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About SidariSidari is famous for its tourism and features a beach, restaurants and taverns. Before the development of the village's tourism, agriculture was its prime industry, businesses are one of the least industry. Canal d'AmourNear Sidari features by the end of the long sandy beach known as the Canal d´Amour (French for the love canal), it is 10 to 20 m long natural tunnel, it has two small entrances filled with sandstone rocks. OtherSidari has a few churches, a square (plateia). Its nearest school, lyceum (middle school), gymnasium (secondary school) are in nearby Nymfes. See alsoList

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sw_hartless :

are there any quads in Sidari (greece) that are available for hire? And what sort of Licence will you need to do so? I only have a provisional.... will that work?

donot.passgo :
"You can very probably hire a quad over there with just a provisional licence, You may have to leave a cash deposit. Instead of a credit card. Where we stayed a provisional licence holder got a quad but had to pay top price for a very low power machine Some, but not all hirers are not all they should be, Check the machine very carefully before you take it out. A single scratch will mean bye bye cash deposit."
Nickynackynoo :
"The law all over Greece is the same, but many companies don't follow the rules. My husband runs a motorbike hire shop in Kos, we CANNOT rent any type of vehicle to a provisional licence holder, other companies however do it all the time and just take the risk. If there were an accident you would have no insurance. Many companies do not even know the difference between a provisional and a full licence, so make sure you let them know and ask them if you are still covered by insurance (insurance on quads and scooters is third party) please make sure you go to a reputable place and make sure you wear a helmet - the fine has gone up to 350 euro for not wearing one!! have a great holiday and be careful."
airpole :
"The sound advice given to you by the previous answers should be kept in mind. Act accordingly. The problem of the bikes is one that should be not taken lightly. Be careful ! Wear helmets and drive safely for you and others on the roads. As for the final destination, Kavos or Sidari, it seems you haven't made your mind up, since you keep asking for the one or the other place. Why don't you split the distance and book for the city, so you can be both on Kavos the one day and on Sidari the other. However, Sidari is sounder decision."
ann s :

We have booked to go to Sidari in corfu in October and i am a bit woried about the weather and if there is going to be much open.any advice will be apreciated.

Nickynackynoo :
"On most Greek Islands, the season is coming to an end in October, hotel, shops and bars begin to close for the winter. The weather is milder (it can be quite unpredictable though!!) Although I live in Dodecanese which is the other side of Greece, I think most holiday islands are the same. I would day the first 2 weeks of October would be better than the last two, where I live most things are closed by 25th or 26th. I got married on 25th October 2 years ago and my family were here for the week, everything was shut by the end of their holiday!!! The best thing to do is look for a holiday review site, look up your resort and look for reviews for October, Corfu may well be busier than where I live. As for the weather, well it rained here last night, the first rain in 5 months!!! Last year October was quite wet but he previous year it was beautiful, juts keep your fingers crossed!!!"
Pelion :
"I was in Corfu and Sidari late last October. Weather-wise it was fine (eg. you could go swimming). The problem was that too many places were closed for the season. Within the city, this was not much of a problem. However, at some popular tourist spots, such as Sidari and Paleokastritsa, the picture was one of utter desertion or even forced evacuation! That is to say, there wasn't even a person to be found to ask for/about anything. Nonetheless, the natural beauty of the place (if this is what you are after) is still there, perhaps enhanced by the absence of the hordes of tourists littering such areas in season. On our part, we were able to take some excellent photographs of the respective scenery completely free of bathing tourists, people of jet skis, etc. Choices for dining were a bit limited as a result but car rentals and hotel accommodation were at rock bottom prices. I hope the above helps you reach your own decision. It all depends on what you are really looking for. By the way, a lot of places of those we found closed are still open till mid-October."
airpole :
"The advice already given covers the question and i have little if nothing to add. It's only a matter of the weather's whim. Usually, if the weather holds good on most tourist places the shops and bars stay open until mid-October. Then and according to the reservations on the local hotels they close. It is a quieter season and even more enjoyable, since for the last 5 years and more, the weather was really good and warm till mid-January. But you never know. Piece of advice though, bring with you something warm and an umbrella just in case."
Shaun S :
"Hi We travelled to Corfu and visited Sidari in October 2006. The weather was good for the first ten days but we then encountered a mother of a storm two days before going home. It is an interesting experience walking through a monsoon in shorts and t shirt! We did find that all over Corfu (we hired a car) a lot of the businesses were closing down during our stay. If you are young and lively, that may be a problem for you. However, any holiday is what you choose to make it so good luck."
s13 :
"I used to work in Greece and in fact in Corfu. I was based down the South in Kavos however we did tale trips up to Sidari. Sidari is a beautiful place with some lovely beaches etc. It will be quieter in October but the resort will still have plenty for you to do. The weather should be fine - it will likely be cooler at night so make sure you take a cardi or light jacket. However during the day it will be lovely and warm. Sidari is a quieter resort than where I was but has some lovely restaurants and bars which will no doubt help pass your evenings!! Enjoy!"
pauline c :

we're off to the ektor apartments in sidari tomorrow any info on what they are like, also how far are they away from the beach and the main street.

proud walker :
"Isn't it a bit late to ask?"
Magrita :
"Sorry, no idea... plus yes it is quite late to ask... by this time you must be already there... but let me know what they are like when you are back :D lol"
LadyTraveller :
"Hi there. I haven't heard of them, but I found the following reviews for you... This is the 1st time we had stayed in Sidari. We usually stay in Acharavi but decided on Sidari. We stayed at the Ektor apartments and they are really lovely. The maid cleans every 2nd day and leaves the room really clean. The bar and pool were quite good. The apartment is situated 1km from the centre of Sidari there is great nightlife. Couple of nightclubs and places to eat. If you like a great night out and love to laugh try the red lion pub its fab the entertainment is fab. They have a drag artist called Stevie and he has you rolling on floors with his jokes and he loves taking the Mickey out of everyone in the pub. They also have a comedian called Steve dell he is just like Stevie spit. They have singers on as well and they are great they have an Elvis impersonator and he is just fab. Sidari also has lots of shops and a few supermarkets. The only thing I have bad to say is the weather is really hot in June and July in Corfu. It’s great for the kids as well. I also found this description for you. Opinion: Small popular self-catering option away from main resort centre. Also known as Hectors. Postcode: 49801 Tel: 99141 Fax: 99141 Location: ½ ml SE of church, on main road, towards edge of resort. Some similar properties nearby. Shops, bars and tavernas 200 yds. Beach 500 yds. Bus stop 200 yds. Exterior: Smart modern 1- and 2-storey buildings (1990). All rooms with balcony. Interior: No communal areas. Grounds: Rectangular pool (15 yds). Small bar/snack bar with casual seating, pool table and TV. Hope it all goes well for you- have a great holiday!"


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