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merc1985 :

I am thinking of traveling in Nov to Moscow and St Petersburg. I fear the cold and inability to read Russian letters. I will also be going alone. Any reasonable recommendations.

AndreasD72 :
"I advise you to learn how to read the Russian letters as soon as possible. Generally, you will almost find no latin descriptions or information in both cities. November and December are not the coldest month in Russia. the coldest time is January and February. In November the temperature might by about 0°C or above during the day and below zero at night. Moscow is one of the most expensive cities of the world. St. Petersburg is cheaper and - from my point of view - much nicer. Avoid to show people where do you have your money. Avoid dark places out of main roads an be afraid of hooligan kids."
meowser :
"Wow! I am jealous... I went over for a month a couple of years ago so hope I can give you some good advice. Knowing the Cyrillic alphabet will really help, worse case scenario get a print out from the net. Just by knowing the letters you can figure a few things out (like the words pizza, bar and hot dog ;-) It will be darn cold (It starts snowing already in October so by Nov should be a good ground covering) so wrap up warm. If you buy any furry things there make sure the furry stuff is on the inside as it insulates better. Another idea is to go to a language school for a week to get the basics down (ABA in Puschkin is good), and also you can meet a few people and get over the culture shock... In St Petes find a club called Fish Fabrique, its pretty good. Also eat some Borsch soup and generally have a good time (remember if your drinking vodka with russians dont down you drink, just sip it, and it wont get topped up. I know its a stereotype but they can drink!) Enjoy!"
mixterrr :
"I went to Russia about 2 years ago. Had the time of my life there. I could not speak or read a word of Russian, what I picked up I heard off the street and from my trusty Lonely Planet phrase book. Going alone depends on your gender and age. It was not long ago a New Zealander woman in her 50s or 60s was killed in Moscow, and she was staying in the Izmailovo Market area, which is the same place as I stayed. Russia can be a dodgy place if you don't know what you're doing. Are you joining up with a tour group when you get there? Moscow is huge but they have an excellent Metro system (which is in itself a great tourist pull), the Red Square/Kremlin/St Basil's is of course a must. If you have time you can check out the Culture Park of fallen Soviet statues which isn't THAT spectacular. A walk down the Arbat wouldn't go astray either, and nor would a trip to the Cathedral fo Christ the Saviour which was blown up by Stalin but since restored. Saint Petersburg is a much more beautiful city than Moscow and most of its tsarist treasures have been retained. Of course the Hermitage is a must-see, and you should pick out a couple of the many palaces surrounding the city. The Peterhof and the Catherine Palace are my personal reccommendations. Also pay a visit to the Leningrad Siege Museum. Walking up the Nevsky Prospect is a joy in itself. The best time to go is June/July, during the White Nights. OK, hope that helps!!"
imalandamcuteasabutton :

Has anyone been to Zorbas or St Petersburg Restaurants in Liverpool? Were they nice? Or can anyone recommend other restaurants in Liverpool for this weekend?

"Have heard both are really good Zorbas Greek food ,St Petersberg for Russian food."
Neil :
"I haven't ate in either of them, but Zorba's has a good reputation, and St Petersburg is supposed to have an unusual menu (borche) but is good as well. The Yuet Ben (opposite the Chinese arch in china town) is regarded by many to be the finest Chinese restaurant in Britain, but is a bit more expensive than most. The owner is a wine buff, so expect a wide and varied wine card."
Basement Bob :
"Zorba's Owner Michael Haralambos opened Zorbas on Leece Street, Liverpool over 30 years ago. He started with a capacity of 20 and over the years, after numerous extensions, it now seats 100. Michael and his family are still in charge and he knows most of his customers by name. You can enjoy the finest Greek cuisine at Zorbas as well as a selection of English dishes. What sets it apart from other Greek restaurants is both value for money and the fact that you can enjoy a quiet meal (no plate smashing to worry about). As the name suggests, the restaurant is themed on the movie Zorba The Greek -- every wall has a still from the film and the bar is designed to resemble a Greek building. Lattices covered with vines hang from the ceiling to complete the effect. Opening Hours: 5pm-11.30pm (Monday - Saturday) 2:30pm - 9.30pm (Sundays) St Petersburg The main distinction of St. Petersburg cuisine is not only its imperial character,but as well its international features providing an excellent choice of meals from Russian cuisine. Tsar's dining room - 1st floor Izbushka dining room - 2nd floor OPENING TIMES: MONDAY TILL THURSDAY 12 P.M.- 2 A.M. FRIDAY 12 P.M. - 5 A.M. SATURDAY 4 P.M. - 5 A.M. SUNDAY 4 P.M.- 2 A.M. St. Petersburg long time been the European capital of the Russia and alongside with original Russian dishes,city cuisine included dishes all over the Russia and also meals from Europe,especially from French and German cuisine,witch after Russian influence became a St.Petersburg cuisine meals. But not only Europe changed Russian cuisine and also Russian dishes became a part of the world cuisine such as steak "Tartar"(Tartarean steak),chicken "Kiev",beef stroganoff and many others. The best authentic and the only one outside London Russian restaurant established in 1996 invite you to taste an excellent choice of different meals from Russia.It has been featured in both the National and Local Press, as well as on Granada TV and the BBC. Traditional Russian hospitality,superlative menu and extensive selection best Russian plain and flavoured Vodka, Wine and Beer in our "Peter The Great" Vodka-bar, music and live entertainment will make your time unforgettable."
alwaystired :
"Hi great places in Liverpool to St Petersburg is Russian and we had a great meal there a while ago outside the city try the ark in allerton nice food and cheap!"
Madurai :

We are visiting St Petersburg this month and would like to enjoy the local cuisine. Please let us know of any good restaurant.

Dart Swinger :
"Be very careful when you're there. It's not the friendliest place. They have the world's largest McDonald's, and it's crowded all the time."
Cossak :
"We have no world's larget McDonalds and in cities just restaurants almost..."
zversgirl :
"Being in Russia, you should find the Russian restaurants authentically Russian!! I find St Petersburg a gorgeous city and the people are much friendlier than Moscow. Disagree with the first post. I like Yolki-Polki. It's very cheap and the food's pretty nice. Russkaya Kukhniya is authentic too, but I don't really rate the food very much. There are also plenty of Soviet canteen style restaurants but you'll need to seek them out. The cheaper and less touristy the restaurant, the more authentic it is."
Happy Hippie :
"Not anymore. Mostly Ukranian restaurants and Mc Donalds."
Ginger0106 :
"It depends of how much money u'd like to spend.If u r looking for really high quality cuisine check this and pay attention to those restaurants which marked as $$$$....all situated not far from Nevsky prospect...= or Can't recomend u certain restaurant, cause I was pretty satisfied with one of restaurants "Hermitage"situated at Senates(Dvortsovaya) square(under the ark), but next year it lost it's attraction for me. Who knows what's now... But if u r looking for not so overpriced places, then the answer of zversgirl is informative."
anna l :
"I could advice you these good restaurants in St Petersburg with Russian cuisine: Sverchok - at the corner of Nevsky prospect and Moika river, Dvorianskoye gnezdo - near Mariinsky theater, chaine Teremok - for the blinis testing, Russkaya Ribalka (Russian fishing) - fish cuisine"


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Date: 2009-03-03 21:55:15

Two undercover St. Petersburg detectives were supposed to buy drugs from the suspects in the parking lot of the just goes downill from there....

Date: 2009-03-03 21:55:15

The St. Petersburg Times reported "Nick Schuyler of Tampa, was found perched atop an overturned boat about 38 miles west of Tampa Bay shortly after noon today ... [but] the other three men [who were with him], former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Marquis Cooper and Corey Smith and former University of South player Will Bleakley, have not been found."

Date: 2009-03-03 21:55:15

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida (Reuters) - The U.S. Coast Guard rescued one of four boaters on Monday missing in the Gulf of Mexico since Saturday and continued the search for two National Football League players and another man.

Date: 2009-03-03 21:55:15

The St. Petersburg Times reports that the person found clinging to the boat is Nick Schuyler. Ray Sanchez, the Cooper's cousin, tells that to the paper. WTSP said it has confirmed from the Schuyler family that Nick Schuyler was the person located.

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