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Singapore is an island nation located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. It lies 137 kilometres (85 mi) north of the Equator, south of the Malaysian state of Johor and north of Indonesia's Riau Islands. At 704.0 km² (272 sq mi), it is one of the few remaining city-states in the world and the smallest country in Southeast Asia.The British East India Company established a trading post on the island in 1819. The main settlement up to that point was a Malay fishing village at the mouth of the Singapore River. Several hundred indigenous Orang Laut people also lived around the coast,

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connie p :

what is your impression of singapore? if you have visited before, is it the same as your imagination? if you have not, what do you imagine singapore to be like? and last of all, is singapore a good country to live in? :) i'm a singaporean too. just keen on people's view of singapore. actually i kinda love singapore for the good transport system, safe environment and good food. :)

jubda :
"Beautiful place. Only visited - great place to visit, shop, eat. Nice people. Dont know about living there"
slash 5 :
"Im singaporean. Not being biased. But its a pretty good country to live in. Modern and well developed. Nice places to shop, eat, having fun. There are not many natural resources here...Only education is really needed to succeed. Not really happy about the weather though(we're near the equator).Its really hot almost the whole year..."
Adam Bomb :
"I've been in Asia for 3 years and it is my favorite big Asian city. It is safe, clean, has great sites, great shopping, great food, modern and the people are nice. It is a big city but it doesnt feel like it. I want to go back."
maninder c :
"I m just palnning to singapore. I never been to there before. The impression )image_ of singapore is quite good over its neighbouring Countries thailand & malaysia"
winxrocks :
"I was born in Singapore, raised there until 12 years old before migrating to Australia. Singapore's pretty good actually. Shopping in Orchard Road is one of the best activites for a tourist there. The food there is pretty good too, with all the hawker centres and restaurants. Some of the hawker centres are really dirty though, and that really pisses me off. The education system there is pressurising and the people there aren't really friendly, compared to Australia. The weather there is hot and humid everyday and the 4 seasons don't exist there. Overall Singapore is quite a nice place to stay in provided you don't look at the downsides."
Claire :
"Singaporeans are not very friendly towards people whom they do not know. Singapore has a rigorous education system. I feel that its citizens are too concerned about education. Well-educated citizens look down on less-educated citizens. Of course, there are exceptions, as there always are."
talkaTEETH :
"I love Singapore! I live in Singapore. I feel safe and secure and I know I can walk around the streets with no fear of someone kidnapping me. I love how the police patrol around the neighbourhood. I love the clean greenery. I love our Education Minister. Last of all, I love 9 August! That's our national day for those who don't know. =)"
LiFeIsUnFaIr :

Singapore as a small nation,faces many threats and challenges. what are the challenges Singapore faces in these aspects. economic,national security,social cohesion,aging poplulation,sense of belonging and noted-ness in the face of globalization. is there any websites i can research on this...i would like to know more about singapore.

BizzyLilly :
"try wikipedia"
Jun Xian :
"GOOGLE SHEARCH |SINGAPORE TOUR| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"
hojx93 :
" Anyway, for Aging population(I learnt in Geography): Causes: Low Birth Rate > Low/Under Population Effects: Need for more facilities for elderly(old-folks home, etc.) and the effects of under population(small workforce, smaller defence force). Solutions: Encourage retirement planning, encourage families to look after elderly, encourage pregnancy, encourage immigration into country, encourage retirement at older age."
Cakebread :
"There are many versions of wanton mee, char siew mee, roti prata etc, these are our main treats to food gastronomy."
Hulabaloola :
"look up our government speeches."
Nio :
"i love singapore... people here are so smart!"
Larry L :

Does anyone knows where Singapore is? How do you define Singapore? (For residents/tourists of the country) Thanks and have a nice day :) Cheers :) Hi easy tiger, thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, Singapore is way below China in the South East Asia. Cheers :) Hi Miss Understand, that's why I came up with this question. Not many people know about the country, especially the location. Thanks for the reply. Cheers :)

mbucket :
"I know where it is but have not made it there yet (as you know). I hear it is a very clean city and country! **by the way : Hi Larry !**"
anysportzchik :
"Singapore is an island nation located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. singapore is known for its fishing villiage and obviously the beautiful singapore river. ps. whats up with always saying cheers?"
easy tiger :
"It's in China....."
stormy :
"it's off phillip the indonesian area?is singapore british controlled?"
Pepe7910 :
"i know thats where u live haha im good and the other people already said where it was so i dont feel like repeating"
Hybrid :
"We're a small island in South-East Asia.We're south of Malaysia,so if you check a world map,you can find a red dot around that region. Hmm...I'd say Singapore is a business minded place.We're also mad about football(soccer).The people are pretty hospitable.It's easy to get around town(Taxi,Buses,MRT(Subway/Underground)."
Whitehawk :
"Follow the equator line on the globe and you will be able to find a little island at the tip of malaysia; just north of Australia. Singapore has been known as many things - from garden city to shopping paradise to food paradise to gateway to asia to a 'Fine' country (because of the many Fines we have for everything. Just visit singapore and you will experience for yourself why many people love this small country. Below are some links about the country if you wanna find out more. and .... cheers too"
polly :
"Hi, I've heard it's very beautiful but I've never been there. What I would find most fascinating is its diverse set of religons. With its mix of mosques, gothic cathedrals, Hindu temple gods and Chinese temples it would be an amazing country to visit. Polly"
Moon :) :
"Hi, Larry! :) You have some great answers already, I just wanted to say yes, I know where Singapore is. :) I've always loved Geography, and have read about and seen your country on TV, many times. Hope I can visit it, and you and your family, one day! :) And that you can come and visit us, in Brazil! :) Cheers! :)"
miss understand :
"in china?? i nearly laughed my head off lol"


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Singapore is a pretty small country, however don't let size fool you. In terms of fashion and design things are definitely changing for the better.

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