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feeteeandmurt :

we are looking to book a weeks holiday to either sorrento or amalfi next summer and would wecome any comments, is sorrento too busy?... is amalfi too quiet ?..we are 2x 40 yr olds looking for romantic lazy hol no disco-ing , but we like going for drinks, cocktails and good food.

blondie :
"sorrento is a beautiful place to stay, i stayed there last year, and the almalfi coast is great if you hire a car for a drive!"
jonnycab :
"Sorrento is buzzing but not as pretty. Amalfi will be a lot more expensive and very touristy. You could stay in Sorrento and visit Amalfi for the day. Either place will suit you though I think.."
bobgasnola :
"Sorrento quite pretty but I really loved the Amalfi Coast. I find Italy very expensive and they do not cater for Vegetarians. Do watch your purse or your back pocket though. What ever you decide have a good holiday. You will enjoy both. Lots to see and do in that area. Isle of Capri, Pompeii and naples etc."
IndySteve1563 :
"From my personal and professional experience(fellow traveller and Owner of a Travel Agency, I can tell you that both have their attributes. From what I see in the question you posed, you're in my demographic, so to speak. I'm in my 40s as well and appreciate a quality week at a Villa/Resort with few distractions and also enjoy my lifestyle as well. From what you described, I would say that Amalfi would be more suitable for both of you. Amalfi has 2 areas: The inland area then the Amalfi Coast. Your lifestyle as you describe it can be had at either Amalfi location. So the only issues for you to resolve are: 1-Villa? Resort? 2-Do you have a Travel budget in mind? 3-Do you have a tentative date in mind, knowing you want to holiday in the summer of 2007? 4-Any particular amenities both of you require in either your Villa/Resort? Small considerations for certain but it is important as it will truly simplify searching for accomodations that will make both of you happy. If you could kindly either call, email me at:, or reach me through Yahoo Messenger with your criteria, we can search through the current Villa/Resort vacancies that are available that will satisfy your wants, needs, and are also budget-friendly."
jetgirly :
"Amalfi has TERRIBLE dining. Absolutely appalling. Here's my suggestion: 50% Sorrento - more restaurant choices, lots of cocktail bars with good views, good coastal transportation connections 50% Ravello - this little village is called "The City of Music" because it has an amazing all-year-round musical program. It's located thirty minutes from Amalfi, straight up, so you get fantastic views of the sea. Lots of high-class hotels with nice restaurants because they cater to fans of classical music. From Ravello you can visit Positano and Amalfi by bus."
elaineke2002 :
"I would Reccomend Sorrento. Amalfi is over rated....."
tuumac :
"I live in Naples, and I can definately say that if you want somewhere cheap to stay or eat, or drink-don't go to Amalfi! The coast is brilliant for a one-day trip, although you might find it impossible to even get near to if you're thinking of coming in August. A wonderful restaurant in Amalfi is "Chez-Black", which cooks typical Italian dishes and often has many VIP guests. You should book now for any hotels, because tourist season is in full-swing and it's difficult to find places. When in Sorrento, try the "Insalata di limone", or rather "lemon salad", which is made with the enormous lemons which grow there. On the other hand, if you're going to rent a car and would like to find some of Southern Italy's most beautiful beaches, go to Gaeta and Formia, up a bit from Naples. Good luck! And by the way- The weather's great!"
ily_iaia :
"BOTH WONDERFUL !!! I remember... Sorrento: the seaside seen from a hill full of lemon trees Amalfi: wonderful neat little streets in stones with flowers falling down from everywhere and nice smeel of cakes"
polkae6036 :
"Amalfi is laid back, very relaxing and local while Sorrento is more tourist oriented. In Amalfi, we have always met locals in the restaurants and bars which adds to the enjoyment of our trip. To get to Amalfi you have two options - the bus or the boat. From Sorrento - To take the wild bus ride to Amalfi, buy a ticket at the kiosk on the lower level of the train station. After leaving the kiosk, go across the street and look for the line. You may have to wait for one or two buses before you get on and be prepared to stand or get wet if it's raining :-) The bus ride is very exciting because it hugs cliffs going up on one side and cliffs going down on the other. You will first get to Positano then Amalfi. If you choose to stop in Positano, there are two stops. You want to get off at the lower stop. The other transportation option is to take the boat. You can walk or take a taxi to the harbor in Sorrento. The boat is less crowded and takes less time. We prefer the boat. I think you can even take the boat from Naples which would cut out the train ride. Have fun!"
Stephanie D :

My husband and I recently returned from a fabulous honeymoon in Sorrento, Italy, where I had the opportunity to try the only REAL limoncello. Since the stash we brought back is nearly gone, I want to try making my own. I have the recipe (from Sorrento), but I was wondering which alcohol I should use- Everclear, or vodka? Also, since lemons from Sorrento aren't an option, will organic be the closest match?

Pinguino :
"Everclear (95%), definitely! Unless otherwise noted, for Italian liquors this is the standard. As for lemons, you should simply use the better you can get :) Limoncello is spreaded all around Italy, different varieties of lemons are used according to regions."
agchick :
"I just spent my last college semester in Italy and I found that the best way to make lemoncello was with everclear and Italian lemons but I would guess that organic lemons would be your best bet back at home. Good luck and enjoy"
Cate Malarky :

Have booked to go to Italy (Rome, Sorrento & Amalfi coast) in June this year. Looking for personal recommendations for hotels in Sorrento/Amalfi area. Also where is better to use as a base, Sorrento? We plan on hiring a car and touring the area, so would like a hotel in a good central place. Romantic setting would be good too! Santa Caterina is fully booked. Although it looks lovely, perhaps a little on the pricey side. Good suggestion though, thanks

pipieffe :
"Sata Caterina in Amalfi. you'll love it"
susie_september :
"We stayed at the Paradiso. Nice hotel, wonderful views but crap food."


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Date: 2008-02-05 20:38:20

A travel story about Italy's island of Capri and the Sorrento Coast.

Date: 2008-02-05 20:38:20

This is the only place I have heard of that sprays pesticides occasionally and not every week. My family loves to pick strawberries each year. Since switching to a mostly organic diet, I thought that we would have to give up picking them ourselves. But I was pleasantly surprised to hear about this farm and plan to go there soon.

Date: 2008-02-05 20:38:20

This is the only place I have heard of that sprays pesticides occasionally and not every week. My family loves to pick strawberries each year. Since switching to a mostly organic diet, I thought that we would have to give up picking them ourselves. But I was pleasantly surprised to hear about this farm and plan to go there soon.

Date: 2008-02-05 20:38:20

Lo studio fotografico Momenti Felici opera a Foggia dove svolge la maggior parte dei suoi servizi fotografici per matrimonio, ma spesso si reca anche in altre città dove è chiamato a svolgere il suo reportage di matrimonio, come Positano, Amalfi, Sorrento, ma anche Roma, Venezia e Firenze.

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