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Sosua is a small town in the Puerto Plata province of the Dominican Republic. The town is divided into three sectors: El Batey, which is the main section where most tourists visit,Sosua Abajo and Los Charamicos. El Batey was the settlement area of approximately 500 of the 5,000 German and Austrian Jewish refugees for whom the Dominican government issued visas between 1940 and 1945.

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mharrington15 :

I'm traveling to Sosua in January with my girlfriend, brother, and sister-in-law for 5-6 days. We are staying on the outskirts of town, and intent on finding the best beaches in the area, great food, and some great hiking/nature excursions. We're very happy with our accommodations, but a bit leery of some of the reviews of Sosua, particularly with regard to vendors, beggars, and prostitution. Can someone please provide a realistic description of Sosua today? What can we expect for beaches in the area? How far do we have to drive to find isolated beaches without urban distractions? Is the nightlife completely overridden with prostitution (as described in other forums)? Again, we're four "hitched" young adults planning a relaxing winter vacation. I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions!

"It all depends on were u are staying and were u go, i hope that u are renting a car to get around, as far as the beaches your choices are limit less and as far as the night life that is when u will c the loose broads but if u r not into that then they will leave u alone there is a good beach with vendors and i was there recently i rented a house for a week and i had a ball."
MomSezNo :
"You might try They have destination guides and forums that may answer your questions. You might also look through some of the hotel/resort reviews, even if you already know where you'll be staying, as there can be some good info there, too. There's also a site called that has lots of info. Many of the beaches all over the Caribbean have "problems" with beach vendors trying to sell you all kinds of stuff [legal and otherwise], unless it is controlled by law or by security staff at a particular resort. It's just a fact of life in many of these countries. Good luck with finding the information you need. And have a great trip!"
jazzpaging :
"I live in Sosua. If I were you I would change my plans and stay in Cabarete which is the next town although you are going to find much of the same there just less in your face. There are a lot of prostitutes and some can be pushy. Some are very nice women as well and culturally it is quite different here in the terms of the way they are looked at. This is a 3rd world country with people trying to stay ahead but I can tell you that it is a whole lot less of a hassle than Negril Jamaica if you have ever been there for comparison. Beaches here are NOT crowded except for weekends. There are beaches an hour east of here NOBODY goes to. Check out Cabrera but you will want a car or at least a driver for the day. Check out Bliss in Cabarete, Josephs Grape and Grill in Sosua, El Choco on the Hwy to Cabarete and there is also a good Japanese restaurant in front of Ocean Dreams in Cabarete. Have fun and don't let life get to you. Rent a villa if you want privacy and not to interact with the local population."
L´Antipodien :
"Don't go to Sosua this is prostitution 100% and like Cabarete the beaches are small. Go to Puerto Plata, there the beach is big and you can find anything you like."
Ahab :
"There's a whole lot of whorin' going on in Sosua. It can be pretty sketchy. The vendors are pretty pushy also. But we're all grown-ups here. Ignore the bad..there is a lot of good. As someone suggested - Puerta Plata is awesome. And the beaches are great. Costambar is very cool and small. A little more chill and relaxed. There's some very cheap places to stay. I would seriously consider Costambar. But then again...go to all the places suggested and enjoy yourself. It's a small country and that's what traveling is all about. ok matt"
Sandy29 :

I'm organizing a girls getaways for 5 nights in May. We decided to go for Dominican Republic. Although the beaches look nicer in Punta Cana than in Puerto Plata, we decided to go for something a little bit more typical where we can have a real insight with the the people that live there. We are thinking about Cabarete or Sosua. Any recomendations? Which one has the best beach? The best nightlife? We don't really want to be in a resort all-inclusive but it seems to be the cheapest option...Any place you recommend to stay? Anyone has been there? Thanks!!!

jazzpaging :
"Gals I would advise Cabarete! Valero is real nice and Villa Taina is cheaper:) Sosua is more of a single guys paradise and Cabarete is better for couples and gals! Sosua is only 20 minutes away and only a couple of dollars each to cab it one day and check it out! Go to Vimeca (Western Union) to cash dollars for Pesos as they will give you 3-4% less in the street there! Buy food and drink at Janets Supermarket! Good food go to Pomadoro on the Beach for Italian-LAX for casual food-Bliss for French which is on the road to the El Choco Caves across from Ocean Dreams and Tipico Mercedes farther along the same road for good Dominican food-Ocean Sands Casino in Cabarete if you want an after hours bar and gamble! The beach is active during the day for windsurfing and a long beach walk west takes you to Kite Beach where you can watch some exciting Kite Surfers perform! If you are there on a Sunday you must get a cab to the place in Cabarete where the River Meets the Ocean for the time of your life! Live music and people dancing and a nice spot to swim and drink beer and eat food! Sunday is the only fun day there! You are right All Inclusives SUCK big time! Have a great time! I have lived here for 7 years and love it! Email me if you want more info because I can go on for hours:)"
morris :
"Either town is great, I have stayed at both. They are so near you can hop a short bus ride and visit both. I prefer the all inclusive becuase no-one will give you a fair price. You will have to bargain for every meal and drink you get. I get tired of the locals trying to get you to pay $30 or $40 for a meal when they will settle for $10. With the all inclusives you don't have to worry about running low on cash or overspending. Sosua and Cabarete are great for getting to know the local culture, have fun."
Gilbert :
"Sosua is great, Cabarete is more for sports people (surfing), and Puerto Plata has the biggest (New) beaches in the Dominican Republic even much better than Punta Cana (nothing to do outside there). Puerto Plata has like Sosua a great night life. I´m a VIP tour operator if you need info or reservations just let me know. I have a great hotel for you in Sosua."
mharrington15 :

Booked my flight and reserved a room in a small, 3-room boutique bed and breakfast just on the outskirts of Sosua, Dominican Republic. We're going in mid-January for 5 days. The plan is to check out Sosua beach and to find some relatively deserted beaches along the north coast. Anyone been in this area? I'm looking for any and all suggestions. Thanks!

Judy :
"Mt Isabel in Puerto Plata is nice. I would also recommend the Amber Museum and Playa Dorada beach."
jazzpaging :
"Been there? I live here now for 7 years! The whole North Coast is beach and either way you go you will find beach after beach! Will you have a car? My favorite beach where you won't be bothered by anyone at anytime is La Entrada which is just east of Cabrera! There is a LONG HUGE beach and 3 deserted coves with beaches that most people dont get to! If you want to see the North Coast you need my North Coast Tour:) I take Dominicans where they haven't been before! BTW: Playa Dorada Beach is host to about 15 all inclusive hotels and is NOT quiet:)"


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Date: 2008-04-27 05:20:10

Mit Sicherheit zählt die Dominikanische Republik zu den beliebtesten Reisezielen der Welt. Dafür sprechen jedes Jahr die aktuellen Besucherzahlen. Wer sich für einen Urlaub in der Dominikanischen Republik entscheidet, der entscheidet sich zugleich für einen Urlaub unter der Sonne mit vielen Möglichkeiten zur Freizeitgestaltung.

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