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Sligo (Irish: Sligeach, meaning Shelly place) (pronounced /ˈslaɪɡoʊ/ "sly-go", Irish IPA: ), is the county town of County Sligo in the Republic of Ireland. The town is a borough and has a charter and a town mayor. It is the second largest urban area in Connacht (after Galway). Sligo's population dropped at the 2006 census to a little under 18,000 inhabitants. It is home to the Sligo Institute of Technology.

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irishadvice :

Hi as a parent how would you rate Sligo Grammar School ? I'm thinking of sending children there but want a second opinion ! Thanks for all your help in advance !

Didosis :
"It is a very good school!!!"
ιzzιє :

Hey I need a favor, my family thinks that i'm in Sligo Ireland but I'm not. And they are asking me things about Sligo and i have no idea please help me. I would like to know some examples of... - places to go (parks, lakes, beachs, etc) - clubs - coffe shops - apartment complex (the name i need a place to live there) - restaurants - hotels - weather - tv channels - typical foods - women clothes store They use euros or pounds?? Can i find there walmarts? burger kind? pizza hut? Please help me and thanks...

fjerseyman :
"Google it"
eizzikand :
"Sounds like you have some serious issues !!!"
chunkyb :
"Hi im not from sligo but i am from ireland right so.. tv channels we have digital sky which recieves all the channels american sit coms paramount etc.. local tv is RTE 1 Network two TV3 weather.. rain rain and more rain.. sligo is very mountainous so its damp food.. well all the fast food joints macs burger king pizza hut traditional food is stew which is meat ,veg and potatoes in soup yum yum.. we are also big on house drinking as there is a smoking ban in all pubs. sligo has loads of nightlife and fab restaurants its very cosmo.these days ladies fashion monsoon floaty velvity clothes A wear young and with it stuff theres loads of department stores. Pennys dunnes primark.. all bought with the euro. hope this is helpfull. as a matter of interest where the hell are you?? youll have to tell someone where you are what if something happened you/ good luck on your travels"
lara6 :

Does anyone know where i can find a male stripper to appear in sligo for my sister's hen party? I'm trying to organise everything, but can't find much online. Also, does anyone know any pubs in sligo where they allow strippers to perform? And how much i can expect to pay? Any help would be much appreciated!!!

Tom Cruze :
"Pay for my flight and I'll give it a go : )"
Preacher's Wife :
"yeah, like we really want to see Tom Cruze naked! gross"
Sandy :
AJ :


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Date: 2008-02-05 20:34:01

Tabby Callaghan (born Trevor John Callaghan on April 22, 1981 in Sligo, Ireland) is a musician and appeared in the finals of the ITV show The X Factor in 2004.Tabby recently toured the UK performing at festivals and live shows. His first official single, “King Of The Town” was released on September 24th 2007 ..

Date: 2008-02-05 20:34:01

Mayo are the 11/10 favourites to win the All Ireland Connacht Championship (Gaelic Football). Galway are the 13/8 second favourites, followed by Sligo at 10/1 and Roscommon at 12/1.

Date: 2008-02-05 20:34:01

County Mayo (Irish: Contae Mhaigh Eo, lit. the plain of the yew trees) is a county in the province of Connacht, located on the west coast of Ireland. The county town of Mayo is Castlebar. Mayo is bordered to the south by Galway, to the east by Roscommon, and to the north-east by Sligo.

Date: 2008-02-05 20:34:01

World Rally Championship drivers got quite a fright as they were racing along a stage in Sligo, Ireland, when they encountered an overturned triple-decker farm truck with 160 pigs. Fortunately, quick-acting local authorities and race officials saved the bacon of all those involved.

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Sligo ( Irish : Sligeach , meaning Shelly place ) ( pronounced /ˈslaɪɡoʊ/ "sly-go", Irish IPA : [ˈɕlʲɪɟəx] ), is the county town of County Sligo in the Republic of ...

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