaves as life's child has a soul."
fu ee :
"deriving as it does from Aristotelian thought, Thomistic philosophy would inherit many of the same categories. if we compensate for cultural biases & the fleeting trends of the present & demonstrably determined structure of thought, we might say that viruses are what were once thought of as demons. in this case, the answer is certainly. in fact, all a virus is is a spirit. see Austin Osman Spare on this"
viking_transplant :
"Yes, because the virus engages in behavior that can be described teleologically (via its final cause), hence it must be animated by a form or soul much like other living beings."
Catecher W :


dj :
"Do you mean St Thomas island east of Puerto Rico ? The island is about 20 km long and is about 65 km east of Puerto Rico or about 1,300 km east of Jamaica ."


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