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Jen B :

Ok I just read the question about whether or not Sicily is an island or a part of Italy, now I am getting really technical here but Sicily is 100% owned by Italy. Not listed as a seperate country anywhere, even though I know it basically takes care of its own. I know that people from Italy say they are Italian and people from Sicily say they are sicillian. This is kinda to prove someone wrong here a girl I know was trying to say that that were two totally different countries all together. Someone set the record straight for me thankx

boris_numero_uno :
"Sicily is an island owned and under italian control. its like the isle of white is owned by GB"
beenthere :
"Sicly is a province of Italy and has been for over a century. It has an intersting history that you can check out in the below webpage."
alexandra_kovacs :
"Hi! Sicily is an island, South of Italy, but at the same time it belongs to Italy. (The case of Sicily is similar to the Canary Islands, for instance, they are located west of Africa, but are still part of Spain, eventhough they are located nowhere near Spain). Hope this helps."
Tari :
"Sicily is an island that belongs to a country named Italy!"
Hi y´all ! :
"Politically, Sicily is an integral part of Italy. Geographically, it is separate from the mainland because it is an island. Between the Italian mainland and Sicily there is a narrow sea strait. This strait is so narrow that there are plans to build a bridge across it."
crazy_icy_shimmer :
"Sicily is an autonomous region of Italy and the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, with an area of 25,700 km² and 5 million inhabitants. Basically, Sicily is a region of Italy but they have a self governing community. They function independantly and has its own rules etc, although its under Italy......So, basically, ur right.... It is NOT a separate country but an AUTONOMOUS REGION of Italy, and that means they take care of themselves!! :) Good Luck proving the girl u knw wrong!! lol....."
SteveT :
"I think crazy_icy_shimmer is exactly right. Similarly, people from Sardinia, another large island, will say they are Sardinians as well as Italians"
Carlos P :
"Sicilia is a part of Italy, much as Corsica is a part of France, and Cyprus is a part of both Turkey and Greece. Get it!!?"
rosie recipe :
"Sicily is a part of Italy"
"Hi, I was born and raised in Sicily, Italy. Sicily is one of the 20 regions of Italy. It's the largest island in the Mediterrenean and is located just 2 miles off the Italian peninsula. Sicilians are as much Italians as anybody else in Italy. Some Americans of Italian (Sicilian) ancestry may tell you otherwise, but this is because they have ties to Italy that go back to the late 1800's. At that time, Italy was a very young country, so there were still strong regional feelings (people tended to identify with their regions more than with the newly formed country). So while these feelings may still be present today among Americans of Sicilian ancestry, they are utterly out of sync with today's Italian reality. Quick fact: the unification of Italy took place 145 years ago when Garibaldi landed in Marsala, Sicily ;-) Someone mentioned that Sicily is an autonomous region of Italy. This is true, in fact, Sicily and 4 additional Italian regions (Sardegna, Trentino-Alto Adige, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Valle d'Aosta) enjoy limited conditions of autonomy, which are recognized by the Italian Consitution. These provisions are very limited. From experience, I can tell you that any State in the US enjoys far more autonomy from Washington than Sicily or any other region from Rome. Sicilians are very proud of their island and passionate about their traditions. But this is not a prerogative of Sicilians as any Italian is proud of his/her own native region. In the end, in fact, we are all Italians, and this is what makes Italy the special country that everybody knows and appreciates. I hope that my answer has shed some light on the subject and that it will be helpful to you as well as others. Thanks."
Popeye :

Why does everyone look down on Sicily as if it was a different country from Italy. I'm not talking about American Italians. Don't they know that there was culture in Sicily long befor there was culture in the mainland. Don't they know that even befor there was Rome there was culture in Sicily. Don't they know that Sicily spauned the Italian Renaissance. Don't they know that durring the dark ages merchants brought the seeds of Knolege to the mainlad from Sicily. Don't they know that Sicilians are just as latin if not more so then the northern Italians. I often here about the Moors in Sicily. Yes the Moors came to sicily and stayed for a few hundred years. Of course the phoenicians were there much longer. And don't forget the blond haired Normans who conquered Sicily from the Moors and stayed for 300 years. Now since the Normans conquered Sicily does that mean that Sicialians are really German and not true Italians..... (retorical question).

Darin :
"I agree with Popeye. Sicily is always the object of ridicule by people including Italians from Italy. Thanks for the information. I had no Idea Sicily had such a background."
rachel :

what do you think about italy especially sicily?do you like sicily?or no?what do you like and what don't like about sicily?

carmelo_sabato :
"I love Sicily and southern Italy they Gave the wisdom to the Romans the arts and science now the northern Etruscans are not so friendly and nice to southern Greek Italians"


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Date: 2008-02-05 20:25:03

What else do those pesky aliens have to answer for eh?

Date: 2008-02-05 20:25:03

This little town is of great interests to tourists and rises at the top at 751m / 2463 ft of the moutain with the same name, in a setting with spectaluar landscape and views. Erice classical Eryx is two faced..

Date: 2008-02-05 20:25:03

A guide to bed and breakfast accommodation in Sicily. Information, maps, pictures and prices.

Date: 2008-02-05 20:25:03

The residents of Agrigento lived in such luxury that, according to the historian Diodorus Siculus, a public decree restricted the night facilities of sentinels during the Carthaginian attack to one mattres, one blanket one sheepskin and two pilows.

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