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B.E :

How long is St . Lawrence River from start to the end ????

Dfwteddybear :
"1,197 km (744 mi)"
Serendipity :

What's the soil type, temperature and wildlife of st,lawrence river? Please reply asap. Thanks in advance

42 :
"there is a lot of whales in there - especially beluga whales (the white ones)"
hockey :
"Ask Riley Martin and the Biavians."
Roger M :

where does the saltwater end and the fresh water start in the st lawrence River??

Vincent G :
"Just a bit East of Quebec City."
b j :
"River first becomes a bit salty just east of Donnacona which is 40 miles west of Quebec City. The river becomes brackish (salty - only 20%) but widens out into the estuary which is much saltier (where the fresh water meets the ocean tides). The Gulf of St. Lawrence then extends for 250 miles before it reaches the Atlantic."


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