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lols_h :

How come no one has mentioned st.georges day today, everyone celibrates every other day and on st.patricks day everyone went mad. But nothing happens today, it is very confussing as we are in England

GodShew :
"Grace unto you, and peace, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Perhaps GWB's 'rule of law' and 'there will be sacrifice' going globe-all in four years has made people ww anti-George. As if Johnny-Law drawback not bad enough, kinda like a dog who returned to his vomit; George W Bush wants to draw back to Law Law. The "grace' of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen."
heavenlyangeluk1 :
"tell me about it ! There is a petition going on to make it a public holiday so maybe get your voice heard on there as well :)"
buscemibabe :
"Happy St Georges Day everyone. There's trying to make it into a holiday in England, about time too."
heath0827 :
"Well if I didnt have a british co-worker I wouldnt have any idea what St. Georges day is or what he did so that could be why it is not widely mentioned. I think it is one of those things that people just dont know about."
raysbird :
"Nice One.. I always make a point of St Georges day... wishing my family and colleagues 'happy St G day' we English should not be so complacent...... HAPPY ST GEORGES DAY TO YOU!!!!!! X X X X X X X"
brainstorm :
"Perhaps because St. George has nothing to do with England. He was a Palestinian and never set foot on English soil. He is also the patron saint of several other countries he never went to. The original patron saint of England was St Edward the Confessor who was an Englishman but he was deposed when the French invaded England and imposed their own culture."
dopeydawn :
"Happy St Georges day to ya,we put out our flags and had a traditional English sunday lunch you are right we should celebrate our patron saint more and show the world how proud we are to be English."
mad keith :

well its soon going to be St Georges day,so were is the build up for this. when is was St Patricks day it was on posters and tv ads but i have not seen any of this for the brits day or is it because this stupid country is frightened of up setting our so called minoritys

fanella :
"nothings happening round west yorks for it"
Jon Soundman :
"He is the Patron saint of England, not Britain."
stopped moving.still alive. :
"Sod them i will celebrate St Georges day Fly the flag."
Nexus6 :
"The English have been conditioned to think that patriotism and racism are the same thing. The council I work for banned us from showing the Cross of St George on our vehicles during the last world cup, while one of the local Asian taxi firms had two England flags flying outside their offices. I can't work it out either."
Pups :
"We have a mega party in the garden and all our kids dress up in red and white.The school does a themed lunch as well.We are not afraid of being English and we all fly our flags in our gardens around here,but I so agree with you why is there no advertising for it,how disgusting,lets start one now.HAPPY ST GEORGES DAY //+_+\"
Butt :
"Admire the boss who has declared it a national holiday and given all he's workers the day off.It should be a national holiday.It really gets my goat the way Paddy day is hyped."
J J :
"No, I think it is that the English don't need to have a parade. We are confident enough in our identity, at present. Time will tell though. We are probably reaching a tipping point for 'Englishness', hence the fuss about St George's Day. Probably will be a national holiday within the next decade."
Doug B :
"St George is ENGLAND'S Saint, not Britain's The English couldn't give a monkey's about their Patron Saint - they are that type of people. most English folk don't even know they have a Saint. Fewer still know he was an Arab. Hope that answers your q. btw, I'm Welsh, and always mark St Davis's Day (March 1st) by wearing a daffodil on my shirt."
lokidrew :
" some events."
cowpattice :
"We should ALL fly our flags for the day and sod those people who dont like it........thats what i say..................."
jaycee1940 :
"I shall be flying my flag for England and St.George!"
wildamberhoney's kitten :
"Well, my grandparents are originally from India so I could be considerred a 'minority'. As a born-and-bred-here British woman of Asian descent, I have nothing whatsoever against St George's Day. In fact, my eldest brother was born on St George's Day. I know what you mean about political correctness gone mad. The idea that flying the Union Jack makes you a racist is imply ludicrous. It also makes a mockery out of the very serious issues central to wiping out racism."
lisa4rugby :
"St George is patron saint of England. My local council office took down one of the flags last year...have a guess which one? go on you never will.... Apparently they didnt want to offend people!!!! LOL LOL LOL I am offended...but NOBODY cares...I am Eniglish and proud!"
shayna :
"All cultures should live in harmony, St Georges day should not die, no national holiday should die for countries!"
Wendylou :

Why are us English so unpatriotic? I think that St Georges Day should be celebrated, we should be proud to be English. If you agree do you think that we should have it made into a bank holiday? To Vodka, it is April 23rd in case you didn't know.

steven09581 :
"I agree, the more bank holidays the better!"
lu :
"We celebrate St. Davids day here in Wales but it's not a bank holiday. having a bank holiday doesn't mean your proud to be something."
vodka :
"my diary does not have George's day in but i can tell you every holiday in every other countries in the world and it was printed in England how patriotic"
Doodydude234 :
"Whats there to celebrate about being English? Our country is a third world dump and our government is simple unspeakable. Nothing to be proud about here."
I'm a Stupid Idiot! :
"I celebrate it every year... well April 23rd is my birthday!"
toshimi :
"Most certainly!!!"
Gary M :
"Yes you're right, trouble being there are a lot of public holidays around StGeorges day, but we've so may hero's to choose from, should be one born between June and July?"
thompson_clare :
"I think we should celebrate being British, be proud to stand up and say I am british, this does not make us racist just proud, there are lots of other cultures that show their pride so why can't we? hang up flags,have street parties and throw off our british reserve. I think there should be a bank Holiday!!!! Celebrate being British."
jduck1979 :
"As far as I understand, it is all down to the twerps who try to force Political Correctness down our throats due to their belief that being proud to be English is "racist"...... and, as is the case with such people, they've been saying it out of their arses so much that people pretty much take it as fact."


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