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Independence BeachIndependence Beach is located next to Sokha Beach on its west. The beach was named after the old Independence Hotel. This beach offers a good stretch of clean sand. Situated at the northern end of the beach is Independence Hotel and Koh Pos Beach with a tiny island only 800m off the coast. Koh Pos is known for its rock strewn shoreline. Victory BeachVictory beach is situated at the furthest north of the peninsula of Sihanoukville . It was the original backpacker beach and still popular with budget travelers. At the northern end of the beach is located the deep sea port. Ap

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Uncle K :

I am considering a trip to Cambodia and would like to have any recommendations for reasonable priced hotel and things to do in Sihanoukville. Is English spoken in the tourist areas?

tsull73 :
"Don't drink the water."
sleepy_c :
"English is spoken - at least better than in South China (HK excluded, of course) try lonely planet: (you can buy very cheap pirate copies of most lonely planet guides in every book shop in Cambodia...)"
"contact "ana internet" google them my mate mick runs it with his wife ana...hes english. they can arrange transfers from airports and flights + hotels etc theres lots to do just ask tell him sparrow sent you"
evianxcardxdeck :
"most people speak at least SOME english there.. dont worry - it didnt seem to be an issue when i was there; everyone is very nice and starting up a conversation with someone wont be difficult! have a nice time :]"
ammie :
"They speak English fine in Sihanoukville. There are heaps of backpacker places but if you want something a bit more comfortable try Seaside Hotel. You'll get an aircon room with fridge and two nice size beds for $15 (US). The staff are lovely and always treated my son like family but don't panic, it's not packed with kids! It's on Ochheuteal Beach. I reckon that's the nicest beach if you don't have transport. Lovely sand, lovely sea. Lots of hawkers on the beach which is fun. Can try lots of local food, buy trinkets, get a massage, manicure or even have some hair removal done. It's easy to just jump on a moto from the town. Be clear where you want to go and negotiate price up front. I'd just arrive and look around when you get there. There's always accommodation available except possibly Khmer New Year (April)."
Camperdown T :

There will be a group of four of us in January and we have enough money to spend on comfort :) thanks the 'water buffalo' answer is very funny - I'm just picturing my dear old Mum wading through the Mekong delta on one, haha!

vette1 :
"Water Buffalo"
marinelife83 :
"catch a daily bus. get more info on good luck!!"
Gerald J :
"There is an airport in Sihanoukville, but they only fly to Siam Reap. The fastest and probably easiest way to HCMC would be to go by bus or car (taxi) to Phnom Penh and fly from there. Vietnam Airlines offers daily flights to HCMC from Phnom Penh: I think it would be a little more comfortable than a water buffalo. You can also take a bus to HCMC, but that's not always the safest way. Have fun."
jo b :

Some websites would be nice. Please dont just answer and tell me to look around when I am there. Thats quite obvious....

Perni :
"Try this website, they have many options with various price range.. I still think it would be cheaper if you look around and book a nice guesthouse when you're there. Have a good trip."
African Farmer :
"In PP, I can recommend California 2 Guesthouse. Excellent location, good service, reasonable price. See link for recom from other people."
issarak83 :
"I can recommend a place NOT to stay in Sihanoukville: New Christmas Bungalows. It's dirty and loud - for $15. In Siem Reap I stayed at Ei8ht Rooms. It's simple, clean, quiet, and within walking distance to the Old Market, so you save alot on transportation. I got a queen sized bed for $20 with my friend. And the staff is friendly and helpful - they also offer free pickup from the bus station."


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Located 18 km from Sihanoukville, Ream National Park is a lush green ecosystem encompassing 15,000 hectares of terrestrial and 6,000 hectares of marine habitats.

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Cambodia is a land on the mend. From 1977 through 1980, the Khmer Rouge ruled the country, fanatics bent on genocide. Millions were killed and the period was put to film in the movie, “The Killing Fields.” Fortunately, those days are over and the country is becoming a tourist destination.

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