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Snowdonia (Welsh: Eryri) is a region of north Wales and a national park, of 838 square miles (2,170 km²) in area. It was the first to be designated of the three National Parks in Wales, in 1951.Coordinates: 52°54′N 3°51′W / 52.9, -3.85

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Boiled Egg :

Anyone been up it? I am going to Snowdonia next week, would like to try Tryfan (if you'll pardon the expression). What's it like?

longbow :
"yes its great. really enjoyed the ascent, fantastic views, my knees took a pummeling on the way down, don't forget to jump from Adam to eve on the top."
Angel :
Giz :

with the heat spell and fires up in snowdonia i was wondering if anybody knows of any restrictions in force

lisalau :
"is that in Wales ? We camped in Northern Wales in a park. I'm sure they have camping trails"
ifeellikeimdrowning :
"yes you can, but don't smoke ok?"
Dynamasis :
"All info on the park is in my link. It is a great place, enjoy and respect it"
wil :
"snowdonia is a beautiful place. i was there at easter.its good for backpacking .lots of campsites every where . go, and enjoy"
robert m :
"yes you can and no there arent any restrictions. enjoy (altho' it always rains when im there!)"
geoff w :
"never seen a fire there yet,,and i go often,,,,beautifull scenery but try and avoid the hang gliders and the low flying military jets from RAF valley oh and the jet skiers on the lakes.hostels abound for backpackers but the walks ,,,,,phew"
rucky544 :

I was planning on camping this weekend in Snowdonia, but the weather is not looking too good, so now I am looking for a nice hostel with double rooms, nice cheap B&B or a cheap cabin. Anyone got any ideas?

Adrian G :
"Look up Caer Menai, which is a boarding house in Caernarfon, it is not dirt cheap, but is one of the decent cheaper ones. If you still fancy camping, still in Caernarfon, is Cadnant valley campsite which is literally 5 minutes walk from the castle. Llanberis (Snowdonia) is only a few miles up the road (regular buses if no car). I have stopped at both places over the past 15 years (the campsite is brilliant and has all the basic requirements)"


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Date: 2008-02-05 20:34:34

Pen Cefn Cottage Holidays is a small family run business offering high standard self-catering accommodation in tastefully converted farm buildings. Four cottages are available, sleeping 6, 4, 2/3 or 2. Situated in beautiful countryside the area is central for both North & Mid Wales. See us at

Date: 2008-02-05 20:34:34

Great footage of Snowdonia...and yes he really does appear to be running on Crib Goch....foolish!

Date: 2008-02-05 20:34:34

Still very much involved in helping world governments and organisations tackle climate change, Sir John agreed to meet GoCarbonFree at his home on the fringes of the Snowdonia National Park, Wales.

Date: 2008-02-05 20:34:34

I've started writing an online diary of things that go on here on our farm. We also run a small B&B business to help supplement our farm income and most of our guests seem to really enjoy getting involved on the farm so I thought the diary might be of interest to other people too.

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