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ClimateSochi has a humid subtropical climate (Koppen climate classification Cfa) at the lower elevations; with winter temperatures rarely falling much below freezing and with the average winter temperature of 6 °C (42.8 °F). The average summer high temperature ranges between 25 °C (77 °F) and 28 °C (82.4 °F) with occasional extreme heat in some interior locations exceeding 40 °C (104 °F). Average annual precipitation is 1,400 mm.

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ALangelle :

Hey everyone. The olymic games 2014 will be held in Sochi!!! Which city would u choose if you had the choice?

VeronicaB :
"I think Sochi is great as I've never heard of it. It's cool when the Olympics puts unknown cities on the map."
rafa_rafa :
Michael :
"I'd choose Tokyo, because of it's high technology and innovative thought."
royaleug :
"Is best ideea!!!"
Mr. Knowledgeable VI :
"I wanted to see the 2014 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea since the 2012 Summer Olympics in London are goin to be held in Europe and since Sochi, Russia is in Europe, I now do not see the 2016 Summer Olympics being held Europe."
sunsfan1331 :
"i think sochi is a great choice now its going to become "that city the hosted the 2014 olympics" not "some city you've never heard of""
lestermount :
"This is another example of the politics involved in Olympic selections Sochi has no facilities. None. They promise they will build everything before the games. Not just the competition areas, but the housing, transportation, food centers, and the infrastructure required. There must be something else involved when this site is picked over sites that already have facilities and can show their ability to host a games. Maybe this is like Salt Lake which after being chosen discovered that the local organizing committee bribed several of the Olympic staff to get the games? Nothing would surprise me."
chrisfa678 :
"I would have chosen the other bid, Salzburg, but that's jsut because i love Mozart! LOL But I think it is great that it is in Sochi! I can't believe the Winter Olympics havbe never been to Russia! Of all places! They've already been to South Korea! I could really care less of the politics right now. I hope they are in Los Angeles, but they can't be here until 2020!"
steelerxiv79 :
"Well considering Russia is a nation that really loves winter sports (2nd to only Norway in the medal standings) and never had the opportunity to host the Winter Games (1980 Moscow games was ruined by politics) it was a good choice. Know of course the hard part Russia will have to build all the venues from scratch."
Ivan L :
"Our Sochi, of course :)"
Cossak :
"SOCHI GATEWAY TO THE FUTURE!!!...SEE YOU IN SOCHI!!...SUBTROPICS WITH +17C in MARCH and -5C in highyer mountains wait you......;-)..."
almostblacksky :

...or is there any part of Russia even warmer and milder than Sochi?

sweetchildomine :
"I dont know for sure but I think its the warmest place. Tho, all the places near Sochi (like Adler etc) are also warm. Ive been to Sochi and it is definitely warmer than the other Russian places Ive been to!"
nemtyrevy :
RussianBride :
"Depends on what time of day and what part of the year. Sochi is not the only place that gets warm in russia."
Mr. Speaker :
"i guess, sochi or somewhere on the black sea coast, like abrau-dyurso"
Cossak :
"Sochi is 70 km long sea coast city,so 200 km of black sea coast have +10C average temp in winter time,in Feb +14C,as take Abkhazia lika Russian land,because they wants,so in Gagra warmer and sea temp warmer on 2C,there even in mountains growning bananas,in Sochi not highyer 100 metres i think..." :
"It must be somewhat warmer on the Caspian Sea (Mahachkala, Astrakhan) in summer at least"
bikebrain13 :

I'm considering a ski trip to Sochi. I've seen a map of the ski hill, but it looks small, with the best skiing accessable only from helicopter. Anyone skied here? Impressions? Recommendations?

hec :
"Unless you live nearby or have some other interests in the region - don't go. Excluding heli-skiing, the total length of ski slopes is about 25 km. They have only 5 (or 6?) ski lifts. Here is the map:"


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Date: 2008-02-05 20:35:09

SOCHI, Russia (Reuters) - Vladimir Putin's chosen candidate for next month's presidential election seized the opportunity to emphasize the continuity of power at an event on Sunday in Russia's future Winter Olympics capital.

Date: 2008-02-05 20:35:09

Sochi-Invest claims to pay 1.5% daily, but are they a real investment or just a pyramid scheme?

Date: 2008-02-05 20:35:09

City-Sochi.SU - портал "Город Сочи" - первый социальный проект о Сочи, рассказывающий своимпосетителям последние новости о жизни летней столицы нашей страны.

Date: 2008-02-05 20:35:09

The first settlements in area Sochi have appeared nearby 400 thousand years ago. Here the set of archeologic monuments is revealed: the caves, the open parking, settlements of ancient people, dolmens, ruins of fortresses and temples, burial grounds, hilly burial places. In Sochi it is taken on the account more than 200 unique monuments of......


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Sochi ( Russian : Сочи , pronounced [ˈsotɕɪ] ) is a Russian resort city , situated in Krasnodar Krai just north of the southern Russian border. It sprawls along the shores ...

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