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Sharm el-Sheikh (شرم الشيخ, also transliterated as Sharm Al Shaykh), often known simply as "Sharm", is a city situated on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, in Janub Sina', Egypt, on the coastal strip between the Red Sea and Mount Sinai.Sharm el-Sheikh is the administrative hub of Egypt's Southern Sinai province which includes the smaller coastal towns of Dahab and Nuweiba as well as the mountainous interior, Saint Catherine's Monastery and Mount Sinai. Sharm el-Sheikh is known as The City of Peace referring to the large number of international peace conferences that have been h

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rainbow :

Does anyone know how far the airport is from Sharm El Sheikh resort and do you need a visa for Sharm El Sheikh as we were told that you don't need one if your only going to that one area? Thanks for any help.

slippery magoo :
"I believe the plane departs from GATWICK, i'm not sure when the next one is due to arrive though!....."
kemzie :
"never heard of it!"
Catmandoo :
"You buy the visa at the airport,(its like a postage stamp). Sharm is about 1/2 hour away, Naama Bay is about 15-20 mins."
chrissy f :
"Airport transfer time is maximum 20 minutes to most areas of Sharm El Sheikh A VISA is required and obtained from the Egyptian Consulate before travel or upon arrival at the airport for approximately £15. When staying in Sharm El Sheikh you do not need a VISA but for any travel outside Sharm El Sheikh, such as on excursions you must have a VISA. A British passport must remain valid for at least 6 months after your scheduled return to the UK"
Julius S :
"You get a visa automatically stamped into your passport for free, if you are just going to that part of sinai. They offer you the chance to buy an extra bit that lets you go anywhere in egypt, and it might be worth it if you think of going on a (long) excursion up to Cairo or something. Very easy resort to get to."
RacheyJ :
"We stayed at the Conrad resort in Sharm El Sheik and it was only about 15 minutes from the airport to the resort. We didn't get visas when we went as we didn't venture out of SES but like someone else said you'll probably need them is you are intending on doing any of the trips to the Pyramids etc. Enjoy"
sophia :
"going there myself - sharm is only 15/20 mins transfer from the airport - heard on tripadvisor that from the time the plane lands in Eqypt to you get to your hotel in Sharm is within the hour! You don't need a visa if you're intending to stay in Sharm itself - if you want to venture outside sharm you can get on either on the plane (cheaper than at the airport) or at the airport itself. Hope this helps, enjoy your holiday!!"
Moonrise :
"it takes about 20 mins. if you dont intend to go outside sharm, you wont need a visa. if you would move to outside Sharm , get the visa in the costs 15 pounds."
kim7wheaton :
"Only buy a visa if you are going to Cairo of venturing out. I stayed in Sharm last year and didnt need one."
mister.alan :
"5 mins airport no visa needed if you stay in sinai area (no trips)"
happyboy :

We are thinking of going to Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt or Thailand on holiday in August this year.What is the best location given that I have a 10 year old daughter?

Amanda :
"I suppose it depends on if you prefer Tsunami's to bombs! I would go to neither, have you been to Wales?"
Maroon H :
"Thailand has everything. Stunning beaches, great shopping, great hospitality and plenty of activities and trips for the family. It is a unique place to visit. A trip of a life time."
muppetmeister :
"Hi, Been to both, and Sharm only three weeks ago. I went to Sharm for the diving (of course you can do that in Thailand). Sharm is a lot closer 5 hours as opposed to 14 hours. I would go to Thailand, Sharm is only worth it for a short haul diving holiday. The prices are very near UK now for food and not as nice in my opinion as traditional Thai food. Its VERY commercialised in Sharm. The flight to Thailand will be more expensive but you'll save money compared to sharm we you get there. Sharm feels catastrophic after a while, Thailand will be more chilled If you can afford the time its no contest Thailand. Amanda I wouldn't go to Wales probably have your cottage burnt down!! Generalisations are stupid aren't they love..."
fiona s :
"I would pick Thailand too. However, chose very carefully as it is the rainy season for some areas. Koh Samui is probably your best bet. Hua HIn is also ok( but the beach is not so nice)"
Party_Babe :

im going to sharm el sheikh 'the radisson golden resort' and want to know what its like any1 been to that hotel and is the area safe after the bombings etC????

smbanks108 :
"Yes it is very safe at the moment, security has been stepped up and the locals are a lot more friendlier to visitors"
gusdiamond :
"There was a bombing there about 18 months ago. Egypt has such a high income from tourism that they come down very hard on anyone that tries to upset this. It's run by the military, with armed guards everywhere. You should feel very safe, although it only takes one fanatic wanting to strike at westerners who flock to the area to enjoy its beauty. If I were you I would go and enjoy. Definitely dive in the Red Sea - it is awsome. Egypt is very cheap too. Have fun."
john ags :
"Hi!. Yep, i've been to Sharm a few times and it's a perfectly safe place to go. I was actually there during the July bombings and although it was a little scary, it hasn't stopped me from going back since. Egypt is such a lovely place and the people are very friendly. The hotel you will be staying in is really beautiful. Good choice!. Enjoy it and have a great time!."
Deborah B :
"I felt quite safe during my recent trip to Sharm. They have gated security to the hotels to put you at ease. I do not know your hotel, but you can usually get a good idea from Trip Advisor. When reading the reviews do remember that some people are just born to complain. Take the time to learn please and thank you and you will find your service much improved. I like Sharm so much I have bought an apartment. =&geo=1&pid=214&SearchTeaser=%28your+destination%2C+hotel+or+attraction%29&q=radisson+golden+resort"
mafiagirl305 :
"I advice you to be careful no matter where"
Mahmoud M :
"Sharm el Shikh is very safe. Remember the president of Egypt is living there most of the year. Security is really tight."
mamado1eg :
"every places all of the world on that time not safety hundred percent but i say for you don't be worry ,sh arm is very safe"
ahmos :
"What a question....Hey, it's safe and know this...when u reach there and go anywhere, you'll forget yourself and get "enchanted" by it's beauty...I assure u ! Go for it !"
Mr Goodhi © :
Wise Heart :
"More safe than many other places in the world and it's super lovely more than other places in the world. It's Egypt any way. The hotel is good too. Have fun and welcome in Egypt"


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Date: 2008-02-05 20:22:26

Here is my nice trip in Egypt, read it and find out more about the biggest and nicest relaxation place in Egypt.

Date: 2008-02-05 20:22:26

SHARM EL SHEIKH, Egypt — President Bush lavished praise on President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt on Wednesday, emphasizing the country’s role in regional security and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process while publicly avoiding mention of the government’s actions in jailing or exiling opposition leaders and its severe restrictions...

Date: 2008-02-05 20:22:26

A review of Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt as a holiday destination by someone who has actually been there.

Date: 2008-02-05 20:22:26

This Egyptian holiday resort has refined facilities and amenities and apart from the beaches, sea and landscape there are other activities on offer. There is quad biking which basically entails riding a mountain bike out in the Sharm el-sheikh expanse, four wheeling, go carting, horse riding, camel riding...

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